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Pandora's Box found to be violating city ordinance

Another Wilmington adult novelty store may have to close. The city zoning board just wrapped up a hearing to determine the fate of Pandora’s Box in Wilmington. The city cited the business for being in violation of zoning ordinances, despite the fact Pandora’s Box has been licensed and operating on Oleander Drive for years. The focus of Tuesday’s hearing seemed to be the amount of retail space the store is using to sell adult materials like novelties and DVD's. A source tells us the board voted 5-0 that Pandora’s is in violation of zoning ordinances.

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Cry all you want but it looks like Pandora's Box will stay closed for now


Did anyone actually go to the hearing? Does anyone actually know what the ordinance says? Do you really think there aren't people calling the city asking why that place is operating so closely to churches? Perhaps when they first opened their inventory didn't warrant a special permit or classify them as an adult store? If they did, then expanded their inventory, they were in violation. By the way, all those people who called and complained about that store being there & operating so closely to their church are taxpayers as well.

here you go, some clarification:

1. Yes I attended the hearing. Did you? 2. The ordinance is not specific in defining the term "substantial and significant portion of stock in trade". This gives leeway to interpretation on their part. 3. The complaints were issued by competing business(es). To my knowledge there were no neighbor complaints. To what people are you referring that complained? 4. The type of inventory is the same at Oleander Dr. as it has always been, just smaller due to the store size. The City had previously determined substantial and significant portion by square footage, not the number of items in the store.

Pandora's Box

The City issued the permit, now after 4 years of paying taxes to the City they want to say they are violating zoning ordinances. If I were this business I would sue the City for for loss of income and for moving expenses and anything else they can come up with. I work for civil lawyers and this is something they have a chance of winning. Also we need to vote these idiots out of office. Your small business could be next.

what's obscene is

The way our fair city bows to political pressure to run locally owned businesses out of town! I agree with the other commenter that the stuff you get exposed to on the internet is more graphic than a stroll through Pandora's Box. If the board of adjustment (not the zoning board) decides that Pandora's has been in violation after appeal, then NH County lose several local jobs and the customers will likely turn to the internet for their goodies. Great job you self-righteous pencil pushers!


to me like someone is on their own little PERSONAL crusade here...


although i have never been there i feel that if the city of wilmington issued the permits ,then the city of wilmington once more is changing the rules mid stream our city does not follow it's own rules but then they want to change them of it suits them for poltical purposes. we as citzens of wilmington need to bring legal action against the city and the mayor and city council to make our govt. accountable to the people.... so when they do something sleazy as they do all the time we can throw them out of office and maybe even put hem in jail......

It would be nice if our

It would be nice if our little local government spent their time on real issues. You have to be 18 to enter those type of stores and nothing in there is even one tenth as bad as what you can find with internet access. They've been legal operating business like all over the rest of country for years and their trying to shut them down anyway they can. When are we going to quit acting like the bible belt home base and start governing with a little common sense? Instead of this government posturing, why don't they fix Wilmington's traffic problems before they become unmanageable.

This is the Bible belt and

This is the Bible belt and we should be very thankful!!!!

Re: "bible belt"

Thankfull for what-That phrase is thrown around so much it makes be sick. You also find some of the most judgmental and hypocritical people in the so-called “bible belt”


I'd give anything to get rid of bibles in the area

"Instead of this government

"Instead of this government posturing, why don't they fix Wilmington's traffic problems before they become unmanageable." What? The traffic isn't already unmanageable?? What ever happened to the bond $ that passed many years ago expressly to modernize the traffic light system? Oh, it turns out later than we really needed matching funds to make it happen. And I haven't seen any improvements...

local government

Well lets spend more taxpayer money on a junket to an adult store-its 2009 and this business pays taxes! Its amazing to me that this city, that has thought of nothing but unregulated growth, chooses to pick on the small business, even as its tax base erodes. Shame on you!