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Panel backs plans to ban smoking on government property

RALEIGH -- A House committee is backing three measures designed to curb smoking on government property. The House panel approved plans Tuesday that would restrict smoking around government buildings, and give community colleges and local governments more power to prohibit smoking on their properties. Smoking would be forbidden in state vehicles and within 50 feet of state government buildings. Local governments would be empowered but not required to ban smoking in their fleet and to create buffer zones. Community colleges also would be given the power to vote themselves smoke-free. The plans now go to another House committee for consideration. (Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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Smoking Ban

Yes, let's ban smoking, after all the goverment knows whats better for you. Freedom of choice????...not in this day and age....the beginning of Marxist rule. If the people of this country think this is good for you, think again. It is not about smoking being bad for is about you not having that choice to decide for yourself. In California right now there is legislation about putting a control on the thermostats in the private homes to control the temperature of the heating and A/C. People wake up, the left wing Liberals are not going to be happy until they control every aspect of your life. So much for the land of the free if you continue to vote for them. Obama is the most left wing liberal that has ever been picked has a candidate, that should give you a clue to where the Democratic Party stands. The Democratic Party of FDR's and JFK's day are long gone.


I will have to say that there is LITTLE I HATE more than walking into the supermarket and getting blasted with smoke... HOWEVER, you make a good point and while I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE smoking...I agree that the more we allow the government to infiltrate our lives the BIGGER problems we have... Smokers...just be courteous...thats all I want..smoke the things by the dozen if you want.