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Pantano points pistols for fundraiser


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Think you're sharp with a gun? Sharp enough to outshoot a Marine perhaps? Republican Ilario Pantano, who is running for congress against Democrat Mike McIntyre is challenging supporters to a shooting contest.

Folks lined up for the chance to take on the former Marine in a shooting match. It's also a fundraiser for his Congressional campaign. Pantano says the reason he chose to raise money this way is simple.

"What I was hoping by having this event here was that we could promote shooting sports in the region it's an activity that folks are very fond of here of course also hunting and fishing," Pantano said.

Folks are anticipating a good time.

"I expect a lot of fun and a lot of excitement!" said Pantano supporter Vince Musilli. "It looks like quite a crowd here but it looks like it will be a great event and hey maybe if the fundraising part of it helps out that would also be great!"

A $25 donation was required to shoot against Pantano who promised if anyone could outshoot him...he would refund that donation.

Fifty-seven shooters contributed about $1,500 to the Pantano camp after paying the $25 donation. Mussilli isn't so sure many can outdo Pantano.

"Were here competitive I mean we are going to be trying but when you get to be my age you get shaky but we are going to give it the best we can," Musilli said.

Pantano says the turnout was phenomenal. The event had at least twice as many people as for a similar rally back during the primaries.

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promote shooting sports....

..... as long as they aren't aiming at the backs of unarmed foreigners, huh? Psycho.

You know Das...

...there's a term for someone who keeps repeating a lie after the truth has been pointed out to them.

But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt:

May 25, 2005 Washington Times

In a new twist, a Marine Corps statement yesterday announcing the decision disclosed for the first time that autopsies on the two Iraqis helped Gen. Huck make his ruling.

The two men's bodies had not been exhumed by the time the pre-trial hearing was held in April because fighting in al Anbar had made the environment too dangerous to remove them.

Second Lt. Barry Edwards, a spokesman at Camp Lejeune, said Navy investigators arranged with family members to recover the bodies before the hearing and conducted the exhumation after Col. Winn's report was completed.

The autopsies were completed last week at Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Maryland and they supported Lt. Pantano's statement that he shot the men as they came at him.

"The initial findings of the autopsies did not support the allegation that 2nd Lt. Pantano committed premeditated murder," Lt. Edwards said. "Rather, the initial findings corroborated 2nd Lt. Pantano's version of events."

In another boost for the officer, Gen. Huck overruled Col. Winn's recommendation that Lt. Pantano receive administrative punishment for firing too many shots at the Iraqis.


Front or back, 2 magazines? Overkill wouldn't you say? The sign left on the bodies to send a message? A little tweaked. Still makes me question his lack of control and mental stability. I think he has a screw loose and so do a lot of other people. McIntyre isn't all that great either but at least we know what we are getting. Lesser of 2 evils.

The shooting fund raiser to me is insulting, that man should not be showing of his shooting abilities. He was not a war hero.

NPR/politically correct/fear/incompetence

you are so right----havent we had enough with the fear tactics of dems-and their efforts to smear groups that disagree. We can take control of our country and move it in a better direction if we reject the dems and soros and Mcinyre-and pelosi, reid and obama--they represent the worst in us- we need to do better for the sake of our future

NPR shot themselves in the foot !

Good for you , Mr. Pantano , for refusing to speak with NPR(National Propaganda Radio ). Mr. George Soros will need to write a bigger check to compensate for the small percentage of public funds used for daily operation. These public funds for BIASED reporting of the news will be withdrawn by the Republican controlled Congress.

Vote straight ticket Republican in order to remove the socialist element from local, state and federal government.Prosperity will not return with a tax and spend mentality and additional regulations on American industries. They have created a culture of dependency , which has bankrupted our nation.

Oh, when the Black President

Oh, when the Black President takes office, all of a sudden, everything is SOCIALIST? This country has always had some sort of Socialism..ummm public schools come to mind, social security. People tend to forget the mess this country was in when the Dems took office. We went from surplus to deficit in 8 years, and some people think that this can be erased in 2 years...c'mon!

Oh yes! And they're sooooooo successful!

We turn out dropouts and idiots by the carload, and Social Security has been looted by a Congress that is now stumped on how to fix the grandest Ponzi Scheme of all time.

I don't care about the color of Obama's skin, I care about the color of his politics, which is plain ol' fashioned red-star red. The man hates individual responsibility and self-reliance. If you are financially successful you are his perceived enemy.

BTW, you'd be well advised not to mention the deficit. For 2008, the last full FY Bush was in office, the deficit was a bit over $400 billion.

This year, Obama's spending madness has pushed it well over $1.5 TRILLION, with absolutely nothing to show for it except bigger government and continued high unemployment.

Bush may be a dope, but Obama and the Democrat leadership is here to destroy America as we know it.

Obama-=arrogance and embarrassment to his Office and Natiojn

you notice whenever anyone challenges the "Annoited Ones" views or performance---somebody plays the race card. I voted for Obama- I hoped like RFK you could inspire us and also be a good leader.
He can read a teleprompter, he can try to divide people by economic level and race, he can turn his back on allies like Israel-he can raise taxes and raise the deficit more than all our other presidents.
What Obama cant do is lead-arrogance and talking points are no substitute for leadership; Bowing to kings and emperors is an embarrassment. His dishonesty in the process used to ram obiecare down our collective throats is a disgrace. His bailouts to unions-costs all of us and future generations.
W was no great shakes but this guy is a National embarrassmenet


Hopefully he didn't shoot anybody...not sure I want to be around him with a gun in his hand!

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