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ONLY ON 3: Shooting victim speaks out

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Shooting victim speaks out

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- It's been more than a week since 17-year-old Robert Davis was shot outside of West Bladen High School. For the first time, the teen is speaking out about what he says happened on the afternoon of May 11.

Davis faces a felony charge of inciting a riot. We talked with him today in his hospital room, where he was readmitted Tuesday night. He said he was an innocent bystander in a bad situation.

Davis said a fight broke out after school May 11and someone hit him in the head. He said he was then maced by officers, and when he tried to walk away he was shot in the back. The bullet is still lodged in Davis's kidney, and doctors are not sure when they will take it out. Davis says this situation is taking its toll on the entire family.

"I wanna get the surgery over with, so I can go home and not worry about anything else," Davis said.

Davis used to be a student at West Bladen High. Now he attends Extended Hope in Elizabethtown, but catches the bus home from West Bladen. He said gangs are a huge problem at at the school. Davis and his mother Beverly Jones said they tried contacting the school numerous times about safety concerns and that nothing was done about it.

"School is supposed to be safe, and West Bladen is not," Jones said. "Since they combined those schools together, it's been nothing but trouble."

Calls made to the principal at West Bladen High School went unreturned today.

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When did hospitals

begin to allow conjugal visits? If he's under 18 and she's over 18, would there be criminal charges? Can the hospital be considered an accessory after the fact? For that matter, can Mom, who was apparently in the hospital room at the time, be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor?

On another note, has he skipped English grammar classes?

Maybe if you aksed..

What a photo-op for Jack Barto showing how "family-friendly" NHRMC is. The only thing missing in the picture is a condom dispenser on the wall.


What was the purpose of the news story and what was the hospital thinking when they allowed that girl to be in the bed with him? Can you say stupid behavior? What was a news event has become a free publicity stunt - not sure for whom - the hospital, WWAY, or the family!

He needs to get back in school, if he doesn't land in jail for his behavior. All is not what it seems!

If Mom

was thinking this shooting would open up a treasure trove of insurance or county money, that got shot in the foot with home boy and his significant other, of the moment, lounging in bed.

Even one from Shyster, Rip-Off, and Fleece-um would have told him to look a little more pale and a little less energetic with no conjugal visits.

But then maybe we are all reading this wrong; maybe she's his therapist. Wonder what her parents are thinking?

You know that answer

Now Tom, you know thugs be gotten mo' 'portant bizness to tend to than learn English.


Great post. Hahaaaa

WBHS thug

Yeah right we believe you..cough cough. thug life. get your girl out of the bed, its a hospital not a hotel.

WBHS thug

It's always easy to blame the other people..Get caught for inciting a fight, go back to the hospital to lie with your girlfriend in bed..I was embarassed over the newscast shown last night by WWAY..No wonder Bladen County is in the news so much lately.. We're the laughingstock of the area.