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Organizations in eastern NC giving DTV help


If you have any questions about the recent DTV switch, you can contact any of these organizations for help.

Bladen County Bladen County Fire Department/EMS (910)862-6760 or Bladen Family Support Services (910)647-0743

Brunswick County Brunswick Senior Resources (910)253-2199

Columbus County Melody Prevatte, Southeastern Community College (910)642-7141 ext. 294 Kipling Godwin Associates 1-888-514-7775

New Hanover County (in Wilmington) Andrea Good, Fire and Life Safty Educator, (910)772-4131 (outside Wilmington) Union Missionary Baptist Church (910)763-9541 New Hanover County Fire Department (910)798-4DTV

Pender County Donna Pridgen, Administrative Assistant, Town of Burgaw Police (910)663-3463 For more information call: 1-877-DTV-0908 or visit

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Please stop!

This switch to DTV may be the biggest, most hyped NON-story in the history of telecommunications. We're changing frequencies and format. You need a converter. Period. End of sentence. End of story.

Do you know why we need to get a converter?

So that they can monitor what you watch and in the future charge you for it. It's like bottled water. At first everyone laughed at the water companies and said that it was tap water. Then CocaCola and Pepsi started marketing it, Dasani and Aquafina. Now to drink water you have to pay for it. Somebody from Landfall will say it's the norm because they are a movie star and boom there you have it. Where's TMZ when you need them here in Wilmywood. Oh I forgot, you can't put aluminim foil on your head anymore.

"Do you know why we need to

"Do you know why we need to get a converter?" some will have to fork over bucks to watch the evening news...that's why. It's always about money.

hey whats going on?

Hey, my TV quit working! IS there something wrong??


There is something wrong considering Wilmington LACKS an Over-The-Air CW affiliate.

The uproar will really begin

The uproar will really begin when people find out their VCRs won't work anymore. At least, mine does not.

Connect your VCR to the converter output...

..and yout TV to the VCR. The tuner in your VCR is looking for the same channels your analog TV is. T'ain't there no mo' That requires you to watch what you're taping, of course. If you want to watch another channel while taping, there are several ways you can do it, from using splitters and A/B switches to connecting a second converter. Any of the local A/V folks can draw it out for you and sell you the parts you need. It's pretty easy.

Guest 89, I tried this and

Guest 89, I tried this and it would not work. What you said sounds logical, but there must be gremlins in the VCR somewhere. Thanks.