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ONLY ON 3: Pit Bull in Dog Court for biting 13-year-old

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Pit Bull in Dog Court for biting 13 year old

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- New Hanover County Dangerous Dog Appeals Court was in session Wednesday night. Panelists ruled on a high-profile case involving a pit bull that attacked a teen who later needed surgery.

"They should put it asleep or do something with it so it won't hurt nobody else," Vincent Marchse told WWAY back in April just a few days after a pit bull named Patron bit him in the leg. The bite required surgery. Marchese never returned to school after the incident either.

Marchese said he didn't provoke the pit bull before the dog jumped a fence, but there's a difference of opinion of that matter in Marchese's Monterrey Heights neighborhood. Regardless, Marchese and the dog had their day in court Wednesday night at New Hanover County's Dangerous Dog Appeals Court.

The court has three volunteer panelists. They act as the jury, but Marchese chose not to attend the hearing. Instead, he was represented by his parents.

"That dog did not go into the road to bite that child," Vincent's mother Robin Marchese told the panelists. "That dog went into the road to kill that child, and had it been another child other than my son, who happens to be 13 years old and 200 pounds, if it had knocked him down it would have killed him."

Brian and Appolonia Ransom own the two-year-old pit bull. They also have four children.

"Our youngest child is 19 months old," Appolonia said. "They've grown up around the dog. He's never shown any aggression toward anyone. If so, we wouldn't have him around our kids. "

Without an actual eywitness at the hearing, the case turned out to be a bit of he said, she-said.

"Is the dog dangerous?" panelist Joyce Bradley asked. "It's hard for me to say. It did enough damage, but it backed off. If it wanted to do more it would gone after him again and would likely have not stopped with just one bite."

In the end the panelists ruled Patron the pit bull to be dangerous. He'll have to adhere to dangerous dog guidelines with one exception: he will not have to have a gentle leader in a fenced-in yard with an adult present. Dangerous dog guidelines include a clearly marked "Beware of Dog" sign on property. The dog will have to wear a muzzle when off property.

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Vincent's Mother,, a final update and comment. A NewHanover Superior Court Judge found Vincent was not at fault in any way and awarded a six figure plus monetary settlement to him,,oh plus eight percent interest, owners of dog are responsible for al medical cost. I believe this more than vindicates my son... But let me explain to all of you pro pit bull people and all the witnesses that craweled out of your holes. 1. To the " witnesses" that said they watched this attack and wrote statements and signed confessed to criminal offense, its a felony in NC to watch a child being harmed/injured and not intervene, I have 60 months from April 16th 2010, to file crimal charges against you both, I also have a fantastic chance at winning a civil case against both of you, that means Vincents atty would sue for everything you own and probably own in the future. 2. Since the owners of the monster that attacked Vincent lived in a home that had been "willed" to them and 5 other family members after a grandmother's death, that meams Mrs.Ransome, her husband and the 5 other heirs to the grandmother's estate are responsible to pay Vincent the full amount awarded to him. So until everything is paid including Vincent and Medical cost none of those 7 people can buy anything on credit, because they all have an enormous judgement against them, anything they sell,, Vincent is entitled to all proceeds..And if we decide to pursue the same course against these two witnesses then there families could be effected similarly. So now countless people some that are certainly at fault and some just because they're unlucky enough to be related to fools... And some trying to be the good neighbor, but they didnt know the guy next door that breed and pit fight was also a five time felon,, now explain to me how this was Vincents fault and he deserved it..

Ban all dogs from inside, and near, human dwellings

The following is about barking, but applies moreso to aggressive dogs. Growling is a precursor to attacking and biting, aka aggressive. Dog owners are 100% responsible for controlling their dogs' behaviours, no matter what. Dogs should be banned from being inside--and around--domiciles! "Canine" is an insufferable species.

This era dogs are used as passive-aggressive, anti-social weapons: what bullets are to guns, barking is to dogs. Barking kills--a slow, painful death from a million bee stings. Communities should focus on the root cause of the conflict between barking dog and innocent human: the barking is the root cause. It's the BARKING that's the source of the conflict. The source of the conflict is not the barking-sufferer's REACTION to barking, whatever that reaction may be. Chronic barking is molestation. The party at fault is the household with the barker(s). It doesn't matter what the sufferer-of-barking does to try to get the barking to stop--they feel desperate because they're not getting support from the outlying community to get the barking stopped. I'm not talking about partial-barking stopped--I mean 100%. The barking-sufferer has a right to enjoy his or her patch of real estate unmolested by barking. The barker needs to get gone.

In a conflict between one person and a dog, the human should win out every time. Human rights trump dog rights. Who is it who pays the mortgage or rent? Not dogs. Why do we as society allow dogs to have more rights than people? Barking is a serious offense: barking makes people--literally--insane. Chronic barking causes the barking-sufferer to not be able to meet his obligations in paying the mortgage or rent and put food on the table. People, obtaining dogs, who like to have their "own petty egos stroked," are clueless as to what it takes to truly care for a dog. Being the guardian of a dog is a lifelong commitment--it is similar as caring for a human infant--dogs cost money and take time--done properly--lots of both. Leaving dog(s) in a yard unattended and unloved is a hazard to anyone not the owner who is within earshot of the barking. A barker is a menace. A barker is a health hazard. A barker is an "ignored" dog--it's time we see chronic barking for what it is: ANIMAL NEGLECT. Animal neglect has serious consequences! Things have to be done, by the community, on behalf of the barking-sufferer, in its laws, fines, punishments, jail-time, impounding dog, or seizing dog-owner's vehicle.

Communities should give power to law enforcement to seize yard barkers without the dog owner's knowledge, impound the dog(s). Or 6 months in jail. Or a US$1,000 (GBP£700) fine. If I had my wish, the dog would be euthanized within 24 hours.

Dog-haters are made, not born. Residents become hostile after years of their communities having more sympathy for barkers than for barking-sufferers, communities who spit on human need for peace and quiet where they live. Having dogs growing up, I used to like dogs. No more. Barkers are REALLY, REALLY bad public-relations for canines in general. Barking gives the whole canine species a bad reputation. Responsible dog owners should pressure "arrant dog owners who condone chronic barking" to STOP THE BARKING.

You know, how would you feel if you went to poop in your own toilet, the next-door neighbor's dog heard you from outside, barked continuously 5 feet from where you're doing your business? How would you feel if you put a dish in the microwave oven, the other next-door neighbor's dog heard you from outside, barked continuously 5 feet from where you're trying to eat a pleasant meal? How would you feel if the phone rings, answer it, the next-door neighbor's dog heard you from outside, barked continuously 5 feet from where you're trying to have a conversation where you yell into the phone "I can't hear you. What'd you say?" How would you feel if the only place you could sleep was on the floor in a closet located on the other side of the house? (This really happened.) And finally, how would you feel if this went on, day and night, for five years? Answer honestly, because you would not have had a good night's sleep in five years. How would YOU feel?

Dogs have no business around human dwelling areas. Dogs are "guests" and as such, must behave. If dogs don't behave, banish them. Dog exits off premises permanently. Don't bother with de-barking.

Mediation implies there is something to mediate, as if with chronic barking there is middle-ground or compromise. Sorry, but I'm not going to compromise my physical need for a safe and sane soundscape around my home. The dog leaves.

Nobody likes "second-hand dog pollution."


New Hanover County should

New Hanover County should have an ordinance against owning Pit Bulls. All of them are dangerous and should be put down. I have seen this first hand. All the BS of its bad owners not the breed is ridiculous. How many dog attack cases have you ever heard of where it was any other breed of dog other than Pit Bulls? There is a reason they are breed for fighting.

I think your comment is BS,

I think your comment is BS, pit bulls should not be banned just because of thier breed. We had two pit bulls growing up, they were the best dogs they only showed agression when provoked even then they knew how to respond, these dogs get bad wraps because of people like you!!! Dont assume all pit bulls are bad Ive seen first hand a dog other than a pit bull attack someone, it truly does depends on the owners and how these dogs are brought up, this kid probably provoked it somehow and the dog felt threatened so he took action, there are two sides to every story and unfourtnatly the dog cant speak for himself so we have to go based on this kid!!!


" Two months ago....Marchese never returned to school after the incident either. "
Seems to me, the boy is playing on the sympathy he is garnering from this attack and riding it all the way to the next grade.
I was bitten in the FACE by a dog when I was a child and the next week was back to school.
LAME...apparently someone needs a better role model in self-discipline.

Poor Dog

This kid has provoked the dog before, tha kid is a brat! Leave the dog alone!


I as a parent would have shot the dog! The parent of that child failed! I would not let any dog bite one of my kids and the dog live! If the parent would have shot the dog taxpayer money would not have been wasted on this stupid trial that does nothing!! Grow up people and start defending your self instead of letting someone else do it for you!

I'd be real careful about shooting dogs

Dog owners own firearms, too, and some of us are quite experienced in their use.


i believe the dog should have been put down because if it was me or any one in my famillyy the owner of the dog will have a law suit against theme and the people like you all talking junk on the web one be also yall dont know what the hell yall talking about sooo quit talking junk

Wow really you must be one

Wow really you must be one of them people that like to sue peopl for every little thing just to make money!! how do you know this little, well not so little kid didnt provoke the dog??? hmm where you there, nope didnt think soo, so you stop talking your junk!!


Whut? Whut duh. Whut? Whudjusay? Huh? Whut?

My favorite part is the moronic-marker of illogical cause and effect: "because if it was me..."

NO, no, the best part is "people like you all on the web one be also."

It's funny because it's true.



typical defense of the indefensible by who else?

but other dog owners. The dog got off too easy. The dog *jumped the fence* to bite someone. For these people to assume the kid was teasing the dog is ludicrous and even if he did, what is "teasing the dog", yelling at him? making faces at him? That deserves a dog bite requiring surgery? I hope that damn dog owner had to pay the doctor's bill. These comments by other dog owners show just how deranged these people are when it comes to their dogs and public safety. They really could care less if their dog kills you, as long as it's safe around their own kids.

I've had pit bulls run along the yard they were in barking at me ferociously merely because I was walking by. If one jumps the fence and bites me, I'm going to have dog owners around the city claiming that I *must* have provoked it!? Ludicrous, utterly ludicrous...

Dangerous dog?

Considering how many folks have posted about Vincent provoking the dog, perhaps it would be equally fair to designate Vincent as a "dangerous child?"

I do not know the Ransoms,

I do not know the Ransoms, but being a neighbor I am familiar with their property and dog. I truly believe this is a case of the dog trying to say "enough is enough". I'm not saying that Vincent is a bad child, but I do believe that there was some provoking involved. Of course, without witnesses we will never know for sure. Vincent will never admit to harassment of the dog, but those who have watched him grow up can just assume what really happened. I hope that this dog is not involved in any other incidences as I truly believe that he is a good dog who had a bad day.


13 and 200lbs? Ahhh, America at its finest. Unless that kid is 9 feet tall, perhaps we should cut back on the chips and soda. Anyway, back to the story...Robin Marchese, thank you for painting the picture of the murderous dog that almost killed your son. From your description in dog court, it might as well been a dragon your son was attacked by. Hearsay and melodrama at its finest.

Chomp Chomp... That's the

Chomp Chomp...
That's the funniest response I've seen in a long time. Thanks for the laugh!