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ONLY ON 3: Police canvassing Wilmington to remind drivers to lock cars

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Police canvassing Wilmington to remind drivers to lock cars

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Lock your doors and hide your valuables. That's the warning Wilmington Police could very well leave on your windshield.

Police say in many auto theft and burglary cases the victims are partially to blame. They leave their car doors open and also leave items in plain sight for thieves.

College student Whitney Skelton is all too familiar with the Wilmington Police Department's flyer campaign that lets the public know they may be a target for thieves.

"It basically said keep your keys with you, lock your doors, keep everything that is valuable in your car out of sight, and I did not do any of that," Skelton said. Skelton said she left her purse in the passenger seat of her car, and even worse, her doors were unlocked.

We tagged along with police to see just how careless some car owners may be. We spotted a woman's bag in the first handful of cars we looked at, but in that same group we found something worse.

"Book bag, change in the console, all the windows are down and the doors are unlocked," Cpl. Regina Connor said.

It's sights like this that have led to the police department's flyer campaign. It tells people to keep valuables out of sight, keep vehicles locked and take your keys with you. This small piece of paper seems to be doing a whole lot of good for those who have received one.

"Ever since then I've been locking my car, I don't leave my purse out, I take my keys with me," Skelton said. "I've just been more careful."

Wilmington Police say right now they are focusing on areas of town that have a higher number of break-ins and burglaries. They do also have plans in the future to spread out the campaign all over the city.

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Hiding Pistols

Ok. North Carolina allows people to carry a pistol concealed with a permit. But North Carolina is one of few states that don't give permits to Permanent Immigrants. Permanent Immigrants has the right own firearms (carry open only). But in North carolina they can not carry a concealed weapon unless they have a South Carolina or Virgina Permit. It is unlawful for the permanent Immigrants to hide a pistol in a vehicle. Even if they are leaving a Vehicle. They must have a permit from a state that is honored by North Carolina.


So, the Wilmington PD is placing bright, yellow cards on all the cars that are most vulnerable? That's great if the owner sees the card before a potential thief! Otherwise, the WPD is doing the thief's reconnaissance - just drive around looking for bright, yellow cards...