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Pantano calls out McIntyre on how many teachers' jobs saved



Pantano called Congressman McIntyre’s numbers a "myth" during the 8/20 debate and wants the media and the voters to hold the congressman to account for using bad numbers to justify runaway spending to please liberal special interest groups.

Wilmington, NC: Congressman Mike McIntyre, in a press release on August 10th claimed that he supported the twenty six billion dollar Education, Jobs, and Medicaid Assistance Act because it saved the teachers’ jobs. According to the Congressman’s own press release, which is now missing from his website, “In the 7th District alone, over 646 teachers’ jobs will be saved.” Then at last week’s Congressional Candidates Debate, the Congressman claimed 533 jobs were saved.

Saving hundreds of teacher’s jobs? That sounds like a great idea, right? The problem is there aren’t hundreds of teachers jobs in the 7th District that needed saving. In fact, immediately after the bill passed, state officials, according to the Raleigh News & Observer, met to decide where to spend the $300 million the state would receive from the bill because as the News & Observer reported “North Carolina hasn't had massive teacher layoffs, and so far local school systems haven't been threatening to dump jobs.” Mark Johnson, a spokesman for Governor Perdue, went even further saying “Many school systems, with the state's help, have their bills paid for the year.”

What about in the 7th District? Well, when a researcher with the Pantano campaign contacted local school districts across the 7th District to ask how many teachers had been laid off in recent years, the campaign discovered that there had been only 25 layoffs and that 22 of them had been rehired.

Where did Congressman McIntyre’s number of jobs “saved” come from then? When questioned on this yesterday by WECT, the Congressman pointed to numbers from the National Educators Association that are estimates on new teachers that could be hired if funds are distributed “to local educational agencies according to their relative shares of funds under Part A of Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.” But according to the News & Observer, the state of North Carolina is not planning to use this money for that. Instead, state officials are planning to use it to replace money already designated to be spent on education so they can in turn spend that money wherever they like.

Pantano Campaign Manager Andy Yates issued the following statement on McIntyre’s questionable numbers:

“Why did Congressman McIntyre call up the NEA, the liberal teachers unions, to find out about teachers jobs in the 7th District? Why didn’t he talk to our local school officials, the real experts on our local schools? It sounds to me like McIntyre wasn’t interested in how many teachers’ jobs the bill would or wouldn’t save. Instead, he was just trying to find a way to justify his vote.”

“If Congressman McIntyre is so confident that this bill will ‘save over 646 teachers’ jobs’ in the 7th District why is his press release missing from his website? Why did the number of jobs saved change from 646 on August 10th when he voted to spend $26 Billion to 533 jobs on August20th?”

“If Congressman McIntyre had talked to our local schools officials and our state leaders it would have been obvious that the 7th District didn’t need this money to save teachers’ jobs. There haven’t been any laid off teachers whose jobs need saving. Instead of listening to the local experts, Congressman McIntyre voted for another bailout bill because the teachers union, the same on that always supports his candidacy, told him it was a good idea”

“Instead of doing something about our skyrocketing national debt or the double-digit unemployment rate in the 7th District, Congressman McIntyre is voting to spend $26 Billion to save the jobs of teachers that were never laid off to start with.”



McIntyre Votes to Save and Create Jobs of American Teachers, Firefighters, Police Officers, Nurses,

Closes Tax Loophole To Stop Shipping Jobs Overseas; and Reduces the Deficit

Washington, DC—Today, U.S. Representative Mike McIntyre voted to save and create almost 320,000 jobs – including saving the jobs of 160,000 teachers and preventing the layoffs of tens of thousands of police officers, firefighters, and nurses.

In the 7th District alone, over 646 teachers’ jobs will be saved and local school districts will receive over $33 million for education funding.

The Education Jobs and Medicaid Assistance Act is completely paid for, and it reduces the deficit by $1.4 billion over 10 years. It also closes a loophole that actually encourages corporations to ship American jobs overseas.

“This bill is about protecting our jobs, ensuring our kids have teachers, protecting our communities, and reducing the deficit – a win/win/win/win!” said Congressman McIntyre.

The legislation provides $10 billion in funding to save more than 160,000 teacher jobs. It also provides $16.1 billion in health assistance to the states that, by reducing shortfalls and stimulating the economy, will save and create 158,000 jobs, including preventing the layoffs of police officers and firefighters, as well as creating private-sector jobs throughout our economy.

The funding in the bill is supported by a majority of the nation’s Governors, including both Democratic and Republican Governors, and by numerous organizations, including the bipartisan National Conference of State Legislatures, National Association of Counties and the Leadership Council of Aging Organizations.

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Any PROOF against Pantano?

Lots of trash being talked about what a horrible guy Pantano is. Any of you Pantano-haters have any of that little thing called *PROOF* that he's committed any crime?


Just one small example is all I ask.

Just one?

I dare you.

I was at the debate. When

I was at the debate. When Pantano walked in, it was like he was a rock star..... I would be worried things would go to his head, and he'd be on the next train out of town the minute a higher political seat opened up.

Just a Yankee Carpetbagger

Yeah, some smooth-talking New Yorker comes down here and is going to single-handedly be a hero in North Carolina, just like he tried to do in Iraq. This guy is running for Congress to feed his ego and nothing more.

This guy is arrogant and his poor judgment and inability to act under pressure in Iraq will make him a prime target for negative ads in the coming weeks.

Just because a person was in the military doesn't mean he's a hero. There are bad politicians, bad cops and basically bad apples in every profession, including the Marine Corps.

Is a vote for Pantano a vote for "change" you can truly believe in??


"smooth-talking New Yorker " he has a lot of people fooled. He is unstable.... proven by his behavior in Iraq.

And what have you done, Pantano?!

Pantano keeps blasting Mike McIntyre but Pantano has no track record so who's to say he'll do any better. All we know is he was a Marine and worked in NYC.


I FOR ONE AM WILLING TO GIVE HIM A CHANCE to get McIntyre OUT! You cannot expect any type of change in our politics if you don't toss out those who have caused the craziness in Washington! ITS TIME FOR ALL OF THEM TO GO! YOU DO realize that because we TOOK money from the last teacher/cops jobs pay off....that our funding for those two MUST STAY THE SAME OR INCREASE next year...YUP...thats taking the money..the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT NOW CONTROLS how our state spends its money....WE SHOULDN'T HAVE TAKEN THE MONEY TO BEGIN WITH!!!!!

Well if I didn't know him

Well if I didn't know him personally, I might be willing to give him a chance. Do you really want to put someone in office just to get someone else out? Look where that has gotten us in terms of presidents.

Great coverage

Thank you for this great coverage WWAY! Once again, you have proven yourselves to be a news outlet that reports news, as opposed to creating it.

As a whole, the news media in this nation has taken a dangerous road, one that has created distrust in their reporting by most Americans.
You are behaving as a news outlet that is reliable and trustworthy and I thank you.

Pelosi's minion. Some boast

Pelosi's minion. Some boast McIntyre is a moderate Democrat, fiscally conservative because District 7 tends conservative. ROFL! McIntyre will vote how he needs to vote to satisfy Pelosi and the unions. He will ride the bow of this ship down right with along with is Democrat counterparts. Its time for District 7 to have a congressional overhaul and I pray Pantano is capable.

Suuuuuure he does.... when he voted NO on Obamacare....

...and when he voted NO on Cap-n-Trade....

...and when he voted NO on the Chrysler and GM bailouts....

...and when he voted YES on Constitutionally defining marriage as between one man and one woman....?

You know, I have no problem with Pantano supporters playing up the reasons why Pantano may be a better candidate, but this attempt to paint McIntyre as Obama and Pelosi's lapdog is laughable.

Lapdog? Yep!

... and how McIntyre voted FOUR TIMES for Nancy Pelosi to be right behind Joe Biden to be in line for the Presidency.

Umm.. that's a textbook definition of "lapdog".

Kinda missed that one, didn't ya, Sparky?

Blue Dog Mike

would have everyone think he is the "conservative" Democrat ala Harry Truman.

Sorry, but here is a prime example of how the Taxpayers could have been spared the burden of another spending bill which required further borrowing.

Heaven forbid Congress might focus on cutting our National debt.

Heaven forbid Big Mike might have stood up against Pitt Bull Pelosi and the Annointed One on a bill which was not needed.

Heaven forbid her Majesty might have said NO to the offer of the funding. Heaven forbid she might focus on paying down NC debt to the Feds which, this fiscal year, has an interest debt service of $143,000,000.

THINK, before you vote in November. Ask some of the same tough questions Mr. Pantano is asking.

Send Big Mike back to Lumberton where he can focus on building a law practice and his biography.

If you fail to vote in November, blame only yourself for what faces our Country.

McIntyre and term limits

It's time to invoke term limits at the voting booth. McIntyre, like so many, lose touch with what is real in our world when they spend so much time in the make believe world called Washington. 12 years is enough! I don't care if he is "conservative for a Democrat" they just lose touch.