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VOTE 2010: Pantano earns November match-up with McIntyre


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Will Breazeale, Randy Crow and Ilario Pantano were all vying for the Republican nomination for the 7th Congressional District. In the end, it was Pantano who came out on top with 51 percent of the vote.

"We needed people to be out there and voting today," Pantano said. "We needed people to be expressing themselves. I think what we saw is despite the inclement weather, people were very determined to let their voices be heard, and I think that energy is going to propel us through to November, and in November I think we are gonna see some records breaking."

The closest challenge came from Breazelle, while Crow finished a distant third. Breazeale released a statement to WWAY late in the game with only one county not fully reporting, Breazeale said, "I am not conceding this race yet. There is still pockets left in some counties. If Pantano wins, I will not endorse or help him in his quest to beat Mike McIntyre. Pantano is a snake-oil salesman disguised as a Congressional candidate. I am a devoted Republican, but will not help Pantano beat Mike McIntyre. I love my country more and am a devoted American."

Pantano says he's looking forward to the race against the incumbent McIntyre. The Lumberton Democrat has claimed the Congressional seat for seven straight terms.

"Everybody's formidable, and everybody has a weakness," Pantano said. "I think, in this case, what we're looking at is a district that is very conservative, that sends a conservative message and wants conservative representation, and they don't feel like they are getting it right now. Washington has moved away. The party has abandoned Mike."

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Remember, McIntyre voted

Remember, McIntyre voted against the health-care bill. Mike might well be the only incumbent I pull the lever for this November.

I am saddened

to read of Mr. Brezealle's response. I heard both candidates articulate very well in their debate on the Big Talker.

The voters have spoken.

Mr. Brezealle, I supported you in 2008. It's unfortunate you now come across as the spoiled child who can not have his way.

If you trully have conservative values, get behind Mr. Pantano.

For someone who's an Officer, even though in the Reserves, you're displaying poor judgement and no leadership.

Get over it


I suggest anyone thinking about voting for anyone do more research into their background, the background that they tout so much in their campaigns.

I suggest you all go read their Wikipedia page and their Wikipedia TALK page where changes made or things left out of the page are discussed. Very informative.

A message from Ilario Pantano

First we give thanks and glory to God. "With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26

Next we thank our tireless volunteers and supporters. You labored non-stop for ninety days to literally build a grass roots campaign from scratch. In the process our little team broke a few records! Countless thanks go to the folks behind the scenes who made our success possible. You have shown the country that a common sense conservative approach to promoting job creation by reducing taxes and cutting spending, protecting the homeland, and preserving conservative values can actually succeed in a district dominated by democrats for over 140 years.

Thank you to Randy Crow, Will Breazeale, and all of their loyal supporters.This process, including the nine debates in every county, made all of us better candidates. We are blessed by your fellowship and look forward to working with you all to channel the positive energy and vigor you brought to this primary fight towards restoring our conservative values in government. The hard work of your teams made us all stronger candidates. But more importantly it has strengthened and battle tested our party for what will no doubt be an epic struggle to come. Throughout the district we have seen new blossoms of Republican activity by citizens that are finally daring to believe that a conservative victory can be, in NC-7. Now is the time and this is the place.

Let's roll.

Ilario Pantano

Reply to Pantano message

I thank the 109,000 people who have voted for me over the last 2 years. I am disappointed we came up short Tuesday, but I am really disappointed the DISTRICT came up short. The voters now have a choice between a Pelosi lover (McIntyre) and slick talker/liar (aka fake Sheriff's Deputy) we know little about who got away with murder in Iraq (Pantano). I am a Republican, but I am a very proud American first. As an American who has been to war 3 times for this country, I cannot support either Pantano or McIntyre. I urge my voters to support either a 3rd Party candidate or choose "none of the above" in the general election for congress in November. When faced with a choice of evil vs. evil, NEVER choose any evil. May God Bless you.

Will Breazeale


Got away with murder? R u people serious? That is a ridiculous accusation and Pantano was not guilty. If u have to resort to such inflammatory insults u must indeed be in panic mode. Shame on u. Either beat him on the issues or shut your mouth. Pantano proudly served this country and he is getting my vote.

Sorry I voted for you, Will

(I'm coming out of my self-imposed retirement and sure hope that WWAY doesn't censor this one!)

Yes, I voted for you on Tuesday. Like you, I have serious questions about Pantano, most of which revolve around his qualifications and even, to some degree, his integrity.

Unlike you, I would never sacrifice my professionalism to post such a whining hissy fit as you just did.

You are, above ALL else, a commissioned officer in the United States Army Reserve. Accordingly, it is totally inappropriate and unprofessional for you to be second-guessing an Article 32 investigation that was signed off by a flag officer. By referring to Pantano as "getting away with murder," that's exactly what you're doing....and it's wrong. You KNOW it's wrong!

When you have three stars on your collar, feel free to question the findings of those men who are currently your superior officers. Until then, it's "Aye, aye sir, three bags full." When you raised your right arm, you lost the right to question the officers appointed over you.

Please don't fall back on "that's what the McIntyre campaign will do." They are civilians, they know no better, and I expect nothing more from then. Let me also add that to date I've heard nothing of that nature from McIntyre - only your people.

YOU, on the other hand, are a commissioned officer and I'd suggest that you sit down and have a good heart-to-heart with yourself. If you have enough time in, I'd suggest retirement. If not, then why not ask yourself what's truly important to you - being a professional military officer, or being a typical, sleazy politician who will engage his mouth before engaging his brain.

The choice is yours, but you can't have it both ways. Part-time soldier does not equate to part-time professional.

Pantano is nutjob.

Pantano may have gotten away with murder but that doesn't mean he didn't do it. After reading his Wikipedia page and the "talk" section where people are allowed to dispute his self-written info I am disgusted that an obvious narcissistic nutjob may win an election here.

Times Newspapers Ltd."THERE was little in Lieutenant Ilario Pantano’s upbringing to mark him out as a warrior. He attended an elite private school in New York and began a promising career on Wall Street as a trader for Goldman Sachs. His wife once modeled for the avant-garde photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.

But Pantano, 33, has now earned the unenviable distinction of becoming the first American marine to be charged with murder while on combat duty in Iraq."

Nutjob? he is a psychotic, pathological liar and narcissist

Pantano is at the very least a person of poor judgement and worst a narcissistic pathological liar with anti social behavior. but what do I know I only spent 14 years in Psy-ops.

He is not to be trusted nor is he to be unguarded, just my opinion.


narcissistic pathological liar with anti social behavior. EXACTLY.

narcissistic pathological liar

You are talking about Edwards, Kennedy and Obama? I am sure you voted for them. Pantano has my vote and for the fact he is a Republican and a war HERO in my book...

Just in case you need to look it up here is a link..

I know this will open up another can of worms, but this is my option and I don't care about yours. Just wanted to make that clear..