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Owner of closed dance studio speaking out

READ MORE: Owner of closed dance studio speaking out
Friday we told you about a dance studio in Brunswick County that had closed its doors on short notice. Now the owner of the studio is speaking out. The Southport-Oak Island studio of dance closed after a business deal between the original owner, and an instructor went sour. Monday we found out what that means for parents who have already paid. Dance studio owner Iryna Hampton said, "I wasn't expecting to close up the doors, I was expecting for classes to continue until the recital." Hampton ran the Southport-Oak Island Studio of Dance for nearly a year. She says she had to shut down after a business deal fell through. "It would be quite some time before I know exactly what's going to happen. For the parents I will give refunds for what I have as soon as possible along with a letter with an explanation with what really happened," Hampton said. She says the bad deal is going to cost parents who paid for the entire year's tuition up front. "I would have to come up with my personal money to give refunds and that's hard," Hampton said. Hampton says parents who paid March's tuition will get a full refund, but the money that was supposed to go towards costumes for an upcoming recital is another story. "At least half of the deposit for the costumes will be returned," Hampton said. Hampton says she is sad to see the studio close and wishes the best for the students. "I believe that the children know that I really love them. I still do and I wish everything the best for them," Hampton said. She says any parents with questions can feel free to contact her. One of the dance instructors who used to teach for her will be opening her own studio called "Inspirations Dance," where Southport-Oak Island Studio of Dance used to be.

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Well, it's been almost 5

Well, it's been almost 5 years since the doors of the studio were closed. And I am not upset at the comments because at that point no one knew what really happened. The doors were closed unexpectedly, because I had to file a police report against Shiloh on account of larceny and fraud. Just a few hours before I put a note on that door I had a meeting with Shiloh, discussing possibility of her taking over the business after the end of the school year, because I was planning to move. At that meeting she laughed in my face and said: "I am not going to buy a business from you, because I already have it". Within an hour after that I found out that she had already contacted all of my students and told them that I am going out of business (which was not true), told them to sign with her new studio, and was already collecting checks. All this happened behind my back .Shiloh had access to all of my students personal info, had the key to the building, even went to see my landlord, and she used it all to steal my business. So to all of you that were so upset here, I hope you figured out what the truth is. I was the victim of the crime that was never solved due to the "lack of physical evidence". I did the Interview on a news to tell the truth, but they cut out all of the important information against Shiloh that I shared with them. My name and my reputation were ruined. But I truly believe that God knows the truth, and it is comforting to me. To those few people that knew what was really happening and supported me, thank you, and I hope you are doing well.


The Hamptons were going to close down regardlees of Ms. Shiloh deal. I am sure they wanted her to assume the debt and nobody in their right mind is going to take over a large amount when they are not even going to run under the name as the Hamptons studio. They just happen to be in the same location with the previous students because the students had no where to go to dance and the building is a lease.

I have been dancing at this

I have been dancing at this studio for about six years now. I can not believe that Mrs. Iryna could just close down the studio, when she "cares so much about us".I truly believe that Mrs. Shiloh has all the students best interest at heart. Some of the children at the studio who are just dancing for "fun" will still be able to do just that, and the ones who want to become a professinal can eaisly achieve their dreams under Mrs. Shiloh. I would personally like to thank Mrs. Shiloh and all the other instructors who have worked so hard to make sure that we still have somewhere to dance, you all are wonderful!


I was one of the students at SPOISOD, i just want to know how she can sleep at night knowing what she did too us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anybody know exactly

Does anybody know exactly what happened or is everybody just mouthing off? How can a bad business deal between the original owner and an instructor close down the business for the Hamptons? The very original owner gouged everyone from costumes to tickets for the recitals.

Are you paying attention?

The whole point is that a bad business deal didn't close the studio. Her poor money management skills did. She spent the money paid to her for costumes but DIDN'T order costumes. She took tuition money but DIDN'T pay the teachers. Where is the money?? She wanted the instructor to agree to cover her debt and when that didn't happen, she closed the studio. She closed her Leland studio without a word to students and left debt there. See the pattern here??? This isn't about the former owner. It is about the current one who locked the doors after she took the money.

These students are much

These students are much better off with Mrs. Shiloh. She truely cares and loves these children. She would never seek out to damage a young child's dream to dance. She has the love, care, and support for what it takes to run the studio like it needs to be ran. May God bless Mrs. Shiloh and her family as they enter into this new chapter of their life.

No sympathy for her

Mrs. Hampton told some parents 2-3 weeks ago that she was in financial trouble and that she was planning to leave the studio. However, she did not tell everyone and continued to take money for tuition and costume balances. The tuition for March was refunded but not by her. The company that drafts the payments closed her account and refunded the money to parents when they were informed by parents the studio was closed. She would not need to refund her personal money for costumes if she hadn't spent the money. No costumes were ever ordered so she misued the funds. Now we are supposed to feel sorry for her? Our children look forward to the recital every year. The teachers have been left with the task of trying to find somewhere that they can perform. Considering the teachers haven't been paid, we are lucky they care enough about our children to try to finish the year. I really hope that Mrs. Hampton won't move and do this to a third studio. I don't believe that filing suit against her will get any money returned but maybe it will prevent her from being able get money for a new business in the future.

Dance Studio

What a crock!!! She stole our money and broke our children's hearts and our wallets. We should be entitled to the full costume deposit, not half. This money was given to her in December and she failed to order the costumes, it is now too late to order costumes and she only wants to give back half of the money. Furthermore, on Monday March 3rd she passed out costume balance sheets to parents and some paid this balance when she knew damn well on Monday that she was going to close the doors. Thanks to the rest of the staff at the dance studio for pulling together and trying to finish the dance year for the children who have worked all year in expectation of a recital at the end of the year. While Mrs. Hamton tries to portray Shiloh as the cause of all her problems, these dedicated instructors have worked without pay because the Hamton's can't seem to manage their money. Despite what Mrs. Hamton said, "The children know I love them!" If she loved them she wouldn't have stolen their parents money. Some parents have paid the tuition in full for the whole year and the crooks are getting out of dodge as quickly as possible. The Hampton's are con artists and knew very well what they were doing because she commented to at least one parent 3 weeks ago that she was broke and the costume deposits were gone. Iryna, if you're reading this I hope you lay awake many nights thinking of all the money you stole from Parents at SPOISOD. Rest assured that the Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, NC Attorney General and the Washington State Attorney General will be notified of your business practices in an effort to prevent you from EVER doing this again.

Sounds fishy to me

"I would have to come up with my personal money to give refunds and that's hard," Hampton said. So what??? Many people came up with their own personal money which she willingly took. Now she *might* "try" to provide refunds but honestly, what is the likelihood that will happen based on her many fishy statements? If these parents are smart, they will hit her with a class action lawsuit to recoup the money she stole from them.

I dont trust her

I am an instructor that worked for her at her other studio in Leland and at this one in Southport and she did the eaxct same thing at the other studio!! She "suddenly" closed the doors and left those students crying with no explanation or anything, just a note on the door!! Slamming the door on their dreams just like she did last thursday in Southport!!The instructors have not recieved 1099s and have not recieved pay yet for the last pay period with Hampton. This whole situation is wrong on so many levels and I know Mrs. Shiloh is opening Insperations Dance Center for the students and because she loves her students and she loves to dance. And the parents who did pay for the year with Hampton will be getting the rest of the year free of charge at Insperations Dance Center. We figured it was the least we could give them after all the pain that was caused last thursday by Hampton. Heart and soul is what it takes to run a studio...not GREED!!!