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Operation First Step rounds up over 80 suspected drug dealers in Brunswick County

The list of suspected drug dealers is long, but law enforcement officers in Brunswick County say they're working to change that. Early Tuesday morning, nearly 50 deputies and officers took to the streets to round up more than 80 suspected drug dealers for Operation First Step, the first step in an eight month long undercover investigation to combat street level drug activity. Sheriff John Ingram said, "The officers have put a lot of time and effort into this. We just want the public to know that we are out there and we are addressing these concerns and issues and I assure you there will be a step two." The officers went to areas where, over an eight month period, undercover agents purchased over $25,000 worth of cocaine, heroin, marijuana and prescription pills. One after another, each suspected drug dealer was issued and arrest warrant and loaded in the back of a squad car. Many of those arrested were repeat offenders. According to Sheriff Ingram, "We view the street level narcotics activity just as important as people moving kilos of cocaine through the county." By daylight Tuesday, more than 30 suspects were in custody. Sheriff Ingram said he has heard enough complaints from his community and is sending a message to those who commit drug crimes. Stop or risk the jail time. "The Sheriff's Office is going to do all that we can to deter this activity and make this community safer for these children." The Sheriff's Office is working closely with the District Attorney's Office along with the jail to make sure they can handle the influx of people arrested. The Brunswick County Sheriff's Department credits the community for helping with Operation First Step.

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Drug Bust

Sheriff Ingram & deputies,yall are doing a wonderful job.It's about time we got a sheriff that will do something about drugs in our community. You've done more in these past few months, than Ronald has done the whole time he was in office, as far as drugs.Drugs are ruining too many young people's lives. Keep up the good work. Again, thank you.

Feels sorry

Feels sorry for the hard working folks not involved in crime, Seems to be lots of crooks here, even a X Sheriff. Hope they get it cleaned up.

Sheriff Ingram, you are

Sheriff Ingram, you are doing a wonderful job and we intend to keep you as sheriff if you continue to do the great work you are now doing. I have never seen deputies so visible, so concerned about law abiding citizens and working so hard on the crackhead communities in our county. Tuesday morning's arrests is just one example! We can't wait for "Step 2 and Step 3 and Step 4..... We are tired of these criminals walking the streets of Brunswick County. In the 8 months you have been sheriff, you have accomplished more than any other sheriff in their whole term in office. My hat is off to your staff of dedicated deputies and other staff members. Keep up the good work.

You Go John Ingram!!!! GREAT JOB!!!

This is great news for the citizens of Brunswick County! I am so thankful for John Ingram taking office and making these wonderful big improvements in our communities and making Brunswick County a safer place to live! Thank goodness we FINALLY have a Sheriff that is listening to the problems going on here and is DOING something about it!!!! You are a GREAT Sheriff John Ingram; thank you for your hard work and dedication to us; the citizens of Brunswick County! ~MHR