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Owners of Valinos plan new building

After a devastating fire destroyed their Wilmington restaurant, the owners of Valinos are moving forward. A crane began tearing down the remains of the building today. Investigators say an electrical malfunction in a dining room light fixture caused the restaurant to burn to the ground. Now, owners are looking forward to building a brand new facility to continue the Valinos tradition. Donna Schreiner, owner, said, "We are excited too, you know it was sad, but you know it happened for a reason, but now we'll have a brand new building and hopefully new people will be coming in, wanting to check it out so." The fire damage is covered by insurance. The owners were meeting with their architect today to discuss the new restaurant plans.

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Smoke Free Bar

I think that it will be great if it is a smoke free bar. It might bring in some new busines too. I sure all smokers can respect this too.

Smoke Free Karoeke Bar?

Smoke Free Karoeke Bar? HaHaHa.. Surely you jest... Seperate the bar enouh from the resturant to keep the easting establishment smoke free but leave the bar alone.. Bars loose business when they stop the smoke and their competitor doesn't... If that's what you want, ask your city council to enforce a smoking ban in resturants and bars like New York did, but dont take your misery out on establishments you prolly never go to anyway..

Must be drinking at the bar when you wrote that post

Wow, what a hard read, you should try using your spell check... PS. Isn't this business a restaurant and bar?

Moving forward, please make it smoke free.

Yes, soon a nice new fresh clean restaurant and if you make it smoke free, a lot of new customers. I have stopped in, like others I know in the past, and could not breathe in there from all the smokers.


Then use your right to not go in and go somewhere else that suits your taste.

smoke free restaurant/bar

There are plenty of places that you can go that will comply with your wish to be smoke-free, if not, stay away from the places that bother you. Yes, I'm a smoker, and I go into eateries that are smoke-free, but if I want to go out for an evening & enjoy a few drinks, I don't want to be somewhere that I can't enjoy my habit. North Carolina was built by the tobacco industry, let's not put a stranglehold on our "roots."

Just a shame to allow smokers to damage the new restaurant

It only takes a short time for the nicotine and tar from cigarette smoke to tarnish everything brown inside any place. Besides, Carolina Beach Road has a number of old nasty smoke filled restaurant/bars. As far as our tobacco roots, where have you been? North Carolina has been trying to shake this legacy for decades, I guess you have been in a cloud of smoke.

What a hypocrite

Unless you either .. 1) Ride a bike ... 2) Ride a horse ... or ... 3) Walk .... everywhere you go, don't you think you are just being a hypocrite talking about smokers ruining any environment? I'm an ex-smoker that has no problem with a business allowing smoking. The thing is ... it should be that establishments' decision ... not some hypocrite, that wants their (self-serving) way to be the only way ... for everybody.

Who's hypocritical, I wrote nothing about the environment!!!

Just an opinion and a suggestion from an ex-smoker.