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FIRST ON 3: Soles submits another new bill to create new judge position in Brunswick Co.

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: Soles submits another new bill to create new judge position in Brunswick Co.

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Sen. R.C. Soles has introduced yet another bill that needs some explanation. Last week, Soles proposed a bill to split the 13th judicial district. That bill caused some concern because it virtually guarantees a Democrat would be appointed district attorney for Columbus County, where Soles lives. Now the senator is trying to create another judgeship.

Senate Bill 1408 would divide Brunswick county into superior court districts 13-B and 13-C. District 13-B would be filled by the current superior court judge, and the governor would appoint a judge for 13-C. It just so happens that Soles's long-time friend, outgoing District Attorney Rex Gore, lives in Shallotte, which is part of the proposed district 13-C.

Current superior court judge Ola Lewis told WWAY she has been asking Soles for help splitting the district since 2006. When asked what she thought about the timing of the bill, Lewis said, "I'm not concerned with the reason why, but I'm glad that someone is paying attention to the growth rate. If the bill passes, I hope the governor will appoint a hardworking, qualified individual with integrity."

The chair of the Democratic Party in Brunswick County, Donna Silva, is crying foul. She says there's no reason for the split, especially in such a tight economy.

In a statement Silva said, "I'm by no means a squeaky-clean 'good government' purist. Having been involved in partisan politics for many years, I recognize that 'deals' often have to be made to advance the public interest. But a vast gulf separates the public interest from what on its face seems, in this case, to be an act of blatant cronyism. We need to bring an end to the good-old-boy, you scratch-my-back-and I'll-scratch yours political environment that has for too long made our citizens distrust all government."

Neither Soles nor Gore returned our calls for comment today.

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Crooked Politicians

Will RC Soles just go ahead and resign and quit trying to stir up a "hell storm". This just proves he is as crooked as the rest with very unsavory habits! And Rex Gore is a sore loser! He got beat, plain and simple! This district does not need to divided, not with the way the economy is!!! People need to start standing up and speaking out or we are all going to be the ones to suffer the consequences!!

RC Soles & GANG

Does the voting public remember that Judge Lewis was a loyal Democrat and Mitchel Tyler was her door-opener? I have no idea why she switched parties but it did provide her a nice job in Brunswick County. Meanwhile, Tyler is still on the payroll and has an office in the over-crowded Columbus County Court House.


Will somebody--SerfCityTom--or whomever, please tell me what is going to be done with Easley's good-old-boys who PAID TO PLAY.

This paying to play by the well-heeled is what's got me so angry!

There are many rich families who benefitted from Easley's Rancid Reign of Corruption. Let's make sure they all are tried in a court of law.

The Connection

Let's not forget. Easley was DA before Gore. Gore's daughter later worked for Easley in Raleigh. Gore and Soles have been longtime buddies. Gore, Easley, and Ron Hewett were thick as thieves before that union fell apart and Hewett found himself out of the loop and sent off to federal prison (backs of Easley and Gore turned to him for whatever reasons). I know what reasons were given publically, but not sure what the REAL reasons were - it would have all gone away had they chose to make it so. It will be more than a shame and black eye on this state and country if the legislature allows itself to be blackmailed by the likes of a man with the morals of RC Soles. The only reason they would do so is if they themselves have skeletons in their own closets. SurfCityTom, don't bother to tell me it will be this way because it doesn't have to be. Some day the nay-sayers like you have to be proved wrong or this country won't be worth sending our troops anywhere to defend it.

Magnum, Magnum, Magnum

it will be that way as long as people refuse to accept reality and refuse to do more than post on this website under assumed names.

History repeats itself.

LBJ & his vote buying scams when he was a Congressman and Senator in Texas.

JFK & the manner in which votes were bought in West Virginia and Chicago which gave him the Presidency in 1960.

Warren Harding, Ulysses Grant and their scandal plagued administrations.

Nancy Pelosi's father, who as Mayor of Baltimore, bought more votes for $5 and a shot of rye whiskey during the 1950s and 1960s.

Face Reality.

You throw all that old history out about Gore, Soles & Easley -- what did you do to bring about change?

This country is still a great country with little pockets of corruption.

You can whine or you can do something about it.

For over 2 years, this station has carried repeated reports of Senator Soles. Many, like you, stood on the sidelines whispering and spreading street gossip and innuendo. When the dust settled, he was hit with a $1,000 fine which was pocket change.

I'm a realist; clearly you are not. Part of reality is accepting that for all of his faults, Senator Soles was a very effective Legislator who represented his constituency well. That's not my opinion; that was confirmed in a study 2 or 3 months ago by some Raleigh think tank. And now watch the money not flow into Columbus County when he steps out of the Legislature.

But before he goes, he will give a final lesson in how local politics work.

What are you going to do about it? Whine and hang your head?


Thanks for your history lesson. Brings back other stellar times in this country. The reality is that the average person cannot run for office due to lack of funds and the honest person can't get the funding because they won't bend the law for favors. The longer people stay in office, the more corrupt they get. That's reality. Just because you happen to resent other people's lack of morality in office doesn't mean you are stupid by default.

As far as writing her under assumed names, I assume your birth certificate bears SurfCityTom as your first or last name. Since you seem to want to uphold and champion Soles, tell me what he has done you find so redeeming. You need not bother to champion Gore - Brunswick, Bladen, and Columbus people already told him at the polls what they think of him. If you live in Surf City, as your 'name' implies, how would you know so much about how people in the district feel anyway?

Further, I would like you to spell out what you feel I, and others like me, should do besides vote and urge others to remember what these people have done - why can you bring up history, but you don't think I should - by the way, the ones who history I mention are still trying to infect themselves on us while the ones you mentioned are mostly gone on to their rewards. I hope. Tell us all what we should do. I feel sure there are many waiting on your directions, since you seem to know.

Let's set the record straight

No where on any topic on this website have I championed Senator Soles.

Did I state he was entitled to his day in court? Yes I did. But then every citizen is so entitled.

Did I state his personal piccadillos did not impact his ability to represent his district effectively? Yes I did; and I noted that was the consensus opinion of a North Carolina think tank which ranked him as the 5th most effective legislator in NC.

Did I further state his replacement will not have the "pull" in Raleigh he has due to the lack of seniority? Yes I did and the same will hold true for all new Senators and Representatives in the next session of the Legislator.

I also called upon all those numerous posters, the ones who posted rumor and innuendo on this site and others, to take what they knew to the SBI when the investigations began.

I also called upon those who opposed him to support his opponents. Work the polls; work the phone lines and hand out literature; donate what they could to his opponent.

He's going to be replaced either by an experienced Representative who's been sitting on the sidelines for a couple of years or by a political newcomer. Whom are you supporting and what are you doing to help that candidate along the way?

How do I know so much about the District you ask? I read the media. I travel through the District on business. If the district you refer to includes Bladen County, I own property in White Lake which is still part of the "district" unless the county lines were redrawn while I was out of state the past few days.

I'll close with one final thought for now. History repeats itself. My guess is you spent more time venting at me then you spent working to unseat either Gore or Soles. It's a lot easier to do that then get out in public and work for the opposition. Isn't it?

columbus county money

As a lifetime resident of Columbus County, I for one don't want any money that came from dubious means. SurfCityTom, I believe you are right that a bunch of money will quit flowing to Columbus Co.. But after all the money that Soles brought to the county and all the great things that he and his cronies have done, how is it sir, that our county is one of the most economically depressed in all the state. Oh, one last thing, Columbus Co. is once again at the top of the list or number one in usage of prescription drugs. All of us here are so proud. I think the citizens are doing all they can at the ballot box.

If you think

it is economically depressed now, wait until the flow of Soles generated state money ceases.

Why is Columbus County so depressed? Got me. You're the life long resident; you tell me.

Or, better yet, do something other than complain about Senator Soles and his cronies.


I would like to drop a note here; I just finished reading an article about a train system between here and Charlotte and then a comment from SurfCityTom. Nothing positive at all was written and come to think of it he never has anything positive to say. I'm through. Next.

Terry, Terry, Terry

you must not have had your eyes open when you read the article or you don't know geography.

The article concerned a rail line between Raleigh and Wilmington with stops in Goldsboro and Fayetteville. Did not see Charlotte mentioned on this rail line.

When chowder heads like you spout off, it causes concern about our Country's future. You say nothing; you think nothing; and you offer nothing.

Come to think of it, people like you who sit on the sideline, moan and whine, and do nothing are part of the reason our Country faces greater challenges.

You don't even have presence of mind to offer a constructive comment or offer fact to contest one of my posts. But then that would take a functioning brain.

Thank goodness you're through, there may be hope.


It's Time to STOP

Hello, I thought that this old fool was retiring?! Someone needs to reign him in from flooding the legislature with all these "bills" that in many respects are stupid to begin with. If Soles is retiring them give him a going away party and get rid of his A--. Mr. House Speaker, where are you? Can't you stop this ridiculous mess. The budget demands everyone's attention and these bills are just going to add time and distractions to an already hectic short session.
Now is the time to take some serious actions and get rid of this old dog and put him away where he can do no more harm.

There you are wrong

when you call for the Speaker of the House. Senator Soles serves in the state Senate.

All of these bills will be his bargaining chips when it comes time to approve the final budget.

Don't you know that's how politics works.

How politics works

Then I know that all who vote for his bills need to have their names remembered when they run again and voted out. Just because it works that way now doesn't mean it has to continue.

You must be kidding

Senator Soles can still make or break the budget process.

Once the House approves a budget, he will lead the Senate committee which will work with the house to come to a consensus.

Then her Majesty must sign off on it.

Can no one see that he will hold up his vote, and probably some others, to get this bill and the others he is submitting approved?

And if her Majesty has the appointment power, surely you realize he will tell her whom to appoint if she wants her budget approved.

Senator Soles is of the old school; he knows there's more than 1 way to skin a cat; and he probably does not care who likes it or not. Clearly, he wants everyone to understand he is still a force to be reckoned with on his retirement tour.

You want to focus on something? Focus on House Bill 1937 submitted by Representative Spaulding-Hughes which, if passed, will lay $500,000 on a newly created entity. Wonder of she has any ties with the founders or a position awaiting her when her term in office is up?

Looks like he is setting up

Looks like he is setting up a retirement for himself and his buddy Gore. I don't think this is arrogance more than exposing the whole system is rotten to the core. It is just the stench that fills the political scene, New Hanover County included.This is the best argument for term limits I have come across.

This is the best argument

This is the best argument for term limits I have come across.


R.C. and Company

I'm just sittin' here sippin' an RC Cola and thinkin' about the audacious, jaw-dropping, in-your-face corruption of two Southeastern N.C. good ol' boys: Soles and Easley.

I want Soles to resign immediately, and I want Easley and all of his pay-to-play buddies to stand before a judge to hear their prison sentences pronounced.

The people of Southeastern N.C. demand action be taken to punish these two politicians' corrupt behavior, and we want it now. Right now!

Good Ole Boys

Don't forget to include ole' Rex in there with those two. Rex and Soles were thick as thieves during the ColCor (Columbus County Corruption) from way back. They have always covered for each other and this new corruption by legislative bills is a prime example of what they will do to help each other out always!! It is sickening to me to watch what politicians will do to help each other but will not do anything to help the voters!! It is the public they are supposed to be serving but we see daily that they only serve themselves and their cronies!! Deplorable.

R.C> and the gang

Three things are sure:

Tabor City ain't Mayberry.

R.C. Soles ain't Sheriff Andy.

Rex Gore ain't near as smart as "Floyd the barber."