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UPDATE: US 421 North back open after crash


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Dispatchers say US 421 North is back open. The road was closed for hours into the afternoon after an 18-wheeler overturned in the curve before the Battleship North Carolina Thursday morning. It blocked one lane of traffic coming from Leland toward Wilmington. Highway Patrol says the driver has been taken to the hospital.

The crash happened around 8 a.m., but it took until mid afternoon to move the truck off the side of the road. The accident caused some back-ups on US 17/74/76 as well.

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Saw it

I saw this happen right in front of me. Please pray for the driver and their family.

Just wanted to let you know

Just wanted to let you know that the driver just was discharged from the hospital with minor cuts and bruises. Thank you for your concern.

Thank you for sharing an

Thank you for sharing an update. Praise the Lord! This happened right before I came around the curve and in tears I drove away with my young son telling him we needed to pray for that driver. I was sure he would not make it. It was so distressing to see. I am so relieves he is okay.

Great Job Goob

Well I AM thankful that the driver is ok. On another note, you drove away with your son in tears. Well here's an idea, if you got there right after it happened with no EMT s around maybe you could have stopped and helped. What if it were more serious than it was and the difference between that man living or dying were you pulling him out of that truck.

Saw It

I came by right after it happened...before any emergency crews arrived. I go that way to work every day. Trucks drive too fast around that ramp. There is a sign that indicates danger of tipping over 45 mpg for trucks, and I don't know exactly what happened here, but I am thankful I was 10 minutes later. It was a terrible sight and I worried another car might have been involved. I am glad there wasn't, and will definately pray for the driver and family.

It was rumored that the

It was rumored that the sealed load inside the container shifted, causing the truck's momentum of carry it over on it's side.

Driver Not Speeding

Just so that you will know, the driver was not seriously injured in this accident nor was he speeding. There were witnesses that stated to the authorities that he was only running about 25 - 30 mph when the trailer started leaning. The best anyone can figure is that his load started shifting. When container haulers such as he pick up from the ports the containers are sealed and the drivers are not allowed to open nor inspect to make sure the lad is secure. They have to take someone's word for it and the driver was lucky it did not cost him his life.