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Organizing for America rallies for health insurance reform

Health insurance reform supporters rallied in Wilmington for their cause Tuesday afternoon. Members of the grassroots group Organizing for America held a news conference at Central Missionary Baptist Church. They spoke about a need for and support of change when it comes to health insurance in North Carolina. They say they also aim to dispel myths about the topic. The group walked to Congressman Mike McIntyre's office to hand over stacks of signatures supporting reform. "I have dedicated myself to seeing this cause succeed. Healthcare in my mind is a right, not a privilege," said Angela Everett. The Democratic National Committee created the group Organizing for America to spread the word about supporting President Obama's agenda at a grassroots level. While they focus on several issues, health insurance reform is currently front and center.

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Action or Reaction

I've read a bunch of these posts and am wondering if people are thinking deeply or just reacting to inflammatory phrases. First off, we do not have the best health care in the world. For every one of "the Canadians", or whoever, who come here for treatment, there are many more Americans who go to other countries for medical care. Look it up, talk to people. We have higher infant mortality and lower life expectancy rates than our European cousins. We have much higher obesity numbers than ANY other country in the world. We may have the wealthiest surgeons and other specialists, but they aren't doing much for most of us. I am self-employed. My premium goes up annually even though I have never had a claim except for check-ups. Doesn't yours? I have to raise deductibles to keep it affordable. Insurance agents say that those of us who actually Have health insurance are paying for those who don't. The uninsured have to go to the emergency room for treatment as they cannot be turned away (which is news to me). Hospitals raise prices to recover these costs. So, we are already paying for the uninsured. Why not have a universal provider to even things up? Keep your old policy and give the rest insurance. And for all you whiners about government programs not working, how about the military? Shall we give that up, too? No, our government is not perfect, and never will be. After all, we elect the government, and we are not so smart. And no, I don't believe in free money or services to those too lazy to work. And that includes government "workers". It won't be easy or fun to fix our country, but fixing it needs, and fast. So quit thinking that everyone who thinks as you do is right and the rest are "Socialists". We have to work and live together, so let's find common ground and get on with it. The old ways no longer work and we must find new ways. Mistakes will be made and crying/yelling/screaming won't help.

Healthcare is a right

I was raised to believe that my rights end when they infringe on some other person's rights. If health care were to be a right it would have to begin with receiving care from an individual who did not invest thousands of dollars on their education. I would go on further and say that person should have been compensated for their time invested in 8-plus years in college. I am positive I don't want my doctor to come out of a system like that. There is no incentive to excel, advance or improve. This whole thing scares me.



Why is this so difficult to understand????

I flat out do not get it. We have a government that taxes 20 million people everyday. Income taxes, sales taxes, excise taxes, white good taxes, disposal taxes...on and on and on, but our country is basically broke and way in debt. Where in the hell is all of that money going? We have a government that hasn't even made the most feeble attempt to close our borders from illegal alien entry (much less terrorists!). They enter by the hundreds or more everyday. We give them a tax-free life and free health care. The illegals also sponge of of our social security and without ever contributing a dime. We have a government that developed a Social Security system that is currently void of capital and will go bankrupt in a matter of years because they keep stealing the money out of ther pot. So people??? What is it that convinces you that the government has the potential to successfully develop, administer, regulate and manage a nationwide healthcare system? The government has NEVER been able to do that with ONE single program...EVER! Why is it that you believe it can happen now? Is the word "FREE" that enticing, even when in reality it is never "FREE"??? There are changes required to turn things around a bit, but some of those changes will require the fat, dumb, lazy and ignorant to get off their duffs and go to work and earn something for once. The hardworking, paying and upstanding citizens of this country will not uphold the rest for long. They will simply quit and join the "easy" ranks as the rest. Why work to pay for other peoples needs? I don't have a problem helping my fellow man, but I'll be damned if I'm going to work to support the lazy, the obese and the unmotivated people tha make up the largest percentage of those that are uninsured.

I don't have a problem

I don't have a problem helping my fellow man, but I'll be damned if I'm going to work to support the lazy, the obese and the unmotivated people tha make up the largest percentage of those that are uninsured. This statement is simply incorrect. The largest number of those uninsured are not lazy, obese or unmotivated. The reality is most uninsured (and underinsured) are the working poor who cannot afford enough coverage to properly cover themselves or their families. Take Walmart as an example. A huge employer in many cities. However, other than their managers, most people are hired into positions that are just short of fulltime and therefore do not qualify for health insurance. They work. They contribute. Their company lets them down. On top of that, they have many ignorant and arrogant people telling them they are lazy, fat and unmotivated because they do not have health insurance...

we need health care reform now

I agree with these supporters of health reform and the large number of citizens who signed their petition. It is in the nation's best interest - economically, defensively, etc - to cover health care for all, similar to how there is public education available to everyone. While there are plenty of examples of waste that need to be corrected, there are multiple government programs that work quite well. Medicare spends 94-96% of every dollar allotted to it on actual health care, while insurance companies only spend 70-80%! (the rest goes to marketing, middle-men to deny claims and rescind coverage, CEO salaries, and lobbying against reform!). What about the US post office - 44cents to get a letter from me to California is pretty good! And most of the problems re:staying within budget are due to congress slashing funding from these important programs. The conservatives such as Grover Norquist are the ones who want to whittle down government so much such that he can "drown it in the bathtub." I don't trust someone to run good government whose goal is to make government look bad.

Hummm...just a guess

After reading all the comments about this story, I would LOVE to see each person who made a comment standing together. Let's see...all of you are white, most of you are men, most if not all of you have decent health insurance paid for mostly or entirely by someone other than yourself, and of course, all of you voted for McCain, and most of you would support Palin in 2012. Gee, that was easy to figure out. For those of you who are waiting for the insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, and drug companies to come together and provide a plan to insure and treat all Americans, wake up and pull your head out of the sand. It will NEVER happen. PS: I am white, male, and pay for my own health insurance out of my own pocket.

Health care reform

You are wrong Mr. Guest Jeff...I am a white female who voted for Hillary Clinton in this past election. I do not have private healthcare that some other person pays for. I am on SS disability because of a deadly mistake made by a drug company. I paid into Medicare, SS and my taxes for 30 years while working. No one has given me anything! I'm afraid there will be no more SS benefits at the rate this guy in office is spending! Look at your eyes...he knows NOT what he is doing!!!!I live in the United States! With FREEDOM & JUSTICE FOR ALL! One nation under GOD. We are losing our freedom and privacy every day. This is no longer just about healthcare people!

I'm not "waiting" for anything

I manage my own life and pay my own way through this world. Unlike Blanche DuBois and the champions of the entitlement society, I don't have to depend upon the kindness of strangers.

A bit presumptuous don't you think GuestJeff?

A bit presumptuous don't you think GuestJeff? I mean, all white? ...come on, isn't that a bit racist? I do believe you have a point though. Because, I'm bet if you actually got the statics of all working people that pay taxes, and then compare that to the same group, you would be about +/- 1% of the makeup.

Republican's reaction to demonstration on Capital steps

In today's Atlanta Journal Constitution it says that the Republicans want to ammend the state consititution to prevent Democrats in Washington from enforcing health care reform in Georgia. We need to get after these people. What about democracy?Where do they have a right to make decision for all the people?


Wow Pat, do you have a clue what form of government the country you live in has? Here's a clue, It's not a democracy, it is a republic!. We have a little thing called a constitution, ever heard of it? Nowhere does it say that mob rules! It does however have an 10th amendment, that was included in another little thing called "The Bill of Rights". The Tenth Amendment restates the Constitution's principle of federalism by providing that powers not granted to the national government nor prohibited to the states are reserved to the states or the people. So, if duly elected officials, republican or democrats want to try to save their state from this financial meltdown called "Health Care Reform" it is within their power to do so. So, to answer your question, it's the constitution of the United States of America, that gives them the right. Kind of makes me want to move to Georgia, where at least their state government still understands that they have a say in things, limited as it is.

There's no need for such an amendment

Federal mandates on how states regulate insurance would violate the Tenth Amendment: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." The federal government telling you, as an individual, that you MUST buy health insurance violates that same amendment plus the Ninth Amendment: "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people." So why can't YOU PEOPLE follow your own Constitution????

enforced health insurance

Those of us who actually have health insurance are already paying for the medical treatment of those who do not. Do you high-blood pressure screamers not realize that? I don't want to pay for your health bills, I'm sure you are not in good health. You vent so much anger on these blogs that you will probably have a stroke, and spend much time in a hospital and rehab and then be a burden on your family. I hope you have a good health policy with long-term care. If not, you should be forced to provide one for yourself, so that the rest of us don't have to cover you.

Healthcare should NOT be GOVERNED!!!!

What does the government run that is successful??? My healthcare is near and dear to me and my family and I do NOT want GOVERNMENT involved in MY health! I lived in England and witnessed many people who died waiting for what we have available to Americans! We have the BEST healthcare in the world!!! DO NOT mess it up!!!! Yes, there needs to be some revisions, but Socialist HealthScare is NOT the option. And "Change" does not always mean "Improvement"!


"Healthcare in my mind is a right" my mind LOTS of things are rights...but that doesn't make it so, does it? Dispel what up these myths... "Organizing for America"...PLEASE don't organize for me...and the MAJORITY of Americans it is quite clear don't want you to organize for them either.

Why are people so blind?

I invite anyone that is for Govt. Health Care to post in reply to this. Name ONE program that our beloved govenment is running that is a success. By success I mean, runs within budget and does what it was created to do.


when the Feds took over the Mustang Ranch, they couldn't make a profit selling whiskey and women...the Cash for Clunkers was a boondoggle...


None that I know of.

Anyone else notice that

Anyone else notice that there were nine people in that pro-govt group, and that the cameras on TV kept changing locations as they walked through a building so it looked like there were more of them. I was visiting someone---WWAY news is no longer watched at my house because of the ridiculous slant they put on stories.

Seriously?? You think that

Seriously?? You think that WWAY is putting on some kind of liberal spin to this story?? You think there is some socialist liberal mastermind that directs each and every 24 year old reporter who is as green as the grass at Augusta on exactly what to shoot and where, and exactly what to edit into their stories and what to leave out?? You don't know alot about local news, do you?

Organizing for America?

Don't you mean..Organizing for Obama? More propaganda? Please!!! Enough!!!

health care

What shocks me is that wway will put people who support the health care bill on TV, But not one mention of the people who are against health care reform. I have not seen any reporters from your station or any other station do ANY reports on health care that the reporter did not just repeat what the Democrats have said, and call the conservatives pointing out the "end of life counseling" for seniors. I bet you did not ask if ANYONE who supports the health care bill read it. What a sorry job the media does you only report one side of the story and are so quick to label anyone who is against the health care bill a "Right Wing Extremist" I am glad to wear that banner. By the way when was the last time you read the constitution?

Government Programs

What else do they want the government to provide for us? Healthcare is important, but the majority of healthcare is best left the private industry. Private industry and business is what gets things done and creates incentives for research to take place in order to better our society. Did government invent ways to use electricity for its citizens, lights, or the refrigerator? How about the TV? We all like that. I cant believe people want to trust the government with there healthcare, ask Canadians who come to America to get service. Think the wait at the DMV is long LOL. Just wait till you have to wait for the government to approve your next surgery. Don't get me wrong some government programs are good when they are used correctly and not abused. I just don't think that everyone should eventually be forced to just one healthcare option.

The word "reform" is being

The word "reform" is being used much too loosely when it comes to the Democrats' plan to nationalize health care. Reform implies changing something for the better, not creating worse problems than already exist.

Just more looters...

...demanding that the productive members of society support them. Pay your own way through life, deadbeats!

Reply to Message

Your comments are exactly right!!! More of society who have the "Audacity" to think that all "Productive" members of society should support the "deadbeats" who want a government check. There is suddenly much "entitlement" that has come along with all this Change.....but, then again, Change does NOT always mean IMPROVEMENT!!!!!