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ONLY ON 3: Soles back in court after sentencing issue

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Soles back in court after sentencing issue

Sen. R.C. Soles was back in Columbus Court today. Judge D. Jack Hooks called for the hearing after seeing our report last week that Soles has a prior criminal conviction.

As we reported exclusively last week, Soles pleaded guilty in 1971 to failing to stop for blue lights and sirens after leading police on a high-speed chase near Fayetteville in 1970. That crime is a misdemeanor. But after pleading guilty to misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon in the August shooting of Kyle Blackburn at the senator's home near Tabor City, Judge Hooks sentenced Soles based on a Type I prior offense record. Under state law, that meant Soles had zero prior criminal convictions.

After the sentencing, we reported the 1970 case, which apparently caught Hooks's attention. During a hearing in Whiteville today, the judge amended Soles's sentencing record to Type II instead of Type I. Soles's sentence of a $1,000 fine plus court costs was not changed.

WWAY is the ONLY Wilmington TV station with a crew in Whiteville. We will have live coverage starting on WWAY NewsChannel 3 at 5 p.m.

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Tired of WWAY!!!

As a citiizen of Columbus County, I am tired of WWAY trying to make it appear we are a county filled with coruption and conspiracy. These are the facts in regards to the Soles shooting. The Tabor City Police Dept. and District Attorney's office turned this case over to the SBI and N.C. Attorney General's Office for investigation and prosecution so there could be no accusations of coruption, conspiracy, good ole boy politics and favortism. Yet WWAY's coverage implies there was.

The Fayetteville Observer interviewed James Coman, the special prosecutor assigned by the N.C. Attorney General's Office to handle the Soles case. Here's what Mr. Coman says:

Soles didn't receive any favors in the plea arrangment.

Soles was cooperative during the investigation, while the two men on his property were uncooperative and untruthful.

If Soles had been an ordinary citizen, it's not likely he would have been prosecuted.

So I'm tired on WWAY trying to make it look like this was Columbus County politics taking care of its own. This case was investigated and prosecuted on the state level, and has nothing to do with local politics.

WWAY needs to start reporting the TRUTH, and apoligize to all the good citizens of this county.

Run-down, dead and dying

Columbus County wears the rictus of death. No growth, no upkeep, it is only the shell of community, like the empty shell of a locust. In order to shop or eat out in a somewhat modern fashion, one must leave the area and go South to Myrtle Beach. Why hasn't anyone been able to save this dying area? It is a grievous shame.


Guest 9876, myself as a Columbus County resident would admit that Columbus County is full of corruption. I'm a native of Wilmington, but my fathers family is from Tabor City, and I have lived in Columbus County for 14 years, and have listened to stories of corruption of local public officials for the entire 14 years. Its finally about time that the truth is made known to the public. The people of Columbus County are good people overall and deserve better then what we currently have representing us.


I find that Concerned_Citizens' comments prove my point exactly. The Cambridge Dictionary defines "story" as a description, either true or imagined, of a connected series of events, a report in a newspaper or on a news broadcast of something that has happened, or a lie.

I find it interesting that Concerned_Citizen says he has lived in Columbus County for 14 yrs. and has only "listened to stories of corruption". If this corruption is so prevalent, why hasn't Concerned_Citizen actually seen any in 14 years?

Raw Hatred

My God! The raw hatred of RC Soles emanating from some of these crackpot comments makes one pause.

Why is Mr. Soles eviscerated for defending himself and his property from drug-addled trespassers who were threatening him?

Some of you writers obviously have so much bitterness, anger, and jealosy in your hearts.
Your toxicity will eventually damage your health if it hasn't already.

Just calm down and see the real RC Soles: a gentle, kind, generous man who has worked tirelessly for Columbus County, and who is loved by the majority of people who have known him over the years. Yes! We love RC! Now, get over it!

IF So Great why does downtown Tabor City look so

If the Great Senator Soles is so great, why does downtown Tabor City look like it's the poorest town in all of North Carolina.

Tabor City should be one of the most beautful citys in all of North Carolina with a 40 year senator in place.

It should reflect the true southern charm so many other small towns do.

Again what has the great senator done for Tabor City his HOME TOWN.

You do not have a hospital, and have to drive to either Whiteville or Loris South Carolina in an Emergency.

Shoping malls, Hotels, top rated resturants tourist etc. What has he done to promote the area.

All he has done is pull the wool over the eyes of the residents of Columbus county for 40 years and played politics with those in Raleigh

Wake up already and put someone in office that will bring jobs, better housing, health care and pride to the residents of Tabor City.

....because he was defending neither himself nor his property

Regardless of the victim's general worthlessness as a human being, Soles shot him outside the house as the guy was attempting to leave. He was shot in the back of the leg.

Your pal's actions met all of the elements of proof and since he PLEAD guilty, he IS guilty of ADW.

Live with it.

Yes and...

Columbus Co. has SOOOOOOO much to show for his efforts! Please........... get over it.....

Tell me what he has done then

If the Great Senator has done so much tell me what it is. I see him giving to every county except Columbus


That was sarcasm..... sorry you missed it. :-/

Leave this man alone,

Leave this man alone, please....

Justice system

All this says is that our justice system has failed again.. There has to be something else to charge him with..How come they can't charge him with attempted murder? When you pull a gun and fire it, isn't that what you are trying to do ? He shot a man in the back !!! If anyone else would have done that they would be in JAIL !!! This man is a disgrace to the human race... But then again he's not human he is an animal !!!!

May he BURN in HELL


I think that every one should leave Mr. Soles along now this bring up mess on him that happen 40 years ago is just no good.

Dont go digging to deep now,

Dont go digging to deep now, someone with 40 yrs of service in a high position is bound to have many skeletons in his seen, many of them of them have already been exposed !

No Doubt

this will be viewed as a dumb question.

If the sentence did not change; what was the point of the hearing?


thats great, tax dollars hard at work. Trials that don't change anything and a court system that has to rely on news footage to do their job.

The Judge reviewed and changed...

...the sentencing record to satisfy everyone that hates Soles with such disdain. This is afterall, in response to the comments on this website. It also comes into play should another offense such as this occurs in the future.

I realize that alot of people that post here wanted to see Soles hogtied naked, drug through town by a pack of mules, tarred and feathered, then burned at the stake while hanging. Unfortunately, we have murderers, rapists, child molesters drug dealers and thieves that walk among us with freedom after a mere slap on the wrist. Fair is fair, right?

kinda funny

"WWAY is the ONLY Wilmington TV station with a crew in Whiteville."

i think that maybe a hint.


I think wway should keep thetre nose out of alot of thing that they put it in.I used to watch wway all the time but not now they have there nose where it should not be.

soles back in court

Why do you say WWAY has their nose where it shouldn't be??? hmmm maybe because they are telling some people things they don't want to hear? No matter what they report, some people are just too ignorant to see the truth when it slaps them in the face. By the way, you need to learn how to spell and write a simple comment.

this story isnt even a

this story isnt even a story! way to go wway.

does it really matter that

does it really matter that he had a previous charge now??they've already let him get away with the assault by letting him pay what to him is considered chump change!!!cant try him again and put him in jail because that would be double jeopardy so leaking this information get no one no where!!!he walks free and everyone else who is charged with awadwisi is put in jail you got money you get what you want and for the rest of the jerk's life he'll continue do rape our teenage boys supply them with dirty money and drugs and commit crimes and get away with all of it!!!!