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Prince William gives Kate his mother Diana's ring


Associated Press

LONDON (AP) -- A spokesman for Prince Charles says Prince William has given fiancee Kate Middleton the engagement ring that belonged to his late mother, Princess Diana. The ring is an oval sapphire surrounded by diamonds.

Royal officials announced Tuesday that William and Kate will marry in the spring or summer of next year, giving Britain its biggest royal wedding since Charles married Diana in 1981.

Prince Charles' Clarence House office says the heir to the throne is "delighted to announce the engagement of Prince William to Miss Catherine Middleton."

The palace says they got engaged last month during a vacation in Kenya. They are due to marry next spring or summer in London.

The couple are both 28 and met more than eight years ago while students at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

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Why not enjoy

Why do people hate good news for a change. No I don't know those people. And won't get a invite. But, how refreshing that somebody wasn't shot, or going into rehab, etc... Just be happy for them. They are a joy to see. I hope they make the news for months. Instead of the trash that is reported in the news now. For months at a time hour after hour..

It's not necessarily "fascination."

It's the simple fact that the British and American people are inexorably tied to a common history and culture, and unless you have a working knowledge of British history and current events, you cannot truly appreciate American history and current events.

Some of the greatest legal developments in history have come from Great Britain, such as the Magna Carta and common law. Thomas Jefferson would never have penned a declaration so inspiring and immortal had he not been heavily influenced by the philosophy and writings of John Locke. The First Amendment to our Constitution would not exist had o

So the bottom line is that as Americans, we should be interested in all aspects of British history and culture. They're our not-too-distant cousins, and while we may have a falling out every now and then, the two nations could not ask for a better friend and ally.

If you have never seen "The Queen," I highly recommend it for a study of the popularity of Diana. She is arguably the most popular British subject of the Twentieth Century. Accordingly, that popularity and interest has transferred to her offspring, who lost their mother at such an early age. The fact that both William and Henry have chosen to follow in their father's and uncle's footsteps by joining the military certainly doesn't hurt their own popularity.

On a personal note, one of the stirring moments from my life I will never forget was Thursday, 13 September 2001. On that day, as the Band of the Coldstream Guards prepared to serenade the Queen for their concert during the changing of the guard, she ordered them to play The Star Spangled Banner as a tribute to an America still reeling from the events of two days earlier. That was the first and only time in the history of the royal serenades that a foreign national anthem was played. The next day, while attending a memorial service she joined with all attendees and sang the Star Spangled Banner and The Battle Hymm of the Republic. That was the first time the Queen has sung a foreign national anthem and the second time she sang the Battle Hymn of the Republic, the first being at the funeral of her first prime minister, Winston Churchill.

For someone who can act so "un-royal" and thinks so highly of my country, reading a short blurb about her grandson doesn't bother me at all....

Thank you

Thanks Common for that well wriiten piece of knowledge. I found it to be a moving article. The British are true friends of ours and should be respected as such.

What a rotten editor I am!

Allow me to finish what I somehow dropped...

The First Amendment to our Constitution would not exist had our founding fathers not heard stories from their parents and grandparents about the nearly two-hundred, fifty year nightmare of blending politics and religion that tore Great Britain apart.


The plot is lost on the common folk posting here.

Everything you noted is correct

as always.

Sadly, most readers on this site will have no comprehension.

On another note, our own Bev Perdue, will no doubt use the close ties between England & North Carolina to justify a hefty entourage to accompany her when she attends the Royal Nuptials.

Got to draw on those ties between Sir Walter Raleigh, Manteo & Virgina Dare. Maybe Andy can be part of the official party; he did play Sir Walter Raleigh in "The Lost Colony". She does owe him for his support in the last election.

She's long overdue for a "working vacation". By the Spring, she will no doubt be sweating the impact of budget cuts as the Legislature wrestles with a now approaching $4 Billion shortfall.

Who gives a rat..

I live in the south baby, not England..a wedding between William and this woman has nothing to do with my life or any else born and raised in the if you are from England, dont get mad if we dont share in the bliss from this future union..these people dont know who you are from a hill of beans..

For Everyone Who Loved Diana

This is a great story - maybe not deep investigative journalism, but c'mon - it's a love story!! Don't be such grinches!

For the 18-25 year-olds...

who get their news from People Magazine...this is a big story. For the rest of us...yawn!


WHO CARES!...The fascination with the royal family BAFFLES me at times...most of us come from families that left that place FOR A REASON...


You are one less tourist we will have to run into while we are there on vacation again next year. Yay !!


can have it all bud...I will spend my dollars HERE...where we need em!

Could we?

Possibly convince you to stay for good on your next visit?

Trust me

Can't say we haven't thought about it. If we didn't have family keeping us here we would. Sorry you are stuck with us for now. Extended vacations will have to do.

ummm I guess You do

Obviously you cared enough to click on the story and read it, and not only that, you cared enough to actually took the time to submit a comment. Wasted Negative Energy!!!!


I clicked only to make fun of the dolts that follow this crap...

I care

I am British American. William cant help who he was born to, I wouldn't want the burden. I wish him luck. The royal family may be outdated as far as ruling but they still play a roll in GB.

There's no such thing as

There's no such thing as British American here. Your either American or African American.

I'm just saying...

Are you kidding me? There

Are you kidding me? There are only Americans or African Americans?? Wow! What about Native Americans, Italian Americans, Irish Americans, Asian Americans etc.? Pick up a book..please!

Aparently you mis-understood

Aparently you mis-understood me. Please show me a check box or option on any type of application, government paperwork or etc.... that gives you the option of choosing that you are Italian American, Irish American, Asian American, British American or any other type of American. However, thanks for including Native American, I did inadvertently leave that one out, my mistake.