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Pantano looking for help paying off campaign debt

READ MORE: Pantano looking for help paying off campaign debt

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Election Day was nearly two months ago, but former Congressional candidate Ilario Pantano is still asking for campaign donations.

Pantano recently sent an email to 14,000 of his supporters requesting donations to cover more than $30,000 in campaign debt, but the focus of the Republican's message was the lame duck session of Congress and, in his opinion, "an epidemic of spinelessness" in Congressional conservatives.

His message mentioned issues such as the START Treaty ratification and repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell." Pantano said these are things that make true conservatives uncomfortable.

"We're concerned about the issues that face our country," he said. "The things that we just fought a hard election over, those issues haven't gone away. And certainly there has been a wake-up call and conservatives now have a majority, or will have a majority in the Congress. We have to hold them into account, and elections are ultimately about accountability."

Pantano would not directly address why he chose to criticize fellow Republicans instead of just asking for help retiring his debt.

As for the future, Pantano said right now he is not focusing on running again, rather on spending time with his wife and two sons. But he said getting rid of the debt now would help if he chooses to run again.

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GOP distances itself from Pantano

Check out this blog:

Looks like GOP want some options in 2012 -- and so do I...

Practice what you preach!

Hmmm, First I'm a conservative. Now how does a true hardcore conservative that campaigned against national debt, put his campaign in debt? Practice what you preach!

Need a bailout call your old buddies on Wall Street

Maybe you need to contact your old buddies on Wall Street for a bailout.

Get a Job Stupid!

Get a Job at McDonald's cleaning restrooms! The Job Link Services will help you get on Micky "D"s! Stop begging for money, no one wants to hear you cry and tell your sad story! Someone needs to paddle your butt until fire set in! Maybe you learn your lesson not spending all your money for vacation.

Get a Job Stupid!

Stop Crying and get a job cleaning restrooms at McDonald's! You think we are going to bail you out? NO WAY! What ever you do "Don't sell your cute butt on skid road." Take a NUMBER at the unemployment line buddy!

Pantano should have used the

Pantano should have used the money he spent on a week long vacation in Flordia after "LOSING" the election to pay his own bills, I'm sure his supporters will be glad to step up and pay the $30,000 for him while he sits back and do nothing....get a job Pantano!!

Serves you right!

Maybe if you would not have spent so much money on your signs you littered the area with, you would not be in this pickle. All those signs and you still lost!

No Way!

This man is a hero! You should all be ashamed of yourself for your comments here and will never have a fraction of the character he has. Semper Fi - help sir is on the way!


Send your wife out to do some modeling.

Here's a thought..

Get a job like the rest of us have to do to pay off our debts.

Well put....

He should pay his own debts. Never understood why people expect things for free, such as HEALTHCARE, WELFARE, and anything else they can take from the working man.


+1 and a win for Guest.

classic pantano. as divisive

classic pantano. as divisive and bad a leader as ever. amazing people voted for him.


Here's a quarter for your campaign. Call someone who cares.


You people wanted this guy as a rep.Why would anyone send him money now? Conservatives don't part with their money if it don't benefit themselves.


Are you that stupid...statistically...conservatives give MORE money to charities

I think you are having a bizzaro day and are getting conservatives and liberals mixed up...


I was referring to the rich ones,even your link that "proves" conservatives give more agree the rich ones give less.

You are correct...

And I assume you are running all over town giving your money away?? Of course not. However I agree, conservatives don't part with their money if it has no benefits. It's called common sense. We work for it, we spend it as we see fit.


You got me on that one.

Why did this guy spend money

Why did this guy spend money that he didn't have and now begging others to his bills....get a job Ilario and pay your own bills!!!!!!!


so if he was elected how would he had handled nc's debt if he couldn't handle his own campaign?

I think all politicians have

I think all politicians have enough of our money....don't go over your own budget....isn't that what you were preaching to the government you were going to fix if you you are over budget....practice what you preach Pantano!!


Ask the two prisoners of war that you executed in Iraq.


Mike, is that the only thing you can say? How did you conduct yourself under fire in Iraq? He's talking about this country and the decisions being made here. Now. If you can't speak to the issue being discussed, just stay quiet. I, for one, am tired of hearing the same tired retread.

Quit Begging for money to

Quit Begging for money to pay for a debt you created.Aren't Conservatives about being accountable?


I agree POW, he should stop begging for money. Let the Dems and libs do that.

Congratulations Mike,

Congratulations Mike, somebody had to be the First Idiot of 2011 but aren't you pushing it a little early? A comment from someone who doesn't know anything about what happened or has never even been out of the U.S. to serve his Nation needs to just be quiet and sit down in the safety and comfort that others provide and continue to suck your thumb and let the grown-ups handle the rest. But hey, you can always say you were first in line for 2011 to be the No.1 idiot.

You mean the two terrorists

You mean the two terrorists he shot in self defense when they tried to make a move on him?(they were not uniformed Soldiers covered under GCR's) You do mean the incident Mr. Pantano was cleared of any charges on? You do mean the incident his subordinate was caught lying blatantly about while under oath? The election is over, "I will only serve 5 terms Mike McIntyre" won yet another term so it's okay to call off the petty & meaningless attacks now don't you think?

..... pantano

do you mean the two men who were on there knees with their hands behind their heads as they were instructed to by pantano? and were under heavy guard with a machine gun pointed at them ?
.... they werent trying to "make a run for it"
//////// they were talking to eachother as his platoon was searching their car //////
////////////////////// Pantano was pissed they were talking to eachother and didnt kno how to communicate to them to be quiet... ////////////////////////
/////////////////////////////////////// maybe you should read the transcript of what happened reported by his fellow soldiers..
the two that Pantano shot were not acting in a threatening matter..
Pantano just lost it...

You mean the two unarmed men?

Unarmed men, who had been restrained, then released to search their own vehicle (procedural violation), then shot multiple times.
Guilty people have been cleared of charges before. They might have been terrorists, but we'll never know, because this loser murdered them.
Why isn't he still there, fighting the "good fight?" Because he was probably given the choice of leaving the Corps, or face charges.