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Organization lets kids donate hair

READ MORE: Organization lets kids donate hair

One of the most powerful forces in the life of school kids is the desire to fit in, to be like their friends. But for two million kids with a disorder called alopecia, being bald makes them stand out.

There is a solution, however, a simple one: a gift from another child.

To Meredith, it's "just hair." But to 14-year-old Callie Connaughton, who has to wear a wig, it's so much more.

Callie said, "When I was in elementary school kids always made fun of me because I wasn't like them and I didn't have hair."

As a toddler Callie was diagnosed with alopecia, an immune disease that causes hair loss. She had to endure the teasing until she heard of Locks of Love, a non-profit group that turns donated hair into hand-made wigs for kids like her all across the country.

These girls have donated their hair.

Eli, 14, said, "I wasn't sure if it was going to look good or anything, but then once they cut it off, I was like, it's not bad. It looks fine. Hair grows."

Sarah, 11, said, "You feel really great after giving your hair and it's no use to you after you cut it, so why not make use of it?"

Locks of Love has become one of the most popular charities for kids today. It takes hair from ten to 15 kids to make one wig. Each strand of hair is hand-knotted. Callie says the gift changed her life.

Callie said, "There's, like, no words to explain how I felt when I got it got the first time, because I was just so happy and everything and I finally was normal."

So normal that when they all met.

Sarah said, "When you walk in, you're not sure who has the donated hair and who donated the hair."

Elizabeth, 17, said, "It really makes me feel good to know that it really has benefited someone and it's really worth it."

Eli said, "It's a great way to like, personally give something of yourself, like literally give something of yourself to someone else to help them."

For more information on Locks of Love and how to donate your own hair visit

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