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ONLY ON 3: UNCW Professor celebrates resignation of chancellor on blog; also makes racial statements

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: UNCW Professor celebrates resignation of chancellor on blog; also makes racial statements

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) - It's not unusual for a college professor to speak his or her mind or have a blog. But some might say, Dr. Mike Adams, a criminology professor at UNCW, may cross a line or two in his.

In his latest musings, Dr. Adams celebrates the take-over of the Republicans in Raleigh and Washington, as well as the resignation of Chancellor Rosemary DePaolo. In fact, he's so excited, he says he's decided to apply for the job himself, then lists some of the changes he would enact if he got the job. It includes:

> Abolition of the African American Center. We had the segregation problem solved before the African American Center (I call it the “black lounge”) was built in the 1990s. Now, the few blacks we have on campus just sit around in the black lounge talking to other black people. The rest of the campus serves as a Caucasian American Center. So I plan to get rid of the black lounge and replace it with a bar. That way, if there is racial tension the offending party can invite the offended party to a “beer summit” on campus. If you think that’s a bad idea, I’m sorry. I got it from our multi-racial president.

> Abolition of the Watson School of Education. We need to do something to raise our SAT scores. Getting rid of education majors is the best way to do that. Last year I discovered that one of our education professors was teaching “black English” to white students. Next year, I plan to demolish his building to make room for a new football stadium. I plan to call the new team the UNC-Wilmington Wiggers in his honor.

> Abolition of the university police. Ever since the campus Dunkin’ Donuts opened the physical condition of our university police has declined dramatically. We should allow students to protect themselves by letting concealed weapon permits apply on campus. If reinforcements are needed, we can just call in the county sheriff.

A university spokeswoman says UNCW administrators are aware of Dr. Adams's blog and fully support his first amendment right to free speech, no matter how satirical or offensive it may be.

If you would like to read the whole blog to see what else Dr. Adams would do if he were president, click here:

Dr. Mike Adams is an associate professor of sociology and criminal justice who also pens a column with The columns are his personal expressions and opinions on a variety of topics and subject matter. Those columns are not within the requested scope of Dr. Adam’s (sic) duties with the university, nor do they represent the views of this institution.

However, they are expressions and speech protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. States and their respective public institutions of higher education are charged with protecting the sanctity of that freedom and refraining from abridgment of or limits on free speech. Moreover, the protections of the First Amendment’s freedom of expression extend even to expressions that may be offensive to those reading or hearing the subject comments or content.

The university defends the rights of all individuals to express their opinions in the exercise of protected speech. Because we cannot place ourselves in the position of supporting only those speakers or writers who agree with our views, the defense of free expression must necessarily embrace the full spectrum of content, even speech offensive to the members of our university community and the general public. Please do not assume the university’s obligations and support of free expression equates to any degree of comfort with the fact that many readers of Dr. Adam’s (sic) columns are offended by his opinions and views.

The university is equally supportive of your right to express your disdain or condemnation of speech you find offensive and counterproductive to the values society should hold dear in the attainment of mutual respect, understanding and tolerance toward all individuals in our community.

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I would never oppose

I would never oppose someone's right to free speech, regardless of whether I disagree with them.

Adams is a wonderful professor and hilarious when you speak with him in person, but it doesn't alter the reality that his viewpoints are fairly... oppressive. Not only are they cutting, they also tend to be weak against argument, ready to crumble under even minor intelligent scrutiny and he simply screeches louder in an attempt to win. Something.

I'm sure his fanboys and fangirls will crowd me soon, which is why it's fortunate I will not be notified of responses. this is merely my opinion, gaiz. Make sure not to tantrum too hard. Then again, he is your role model.

I support academic freedom of speech

Dr. Adams' work in his columns certainly seems to fall under the area of freedom of speech.


To be quite blunt: well, duh! The first amendment grants us Freedom of Speech. Unless the United States constitution has changed a lot since I last learned about it, there is no amendment that makes sure we won't ever get our feelings hurt by words. People have a right to say and do stupid things, and Dr. Adams has a right to say what he wishes about those stupid things.

Who is complaining about Dr. Adams?

Most of the "many readers of Dr. Adam’s (sic) columns are offended by his opinions and views" are gay men, retired school teachers, and adults who don't want to grow up! Get over yourself UNCW!!

And Scott Pickey: nice example of an article without ANY background research. Peace out.

Dr. Adams

Are you kidding?

It boggles the mind that you can even frame the question!

Who wold you propose as the final arbiter of what's "too offensive"? Your editorial board? The governor? The 9th US Circuit Court? The President?

Dr. Adams frequently employs many common rhetorical devices in his writing. Chief among them, from my observation, are: hyperbole, satire, irony, and sarcasm. His documentation of the offenses against free speech at his university goes back several years; it would appear that the outgoing Chancellor has been involved in many of the most egregious offense, and has looked the other way at the rest. His criticism of her tenure, and of the policies and organizations put in place during her tenure, appear to me to be justified.

I am an African-American male. I have no problem with Dr. Adams' recommendations. Some are obviously intended as satire (like to elimination of the campus police, although his suggested reform has merit). Others make sense on their face.

It is obvious that those responding to your poll feel strongly that Dr. Adams has done nothing wrong. My question to you is this: will you publicize the results? Or just tuck it away, since it doesn't comport with your world view?

Finally, what's a "racial statement"? What specifically did you have a problem with in his post? As a Black man, I saw nothing that caused me concern (though I do remember remarking to myself that some "hit dawg" would holler (as we say here in the South).

Thanks. And God bless you.

Free speech

"Should UNCW support Dr. Adams's comments as free speech regardless of how offensive they may be?"

Even the question is ridiculous--otherwise it's hardly "free speech". The university has already gone to battle with Dr. Adams over these columns in regards to his tenure, which is why the response from the university defers to the Constitution on the matter.

And satire and irony are not the same thing. Some of you must have missed reading Jonathan Swift in school, so here's a sample:

Just further proof education

Just further proof education has no connection to intelligence...

Mike Adams

I think Professor Adams' view is reasonable in view of the racism fomented by the Left for so many years. It is about time we dismantle the preferential treatment industry and treat everyone the same.


Really Dr. Adams is taking a play from the great Steven Colbert. These comments are nothing but satire. They are really only offensive to the people he is making fun of, which is the administration.

no Colbert

Mike Adams is NOT like Stephen Colbert at all. While Mr. Adams is being humorous in his specific plans for a campus revolution, his underlying feelings are not opposite of what he is expressing. He is not being ironic, he is exaggerating his opinions, enlarging them, to make his point. This is not Colbert. Not as clever/ironic, and certainly not coming from the same viewpoint.

Mike Adams is much more

Mike Adams is much more brilliant, clever, ironic, humorous, and enlightened, as well as a more skilled statirist than Steven Colbert.

Colber isn't even funny, yet he does project his own inner hatred, racism, bigtry and hatred in his idiotic attempt at humor and satire.

Adams' talent v Colbert

"no Colbert,"

Regarding your comment, " ... This is not Colbert. Not as clever/ironic, and certainly not coming from the same viewpoint."

I must agree with you, that, yes, Colbert is not as clever or ironic, or as good a satirist, or as smart and knowledgeable as Mike Adams.

In fact Steven Colbert is not funny. Just because some people might be told that he is does not make it so, and it is pitiful that people are so weak and so much like sheep that they must be told who is funny and who is not, which speaks volumes to the depravity of those who think Steven Colbert is funny, when he clearly isn't.

Also, Colbert harbors deep seated envy, racism, bigotry, and hostility, let alone hatred, and he projects this in his attempts at humor.

No, Colbert is not any where near Mike Adams' league when it comes to intelligence, insight, knowledge, communication skills, humor, satire, and irony, but he makes a nice target for drawing contrasts between a talented man, Mike Adams, and a propped up, hostile, hate filled, racist, Steven Colbert.

white E has had enough

Time to take back our life style from these law breaking big mouth entitlement bums.

giddy up

Mike Adams is right. it takes courage to point out the lunacy of political correctness. of course there shouldnt be "black lounges" or "white lounges". what would Dr. King think about white liberals reinstituting segregation on college campuses. Dr. King would agree with Dr. Adams. Giddy up.


Mike ALWAYS makes me think. I think Blacks are segregating themselves here; should that be allowed. I think NOT! of my fav saying is “Take no offense, if none is intended.”;however, in Mike’s case, I think he always intends offense. So since ya’ll know that : IF YA CAN’T TAKE THE HEAT – GROW UP!!!


I guess being a Criminology professor he doesn't realize that there are other professors (who are not administrators) on campus that make more than $100,000 yr. I’m not sure if he’s jealous or sincerely outraged that his salary is $64,622 but then he should have chose different career path – not liberal arts. UNCW has to stay competitive with other professional schools or we miss out on the best prospective employees.

keep it up, it helps

just keep on with this kind of off these cuff back-handed insults that are just a ploy to distract from the topic. when you do that it does two, well maybe three things depending on how you look at it. Shows your ignorance and hurts your point of view while simultaneously helping ours. So thanks and keep up the good work buddy!

Way to remain irrelevant and off topic....

Did you mean to post a comment that had NOTHING to do with the story reported on, or are you mad that there was an article on someone you lack the intelligence level to understand?

Oh the irony! My bad, that was probably over your head too, so here you go:

i·ro·ny [ahy-ruh-nee] –noun, plural -nies. The use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning.

ie: the irony of her reply, “How nice!” when I said I had to work all weekend.

Dr. Adams

Dr. Adams and his comments are ANTI-racist; the University's policies since the 1960's have been decidedly anti-Free speech, anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-republican, anti-straight, etcetcetc, by grossly favoring politically-correct minorities of its own preference. Dr. Adams wishes the University to be truly fair to all, and a place of LEARNING again.

Good to see...

Good to see that 99% of the comments here get the humor and understand it. The others, well, they just watch too much of "The View" 'girlfriend'.

Mike is 100% spot on, unlike the confused, PC-weenie reporter.


Mike Adams has been making excellent points illustrating the nonsense that goes on in the education system to appease political correctness for years. He uses tools called humor and sarcasm to do it. If you take his sarcasm literally, then you are going to find many views which politically correct fascists will claim as being offensive and extreme. On the other hand if you actually try to understand the points he makes using humor and sarcasm; you will find yourself enjoying his articles more whether you agree or disagree with the point he is making.

agree again

agree again - someone else needs to GROW UP

White Extreme Professor who teaches Black Students??

Anyone see a problem with this scenario??..does UNCW not question his grading and ethics towards the black population since he has issues with them..I cant see how UNCW would allow someone to teach a diverse population who has expressed his dislike for the African American population in his own blog..yes it is his right to do so but there is no way that he can turn off his "satire" when teaching and grading matters to a black student..HE NEEDS TO GO!!!

Mike Adams

I don't see the problem with Mr. Adams perspective. He clearly encourages black students to integrate and, as Dr. King wished, be judged not by the color of their skin but by their charactor. Apparently, you feel differently, that blcks and women require special treatment to succeed. I happen to believe both minotities are capable of competing on an equal basis with white males or any other group. But first you must change your "put upon" attitude.


I don't think Dr. Adams is a racist or extremist. Unless you consider someone with opinions that go against the PC Mantra on campus to be extreme.

I never heard him say he disliked blacks, just the crazy methods of appeasing the PC crowd on their behalf. Black areas? Is this the 50's? Shouldn't it be student areas?!

The UNCW campus is a very liberal environment. Freshmen are told that "sex is good exercise, it burns alot of calories" and there are numerous "gay" clubs.

Your statement is where the idiocy originates!

If you take the time to read the 50+ posts below, you'll find overwhelming support for Dr. Adams comments. It's called "satire" and while it possesses humor, it also possesses a great amount of truth.

So, the answer to your questions not only "NO, but Hell NO! We do not see a problem with this scenario!"

Dr. Adams hasn't expressed any dislike for the african American population, he's only stating a few facts about the UNCW campus and how he will handle them should he get appointed.

Here's a short tip for you: If you would spend some quality time studying instead of making a fool out of yourself posting here, you may get somewhere in life without an attitude holding you back. Your brief post sports numerous grammatical and punctuation errors. I would say listening, learning and studying would be your first line of defense against ignorance and may allow you to open your eyes to this "diverse population" and the problems that "really" affect it! You're beginning to be one of them at an early age.

Do you bleach your sheets after the klan rally?

What Facts is he stating about the black population?? and you call this humor?? his comments:
Last year I discovered that one of our education professors was teaching “black English” to white students..umm, what the hell is black english?? also: African American Center (I call it the “black lounge”) was built in the 1990s. Now, the few blacks we have on campus just sit around in the black lounge talking to other black people...okay lets ban the white student lounge because if all the black people are sitting in the black lounge, lets get rid of the white student lounge..if those statements arent racist to you and you feel comfortable saying them to a black person's face which you wont because you are a coward and hide behind your sheets, then you need to invest in the Clorox Company's stock ..President my ass!! UNCW will lose students and money behind this scandal..Get him out and let him go work for FOX!!

Way over your head

You are as dumb as a box of rocks. You really can't see that he is pointing out the divisiveness that is created by having an " African American " lounge. You can't have a seperate lounge for black or whites and say you have an intergrated school. Yes, diversity is great but not when you're pointing out each others differences.Stop and really think about what is being said. Hopefully at some point you will understand what Dr.Adams is bravely pointing out. My hat is off to him and hope he doesn't lose his job for his bold comments.

Such an angry person with bent thoughts.

My 1200 thread count sheets label recommend that I don't bleach them. I sleep on them very comfortably and do not wear them. I'm sorry that your lack of education and social skills still has you caught up in the 50's and 60's mentality. This attitude that you publicly display to all of us is what perpetuates racism along with the promotion of your self-proclaimed activists of the ACLU, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. You are doing yourselves no good at all by making these intentionally race-inciting comments. You truly have a lot of work to do for yourself.

Only to remind you, there is no "white lounge" at UNCW, the ACLU would be all over that as a racist facility. That is one of Dr. Adam's points. The idea of teaching a college level course on "black english" is the most assinine and backward-assed subject a so called, "professor" could possibly muster up and administer. If there is ANYONE that needs to GO, it's HIM! Again, that is one of Dr. Adam's points. He makes his points through sarchasm that you want to interpret as, and turn into, racism. It seems to me, that is another one of Dr. Adam's points. Being thin skinned is your problem, not that you may be black, brown, african American, or whatever you prefer to be called. We simply have people that want to get ahead and move forward in this world, shed some of the uneccessary tensions and love each other as people. On the other hand, we have those, like yourself that do everything within their power to to perpetuate division and ruin any progress that can be accomplished in those areas. You face a tough life my friend with the bitterness that resides in your heart.

Oh! And one other thing! My lifelong hard work has paid off well for me and has allowed me to make a few lucrative investments. Clorox just didn't have the P&E ratios that I liked. I made my money off investments in Hershey's chocolate.


it must be WHITE hershey chocolate..