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ONLY ON 3: Woman beaten outside hospital

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Woman beaten outside hospital

LORIS, SC (WWAY) -- An elderly woman who used to own the Tabor City Thrift Store was badly beaten and had her car stolen just over the state line at Loris Community Hospital in Horry County. Seventy-three-year-old Rose Powell was visiting her sick husband at the hospital Wednesday night when she stepped outside to grab her cell phone from her car parked in the handicapped spot.

Once she got to her car, Powell saw two young men who asked her nicely if they could borrow any quarters. She said yes, and reached into her car, grabbing a handful of change. She says after handing the change over she doesn't remember a thing and her memory goes black. The men beat her, and she says, meant to kill her.

"They actually took me and drug me all the way from where I was standing and rolled me up under my car, so when they cranked up my car and backed up, it would've squished up my head," Powell said. "They meant to kill me."

Powell rolled out just in time to avoiding being run over, but the men did escape in her vehicle.

Powell received treatment for her injuries Wednesday night and has been staying with her husband at the hospital since then.

Loris Police say they found her car and have identified three suspects in the case and believe they are close to making arrests.

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this is just sad to hear

this is just sad to hear about.. my prayers go out to the family.. who would do such a terrible thing to someone.. my grandmother is 91 and im scared for her to sit outside by herself because so many strange crimes are occuring..

My grandmother

My Bible tells me that there is a judgement day coming. The Bible tells me that all will give an account for what they have done (including myself). There's no justice in this world. But there will be TRUE JUCTICE and that will be on judgement day before GOD.

My Grandma Rose Powell The Victim

That woman is my grandma. My grandpa has been in the hospital. He just had a silent heart attack a few weeks before this happened. She has been extremely stressed out. Then this happened. My family is beyond angry. My grandma's jaw is fractured. Her face looks like a black balloon. She is sore all over from the beating! Yes, THEY should be MADE to put cameras in the parking lot. Yes, THEY SHOULD be made to stay in the parking lot and watch folks go to their vehicles safely! Where were they at? Where? My family and I are soooo upset about this. She has a PACEMAKER so her heart will beat! There will be justice!


I agree, they should. But if they won’t, your Grandma, and everyone else who has to travel to there vehicles should be carrying a gun so they can blow there fricking heads off.


My mother lives in Loris and at 74 I am now scared for her to go to the downtown area. To much crime creaping in from across the state line.

I think it is time for Loris Hospital to install a few more security guards to watch the parking areas 24 7. I have never even seen a security guard in the parking area and have been to the hospital several time prior to my fathers death and felt uneasy when leaving the hospital after dark.

As for Loris Police they should clean out the bottoms next to the CVS on 701. Everytime I visit Loris I am reminded of the crime going on there. Come on Paul Prince lets clean up downtown Loris and make it safe for our elders.

My grandma


It would obviously be euthanasia

At a wonderful low cost and a high level of compassion, we need to see these individuals put through a speedy trial and then administered lethal injections, it would be a compassionate case of euthanasia, it would be far too painful living with themselves, there is no rehabilitation for actions like this...

Kill em!

All three should be put down like rabid dogs.


this is gettin crazy, vote for the death penalty!!!!!!!!

what a sad world