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VOTE 2010: Pantano rallies base in final day of campaigning

READ MORE: VOTE 2010: Pantano rallies base in final day of campaigning

BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) -- The clock is ticking, and ticking fast. Election Day is coming up, and Republican Congressional candidate Ilario Pantano did some 11th-hour campaigning at Republican Party headquarters in Brunswick County. He used the time to fire up his base; time that could have been spent trying to pull some undecided voters into his column. Pantano says it's time well spent.

"Our base is really what's gotten us here," he said. "I mean look at the excitement you saw in that room. That kind of excitement is the reason why we are in contention for a race that for 140 years has never really been challenged."

Speaking in a room packed with supporters, Pantano talked about the need for a new direction for America. He said issues like unemployment are forces that will drive folks to the polls to cast their vote for him.

"I think the unemployment rate is huge and on everyone's mind. The economy has a direct impact on everyone, whether you are a retiree or a physician or a student," Pantano said.

There's an anti-incumbency wave sweeping this country, and some voters in Southeastern North Carolina say they have had enough and want change.

"The Congress has failed to deliver what the people want, or they have snuck things through without having the people behind it," Pantano supporter Bob Smith said.

Some are just sick of the spending in Washington.

"The spending has gotten out of control, and I'm worried about my children and my grandchildren and what we are leaving them as a result of what's going on," Jennifer Fuller, who also supports the Republican challenger, said.

Supporters say they are fully engaged and ready to bring real and lasting change. In the short term, though, they are just hoping to taste victory on Election Day.

Pantano said he is looking forward to shaking hands with and talking one-on-one to as many voters as possible before the polls close on Election Night.

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To Guest - What the H*LL???

Guest - what in the WORLD does our DA department have to do with the Pantano campaign???? Ignorant post.

Our Voice in Washington

For those that don't understand this is an area our US Senator in Washington is over. Mike McIntyer is our Senator and our voice to Washington. I don't understand why you are so upset and cussing about this post.. Im sorry you don't understand about how the districts fall and who and what falls under them.
Im from New Haover and Mike McIntyer is over us and we want something heard in Washington and what I have read over the past year. It does need to be heard over Roy Cooper's level and further up to Raleigh. Ben David has been a good attorney and Jon David his brother is a good ADA here in New Hanover County. Jon will help in Brunswick County. They could have made the same comments and should have under Mike Mcintyers acticles...Thats how its tied to the DA's office... Sorry but the comment you made was uncalled for. And if I didnt know better you are most likely tied to the people that will be affected. I wouldn't think you were an ADA or the DA because they would understand the ladder to Washington from Brunswick County...Roy Cooper is the Attorney General and basicly like the DA of North Carolina...before going to US Attorney Generals Washington..

Need to do your homework!! our voice in Washington!!

Brunswick county falls under the people that were running in Washington DC. Why in the world do you think Mike McIntye comes to Brunswick County all the time ...You need to understand where the Senate lines are and who falls under their district... And why such a smart A$$ remark.... Mike's district is Brunswick county and everything under it....So why did Ronald Hewett have to hear stuff from Washington down thru Raleigh....You need to understand this is our VOICE in Washington...Thats what it has to do with Brunswick Co...please think and understand before you post...The newspaper would not have posted it if it was not a tie to the story here in Brunswick County...
Oh and our DA,Rex, and his Girls in Brunswick county have made major mistakes and even do you know who Roy Cooper is???? He's our attorney General and he's had to come down and try to clean up our DA's mess. Our DA screwed up a ton of cases and had an innocent man in jail for 19 yrs..
If I was him and I'm sure you would too, I'd call everyone from the pres in Washington down to the Janitor at the Bolivia complex if he did that to me... After I'd kicked hi$ you know what...

Thanks for coming to Brunswick county

We need you to help down here. We have made a big push by getting Rex Gore out and now we will have a new DA. And he will bring in his own set of ADA's to stengthen the DA's and it's department. WE are in such bad shape down here. They don't have a clue what is going on in Bolivia or in the county.,,,Thanks for your support...

Brunswick County DA race heating up...

People in Brunswick are looking forward for a new and refreshing DA and the replacement of the ADA's in Brunswick county. We have sat here the last few years watching these DA's making mistake after mistake. We have had a Sheriff replaced and we all know that Rex Gore knew what was going on and "US" insiders knew what was going on. The DA's putting innocent people in jail and letting hard core criminals go. What in the month of July had a rapist and a killer let go and two ADA's standing and pointing fingers at each other. And the lastest we know here in Brunswick county they are still on the loose. As we here in Bolivia called it Rex's Hen House and Rex was the FOX guarding it. We even had to have our states own Attorney General Roy Cooper come in and have Rex and his girls investigated. Rex Gore is lucky Ron Hewett hasn't started talking yet or the Feds will be down here looking at him and the hiring of the new Sheriff John Ingram...Hey FEDS you know how John got his job...just look at Raleigh appointment..things that make you hmmmmmmm...Just remember s.IT rolls downhill...The ship is sinking here in Bolivia and the rats are running wild...It will be like a new beginning here in Brunswick County....Bolivia's top spokesmen signing off!!!!