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ONLY ON 3: Prison officials investigate inmate's illness

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Prison officials investigate inmate's illness

TABOR CITY, NC (WWAY) -- A sick inmate at an area prison has the Department of Corrections testing for tuberculosis. On Tuesday Tabor Correctional officials removed a inmate from the prison after he complained numerous times about his health. The man was so sick that prison officials had to take him to Central Prison in Raleigh to get treated.

Prison officials say all the proper procedures have been put into place to determine if the ill inmate is carrying an infectious disease like tuberculosis. As a precaution the Department of Corrections is testing other inmates who may have had direct contact with the man in question.

"If something of that nature did occur and it was determined that some of our other population was exposed, necessary actions would be taken to provide those inmates with the appropriate testing and/or medical treatment that would ensure their well-being as well as the staff here," said George Kenworthy, Facility Administrator at Tabor Correctional Institution.

Inmates in North Carolina are tested annually for TB. The Department of Corrections says the test results for the man in question won't be available until Monday.

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I was released from tabor

I was released from tabor correctional two weeks ago (5/3/13). I was incarcerated there from 5/12 to 5/13 (12 months) and i never once received any sort of tb shots. Sergeant strickland on blue unit and his entire shift minus willets and the old buffkin are corrupt power hungry pigs. End of story.

The Truth!!!

Ok, first of all, let me clear some of this up, i was a inmate at tabor city in 08, i was one of the first inmates to open the second floor, the assistant unit managers name was mr williams, i was there for a duration of nine months, during that time i did not have a TB test done, and for the person that said that an inmate has to be seen within 24 hours, NOT TRUE ALWAYS....I was very ill for about 2 months, when i complained of my illness the seargent told me that i would be placed in the hole, i had to refuse treatment to avoid going to the hole, as time passed on i could not bare the pain so i had to ask my wife to call the prison and complain about why i wasnt being seen by the nurse, i was called to the nurse the next day and she stated that she was seing me because my wife called. I could go into much more detail but i wont, i also wittnesed another inmate die due to lack of attention "at another prison" I couldnt talk about the way the inmatess were treated while i was locked up because i was afraid that i would be punished, but dammit im free now and i have a lot to tell, oh yeah, and for you so called gaurds, i dont have anything against you but i know a lot about you, i wont call any names but some of yoy deserve to be locked up right with the inmates that you gaurd, dont worry you will get caught one day!!!!


People who write these comments do not know what they are talking about. Inmates in the DOC are hauled all over the state to special clinics and in alot of ways are treated better than most school children in this state. Tabor Correctional has 24 hour medical care and inmates are seen within 24 hours of putting in sick calls but can request emergency care at anytime. I am in a position to personally watch the TB tests being given. ALL inmates and staff are tested annually unless there is a problem, then they are tested more frequently. George Kenworthy is a good, God fearing man who constantly expresses to his staff his care about their well being and he treats the inmates with the same care. It is easy for a fired staff member or a family member of an inmate to write lies but who really knows? Lets face it, these guys aren't in prison for singing too loud in the chior, its not above them to call home and tell their families lies.

Inmates are NOT being tested for TB

The other poster is correct. I heard the same first hand from an inmate there. The inmate who was sick was a Barber, so he had regular contact with a large number of other inmates, yet no one is tested and the inmates are being threatened that if they complain, request medical care, or let the word leak that they aren't getting tested, they will be sent to the hole. It's a shame these men are doing their time but being treated inhumanely.

tabor city prison needs to

tabor city prison needs to to be look into the food is making the inmates sick all the time i think this is wrong they are humman to they at least should have good food and they arenot testing the men for t.b i just hope my son dont get it this is wrong and the public should know this and if they care they will do something thestate should be notfiy of this

Tabor City Correctional Facility

The inmates are NOT, I repeat, ARE NOT being tested and are being told that if they communicate this to anyone outside the prison the will be put in the Hole. The Warden should be an inmate!!!

Inmates not being tested

I heard the same from someone I know incarcerated there. And they also said that there would be reprecussions if word got to the outside that no testing was being done.

they are not being tested as

they are not being tested as 5p.m. today b i hope the warren has this and the guards well not all of them

This is not true. I am an

This is not true. I am an employee there and Mr. Kenworthy would never do anything to jepordize his staff or inmates. What people fail to realize is there is much more paperwork invovled for a sick inmate than a healthy one. Believe prison wants an inmate to die on their dime.

i was an inmate from 5,2010

i was an inmate from 5,2010 to 10, 2010. i was not tested and i was in the same block as the barber who was sick.