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Open Thread: What are your concerns about the path of progress in southeastern North Carolina?

This month NewsChannel 3 is embarking on a month-long journey in a new segment called "Cape Fear 2020: Vision of the Future." Cape Fear is a growing area with lots of changes coming. We want to know what you think. What are your concerns about the path of progress in southeastern North Carolina? Post your thoughts as comments below. Add comment

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Downtown Development

Town leaders need to let go of OLD Wilmington. We need town leaders that are for future development. At next election I will be voting for town leaders who want lare skyscrapers/high rises downtown.

The Good times are gone---leftovers are all your getting

Well as I always knew it would, the good times here in New Hanover County have passed us by. Why you ask yourself ? If you haven't been born here you'll probabaly never understand. My family has been here four generations. And I've seen a devasating change, for the worse in this county.Smallest county in the state and now we're no closer to a county wide sewer system or water system than we were back in the '60s. As for the traffic,short of a miracle grid lock city baby.I expect my greatgrand parents have turned over in their graves looking at what has happened in this county they raised their children in. Hopefully in next few years I'll be able to leave this HELL HOLE county and leave it to all you newcomers,thank ya'll for running off a 4th generation NEW Hanoverian, as my famliy has paid the way for ya'll. Nicest thing I can say is ya'll enjoy fighting over the leftovers--I saw the best myself.


I think Wilmington needs to work on Public Transportation. Not only in Wilmingtion but in places like Leland, taking you into the city. I would also like to see more Colleges come to Wilmington, and more Skyscrapers downtown. Also should have more resedential high rises not only downtown, but other places, like Market Street, or College rd.


If we stop developments all together, that will assist the existing home market. That means it will assist the Citizens who have been paying taxes all of these years, and channel residents to areas where roads, and codes are already in place. Developments should not get started without the proper roads in place. Mayfaire should not have been allowed to put a shovel in the ground before paying for the expansion of Military Cutoff. Can you imagine how much easier that project would have been while that was still pasture. Our policies do not revolve around common sense. The decisions are passed through by someone whose back pocket grows every time a new development gets approved. We need to put the burden of road improvements on those that want to develop in our area and reap all of the profits. Not the homeowner's that have already paid for everything that is in this town.

Progress ????

I don't think we're on a path of progress. I think we're in chaos. There really is no thoughtful, rational master plan - other than that the "developer's rule". What average citizen's really want\need is rarely seriously considered. River Road is a perfect example. Just move it because some developer wants to make more money. Who cares what gets destroyed in the process. There really needs to be a moratorium on new housing developments until we are sure that the infrastructure to support it is in place. Just because more people want to come here doesn't mean we have to keep building. At some point, in any community, enough is enough. While growth is a good thing, the over-growth in NH will ultimately be it's demise.

Stop illegal immigration

Stop illegal immigration. Penalize companies that hire them. Deny them public benefits. Make this county a very undesirable place them. Welcome and encourage LEGAL immigration.

Re: Stop illegal immigration

Hard to stop illegal immigration when employers have open arms for them and gov't gives away benefits even some Americans can't get. As you drive around town - look at who's working on the sewer project.....


I would love to see the moratorium on building last another 3-4 years so that we can get a grip on this ridiculous growth. The loss of the land at Autumn Hall is so disappointing. It would have made a wonderful park and could have been donated to the city. Dollars always seem to win out and the city council seems to acquiesce to any developer. Even UNCW is about to develop 13 acres of forest.


I feel this small area, which was agreat place to grow up in and the 50's were by far the very best, has gotten completely out of hand. would anyone want 25 kids, or 200 family members over for supper? why must this small area be larger? I don't want to be a New York city, or Atlanta or any large city. Why did people come here? Because it was a nice small sorthern town,( not city) however that is now gone. If we don't stop it will all be gone. the area can not take anymore. The beachs, open areas, etc. will soon be no more. then we will all have to find a new place to RUIN!!!!!!


The population of "OUR" Country used to be much smaller EVERYWHERE. One of the things we have fought for in this Great Country,was the freedom to be able to live, work and raise a family where we want to. I'm sorry this upsets your idylic location. My goodness, its 2008 and there are 300 million people in this Country.SmallSouthern, Eastern, Western and Northern towns are disappearing....however the friendly hospitable attitude towards one another, Does Not have Too! Lets stop whining and pull together and find a solution.These are'nt new isuues or first time problems communities have had to's time to grow up and stop being so selfish! Lets work together in harmony not opposition.


i think the whole communiuty is moving to fast.

Building homes that don't

Building homes that don't meet code requirements on land that is not suitable for residential development. It's amazing that a single family residence can be designed and built by anyone. You don't need to be an architect to design a single family home that is in an area subject to hurricanes? Building inspectors need to do a better job inspecting before signing off on deficient homes.

Don't forget TownHomes and Condos

I'll bet you can't find more than a very few communities of townhomes and/or condos that are handicapped accessible as provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Housin Act. I know the community in which I live is not and another recently finished not far from here is not. If I've gone to look at only two places and they both weren't handicapped accessible, who's to think that all the rest are? I have grave doubts for the future of these communities and the builders and for the currently and future handicapped individuals who so desperately need special housing, housing that is mandated by federal law, and builders that are ignoring the laws - it is their responsibility to know the law.

Re: Town Homes and Condos

Get a life! All individuals have PERSONAL responsibility and free choice. That means seeking out and purchasing/leasing housing that meets one's needs - NOT making inappropriate or ill-fitting purchases and then demanding that others bow to you. It's no different than a person with six kids buying a two bedroom house and then complain about the builder/community. duhhhh. Take care of your own needs instead of looking to the world to save you. There are several facilities in New Hanover County that cater to the elderly and or disabled. Perhaps you should look there.

You'd better re-read the ADA

While it requires public facilities to provide access for the disabled, there is no requirement that private residences be so equipped. Town homes and condos ARE private residences. The cost of modifying a private residence for special access is borne by the disabled person.

Read the Fair Housing Act

The ADA is administered by the Justice Department and is primarily for public accommodations of all kinds. The Fair Housing Act is administered by HUD and applies to many types of housing and discrimination. I offer you a quote from the web site of HUD: "Requirements for New Buildings In buildings that are ready for first occupancy after March 13, 1991, and have an elevator and four or more units: Public and common areas must be accessible to persons with disabilities Doors and hallways must be wide enough for wheelchairs All units must have: An accessible route into and through the unit Accessible light switches, electrical outlets, thermostats and other environmental controls Reinforced bathroom walls to allow later installation of grab bars and Kitchens and bathrooms that can be used by people in wheelchairs. If a building with four or more units has no elevator and will be ready for first occupancy after March 13, 1991, these standards apply to ground floor units." I would love for this information to make it to all the builders in SE North Carolina.

Where does that include townhouses?

It doesn't. Multi-story townhouses are not covered. Additionally, the same page you went to lists exemptions right below. Many condominiums are exempt because of a membership clause in the purchase. There's also a very simple way to avoid having a "ground floor unit," by constructing the entire structure above ground level. Poke around the website and you'll find that where they discuss the definition of "covered." I'm all in favor of making reasonable accomodations for the handicapped, but they have to accept that they are in the minority and cannot expect a life totally free of inconveniences. We sometimes get carried away in helping the handicapped. In the early Nineties we mandated that every single television set have close captioning capability. This raised the cost of televisions for 100% of America, when less than 10% of Americans have a severe hearing loss or are deaf. Several large cities have been sued because they have not modified every single bus for wheelchair accessibility. Considering the percentage of Americans confined to wheelchairs, you cannot seriously expect every single bus to be modified, or every single townhome and condominium to be built for their benefit. Most potential purchasers don't need (or want) their thermostat at waist-level. That said, in most cases, you will find that most new construction meets nearly all the requirements anyway, the two exceptions being reinforced bathroom walls and the thermostat location. Light switches are lower, halls are wider, and everyone likes an open, airy kitchen.

growth in wilmington

I was born and raised in Wilmington and I've seen the good and the bad ie; More jobs, but low pay and higher taxes. More housing, but less land/trees and less wildlife habitats. More traffic, but no more roads and highways. More people, but more drugs,crime and murders. And the beaches! Oh please! You now have to pay to park, thats if you can find a spot, walk a mile, and go back 2 hrs. later to refill the machine. I wonder if they've ever thought of a parking deck or trolly? We all like to enjoy the things that we grew up doing, but the cost of living, the traffic, the crime, the crowding of our town has become a mind raper. Somethings need to be stopped before we end up like Atlanta or Raleigh. Too fast and too overcrowded. We need to embrace the closeness and the safety that we once had and try to bring it back!

You may as well try to bring back....

...the dinosaurs. Wilmington, the laid-back little Southern town by the sea is gone forever. It's now all about the growth. Growth, growth, growth. That's all that matters. Who needs adequate roads and sewers when we can have a convention center and another 10,000 houses?

Roads Roads and more Roads

I saw a story at 6:00 interviewing mayor, one comment was extending Independence to link MLK - that's going to me a very interesting connection! But I've been looking at Independence in a very wary way - they want to relocate River Road and make it a faster, wider road between Sanders (Heaven help the kids at Bellamy Elementary) and INDEPENDENCE near Carolina Beach Road; and the planned southern bridge from Brunswick to New Hanover which will have it's exit ramps exit onto INDEPENDENCE near Carolina Beach Road! And, as said earlier, making MLK and INDEPENDENCE meet. We have a lot of things to do in the future, but what we need most is for the left hand to talk to the right hand and for someone to look at the big picture. Why build better roads to access Wilmington when they won't be able to drive when they get here?

2020 Comment

I moved to Wilmington from Atlanta. I love my new community and want to see it grow and prosper. I see problems here with an extremely low pay sacle, roads and zoning. Wilmington has a problem with it's multiple faces. A vacation town with transit visitors coming in and using the infrastructure and paying no supporting taxes. It has a growing and diverse population of permanent residents who are clamoring for help, income and tax relief. Zoning appears to be approached as an ugly word to be avoided at all costs. College Road will soon be a continuous strip mall. Snarled traffic and visual pollution follow strip malls quickly and contribute very little in the way of taxes. As for our very low pay, we need to get over the notion that we are living in a highly desireable area and that low pay is just how it is here. I am proud of my adopted city but fear for it's future without effective and farsighted leadership.

Area Growth's like the song says "they paved paradise and put up a parking lot". What a shame. Brent

reply to your mesage

correct again! is this from dbj? just wondering from hkp.

More Planning

Growth is going to happen whether we like it or not. The proper planning for such, needs to be done. It seems that in New Hanover County, the politicians (city and county) don't plan for future growth, and only try to do something about it when it is to late. Military Cut Off for example; as well as College Road, not to mention the sewer system. Wilmington needs to take a look a Jacksonville. They do not have as many people there as we do, but they seem to plan for traffic growth and population growth. That is something that Wilmington or New Hanover County do not do.


Our leaders need to focus on making our environment top priority. Our leaders are killing our coast & destroying our resources with overgrowth & development. Just because a developer owns it doesn't mean they can build whatever. Our leaders need to become very strict with building codes especially on our waterfronts (oceanfront, riverfront, wetlands). They should eliminate conditional use permits especially if the developer wants to have a road closed just so it can build higher. Any building over 3 or 4 stories is a waste of our precious resources & pollutes our skies. To make NHC affordable even for the low income. To make this a place to where nature & humans can live together. Also education should also be at the top & it seems that we can't depend on the lottery. Our environment & our children should come first.


First of all, NHC is very very small. There is no room to build large factories or plants to create jobs as all the land is being used.Second, there definitely is nothing to do here. Parks are for walking. Everybody doesn't consider a park entertainment. Especially if you don't have kids. Most all the entertainment is from Oleander Drive and north. Third, the price of living is actually not that bad. It's mostly the pay that is bad. A 1500 sq. foot house here runs from 150,000 to 200,000, but in large cities that price would be 250,000 to 300,000. However, the pay here , just for example, fast food restaurants. They are paying minimum wage, whereas in a large city, that pay would jump to about 8 or 9 dollars an hour.And lastly, our government here approves every single house that anybody from anywhere wants to build no matter where they build it. Anybody can come here from anywhere and cut down anything they want and build houses. There are so many people here that they have far far exceeded the amount of jobs we have to offer.So to anyone coming here now, You better come with lots of money because you're not gonna make any here.

look, we all know about the

look, we all know about the issues that affect us. we need NEW LEADERSHIP

If all of you posting hate

If all of you posting hate it here so much, why don't you just move? I'm so sick of everyone on here complaining about the traffic and the cost of housing and the local government and the film industry taking over the town... so why not just move? Obviously there's not one thing you like about living here, so quit living here.

The reason I am not gonna

The reason I am not gonna quit living here is because this is my home town, and it is nothing like it used to be. Talking about traffic,yes Wilmington, AGAIN, was counted worst in the state and thats because traffic has more than tripled in the past few years as this town has grown. New Hanover County is very, very small. And housing has gone up more than I can say. That's because of all the "northerners" moving down here. Sorry, but that's the truth! I keep telling myself that things are only going to get worst so I had better accept it.

reply to your mesage

i totally agree. been here all my life and would never leave. people complain and do nothing about it. however, the pay sucks! what can we do about that? and what can we do about the over crowding? quit building is what i say, but then again, there would be no jobs! go figure! ;)