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Outside company taking over Oak Island sexual harrasment investigation

A Raleigh company is taking over the investigation into allegations of sexual harassment within the Oak Island Police Department. Kilpatrick and Associates, a human resources consulting firm, has been hired by the town to look into discrimination and harassment allegations lodged by five women who worked in the department. Oak Island mayor Johnny Verreen said the town lawyer made the arrangement yesterday. Details on the cost and start date of the investigation are still unclear.

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What is going on in Brunswick County?

I have written no less than three responses to this news item and all have fallen short of what WWAY moderators seem to think is appropriate. But folks, something is seriously wrong with the selection of our officials in this county. Be it the Sheriff, the councils that select Police Chiefs, or the Police Departments themselves. Why is there not a story on why so many are either gone, going, or under investigation? Brunswick County former Sheriff Hewett, Gone! Navassa Chief of Police, Gone! Boiling Spring Lakes Chief of Police, Under investigation and ordered to a hearing by the NC, Dept of Justice. Allegations of sexual discrimination at Oak Island's Police Department. What does this say about our county and the municipalities in the county? "Can't you smell that smell?"

about time

Wow now they start an investigation. Keep strong girls and take them down.


Like it takes a WHOLE lot to get a sexual harassment charge these don't even HAVE to do anything...just get ACCUSED OF IT...

Oak Island PD

It's about time someone got smart and decided on an outside company to investigate the goings on at Oak Island PD. That chief needs to go, no more cover ups in Brunswick County law enforcement.

If you live on Oak Island

If you live on Oak Island then you know Van Eddinger is the best chief that Oak Island has had and that he does not need to go anywhere. It's easy to watch everything and be a backseat driver to everything that goes on, and when it comes out that the chief has been doing the right thing this whole time are there going to be anyone who apologizes to him and the officers that have been grouped together during this?


I for one support the Oak Island Police, Chief Eddinger, Major Jordan all the sergeants and officers at the department, all the disptchers! EVERYONE! Well except one... Keep your heads up folks! It's almost over!!