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Overcrowded religious services may recieve help

Help may soon be on the way for over crowded religious services at Pender Correctional Institution. Chaplain Jim Spiritosanto says he has to turn people away from worship services. Sunday services are held in the prison's visitation area, but there are more prisoners than chairs. A local group hopes to raise money for a new prison chapel to address some of the space needs. Pender Correctional Community Resource Council, a group of Onslow and Pender County residents, is spearheading the fundraising. The proposed chapel would be housed next to the prison's existing gym and would seat 200.

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Judges everywhere

After reading the comments, I have to say that the one shouting "GOD" isn't exactly preaching love (what Jesus taught) and those who want them to have nothing aren't exactly preaching forgiveness. I am a minister to inmates and many of them do have repentive hearts; some are along just for the ride. No matter which, I'm doing what I am supposed to do. I'm teaching the love of Christ and not condemning the inmates. After all, who am I, a sinner, to judge anyone. For the few of you who think they should all be given bread and water, and treated worse than animals, I say this: "I hope you never find yourself in prison." Don't say it could never happen to you because it could. A few well-placed lies or a misguided eyewitness and you could find yourself on the other side of freedom. Perhaps then you might see the value in a new chapel or a little human kindness.

Repent and seek "GOD" retards

For most of you that made any of these negative comments... You need to repent and Seek GOD. If you were really believers you wouldn't be so ignorant. It's good that these inmates want to get close to GOD, there is a reason for everything and if God's purpose is for these inmates to seek GOD, you'll shouldnt be so negative about it. Those who fear him lack nothing! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. Always talking about your tax dollars.... What's up with that? Let the Goverment do whatever they think it's best.... You act like you pay so much.... Always complaining about something... "GET A LIFE" (No one leaves this world with out paying for their sins so please SHUT UP... and start paying for your sins "That's what you need to worry about" please do this before you burn in HELL) The bible makes it very clear that God is the righteous Judge who hates evil. But the golden thread that runs through the Bible is the courd of His mercy. He is the merciful one who reaches out to sinners and forgives all those who turn to Him. I will pray for you negative people tonight that God encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word. God is the only one that will ensure that justice prevails. Therefore we do not need to become enraged and bitter about the unfairness in the world. Leave the final judgement to God.

prisoners church

This is like in high school when there is a meeting in the gym, you go to get out of class not cause you care about the meeting. These guys just want to get out of their cells for any reason. If they were so worried about god they wouldn't be there in the first place. Buy a BIG tent and 5 gallon buckets for seats. Do this in the blazing summer and see how many show up then.

They have too much as it is

I just hope they don't use any of our tax money to pay for these thugs' new chapel. As far as I'm concerned, they have too much freedom as it is. Take away the TVs. Take away all their free time and make them go outside and do some work. At least try to put my tax money to good use

Too much?

If you think they have it so easy, then you wouldn't mind trying prison for a week, would you? I didn't think so.

You Don't Understand

You really don't understand the prison system. State money pays for the prison system and prisoners work. They have work incentive programs along with many others to keep them active while in prison. If the tvs and recreational equipment is taken away what do you suggest the correctional system replace them with more work? We have to consider they are criminals and although you may not agree they have rights. One of those rights entitles them not to have cruel and unsual treatment.



What else is there to cling

What else is there to cling to in jail? And isn't God SUPPOSED to help people who are repentant? And if they are just claiming to have "gotten religion" while in jail, so what? Even if they don't really mean it, that fact alone won't get them released any earlier.