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Panties in a wad over "Thong Ban" at Kure Beach

READ MORE: Panties in a wad over "Thong Ban" at Kure Beach

KURE BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- The new thong ban at Kure Beach is causing tempers to flare amongst the town council. It banned thongs two weeks ago to try and keep the beach more family-friendly.

A CNN reporter asked Mayor Dean Lambeth if he worries about the town getting sued over the policy.

He responded, "The way this country is leaning so far left, it wouldn't surprise me."

That upset council memebers.

This week, Lambeth sent them a letter threatening to resign, but then said he wasn't planning on resigning. In the letter, he said he will not change his conservative views to be politically correct, and if it came down to changing his views, he would not continue as mayor. Lambeth says thongs can be distasteful, and he does not want families to be offended.

The town council voted unanamously to ban thongs after Lambeth said a photographer who takes inappropriate photographs e-mailed the police chief asking for clarifcation on the nude bathing ordinance.

If someone is caught wearing a thong on the beach, lifeguards can radio the police, who will likely tell that person to put more clothes on, but violators could face a $25 fine.

Lambeth has agreed to talk to Hailey today. She'll have much more coming up on WWAY NewsChannel 3 at 5 p.m.

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I would rather see sexy butts, than cigarette butts.


No one wears thongs in Kure beach anyway, totally pointless. It's not like they kept seeing people in thongs so they decided to ban them. This is all hypothetical but wouldn't banning thongs bring more attention to anyone who wears one. I know I've seen thongs in Myrtle Beach where there are signs banning thongs everywhere. They ban alcohol on the beach and people drink openly in Kure beach.

Ah Shucks!

Ah shucks! Well...I guess we can rule out any Sumo wrestling on Kure Beach this summer?

Thongs ???????

What is it that causes the problem? We all have butt's male and female. I will add I prefer to see female's than males. My point is this....take this away and what's next. I will say you do not want to see me in a thong! If I wanted to wear a thong...and I don't, I want that right just in case I do step out on the Wild Side one day.

Hope for our future generations

Thank you Mayor for making an effort to stop our family beaches from going to HE** in a handbasket! Let all the slu** and h** dogs get their own beaches such as the North end of Carolina Beach. They can stare at other's greasy bums or stay home and look at butts on TV. Those of you that don't live in or patronize Kure Beach should mind your own business!

Tried before, thrown out before

The state Supreme Court told Wrightsville Beach to drop dead when they tried it and they'll tell Kure Beach the same thing.

It's not a matter of being politically correct, Mayor Lambeth, it's a matter of knowing the state law. The NCGS are available on-line, if you can't find a copy at city hall. Shame on you for having an IQ that would make a good hat size.

cover your rear!

Frankly, I think the thong ban is the best thing Kure Beach could have done-and I am FAR from being a conservative. I don't think anyone has the right to display their genitals in public and thongs are about as close to naked as you can get. Kim Kardashian was recently photographed on the beach in Miami with the top half of her butt crack showing above her bikini-trashy! If you want to show it off, go get a job at Pure Gold and let decent people enjoy the beach. Please cover your rear ends! Save the private stuff for when you're in PRIVATE!

Don't Tread On My Thong

I thought conservatives were about less government?

Way to go Mayor!!

Mayor Dean Lambeth; God bless you for taking a stand in this GODLESS generation. I would support you to the ends of the earth. There needs to be more men like you in office not only locally but in the white house. You people should be ashamed standing against this man for standing up for what is right. Fire the rest of the town counsel Mr. Dean and you'll be ahead of the game!!!


Well the title of this story is very true!!
If people wore thongs they wouldn't be so uncomfortable when thier "panties get in a wad".
I would much rather have a "string" up "there" then I would 4" to 6" and in some cases 8" of fabric bunched up there.

Needless to say the title of this story, Panties in a wad over "Thong Ban" at Kure Beach, is very funny to see when you log on to read the news.

Are you serious? Oh no...all

Are you serious? Oh no...all the maladjusted people that are created because of thongs!!!!! WOW! Have you SEEN guys in Speedos?? Now THAT'S a ban worth considering. Half of someones breasts can be hanging out of a bikini top and that's okay?? I mean..if you're going to live in the middle ages you might as well go all the way.
Little snippet to add...psssst....EVERYONE has a posterior. No one I know has turned into a mass murderer because they saw a woman in a thong. Oh, wait...the rock music made me a hard working, tax paying citizen who is the mother of 4 sons who are NOT criminals.
Someone who tries so hard to stop something soooo silly makes me wonder..anyone else?

CNN asked a kure beach mayor

CNN asked a kure beach mayor about thongs?

must be hard up for news.

WTG Dean!

I love it! More politicians should stand up for their beliefs and not give in to the PC whiners. I fully support Mayor Lambeth.

I have seen people that go

I have seen people that go to Carolina and Kure Beaches and I sure don't want to see them in thongs!

Who cares if Lambeth resigns?

Personally, I don't particularly agree with the Kure Beach Town Council's decision to ban thongs on the beach. To me, it seems there would be more important things for the council to worry about, and quite frankly, I think I can count on 1 hand the number of thongs I've seen on Kure beach in the past year. Be that as it may, it is, of course, the council's right to approve such a ban, as it's the voter's right to vote for council member's who's views match (or closely match) their own so I say, have at it.

But, for the Mayor of a town to comment on the political leanings of the nation as an indicator of whether Kure Beach will be sued over the ban is, quite frankly, laughable and completely asinine. The whole point of tourism is to cast your area in as POSITIVE a light as possible, which is not helped when you make snide comments to a national news organization reporter in the age of the internet.

What he said was crass, and personally, I think the town council members have a right to be upset. It was not they who questioned his political leanings or political correctness (or at least as in so far the news has reported). Why did he have to make an issue of it, and then threaten to resign because he's not going to change his conservative views. I say let him resign.

The job of a Mayor is not to force a particular political viewpoint on the citizens who elected him. Rather, it's his job to do what's in the best interest of Kure Beach, and that includes promoting tourism, developing the local economy, and adopting policies that make fiscal (and common) sense for Kure Beach. Perhaps he should keep that in mind before making future comments on the legality of town ordinances and bans.

Then who should govern lawless people?

I think it is very much Mr. Deans' position and God given right as mayor to put a dress code on the beach of his community. It is no more than a man getting arrested for running into a packed foot ball stadium buck naked. What's the difference. Mr. Dean is right and you liberals need to look more to pleasing God than the tourist!!!

This guy needs to

This guy needs to resign...The beach is public; not his private paradise. People like him must think the human body is shameful... and seems now he is trying to impose his beliefs onto everyone else. Time and better time or place than the beach to wear a bikini and get a tan. This guy might want to consider staying out of Europe!!! I wouldn't vote for him.

Good call!

Well "Njoy"...from your comment it sounds like you want to make the beach your PRIVATE's a property on Figure Eight :)

Thongs are inappropriate and disgusting on a family beach. Majority wins as I think the number of people who would actually want to wear a thong on a beach with kids running around and your grandmother walking by are very limited.

Yeah to Lambeth for not trying to be politically correct. Everyone know this country is going down hill fast. I am in my twenties, but I would give anything for a simpler way of life. Keep your liberal politics for the "big cities" or move back North!! I can say this because I am a transplant ;)

DO u have kids? Do u want

DO u have kids? Do u want ur little boy or girl walking onto a beach where men and women alike let their "stuff" hang out... Yes, it is a PUBLIC beach, and the public doesnt need to see anyones "stuff" if u want to see boobs and buns go to a nude beach and leave the kids home.

Cover up!

What is a reason that people want their rear ends hanging out of their bathing suit on the beach for? It's a public/family environment...I do not need to see what kind of junk people have in their trunk. Cover it up and appreciate the fact that people care enough about censorship to make this a rule!! I appreciate the ones who are making you cover up...thank you!

With all of the

challenges a Coastal Community can face, one would think this would not be one of them.

The statutes are pretty clear as to what is and is not appropriate. Don't like the state statute, get your local legislators to change it.

So they issue a citation which would require the issuing officer to use his day off to appear in Court in Wilmington where a Judge may or may not agree.

Seems like a waste of taxpayer resources which could be better expended elsewhere.

Payback might be the thong wearer is a licensed insurance adjuster who would take his or her sweet time in adjusting claims in the aftermath of a hurricane.

There's food for thought. And for the record, NC Insurance statutes allow the adjuster 60 days to make contact.


At least one good thing came out of this sales tax thing,it will keep you out of New Hanover.I bet you are thinking about taking your sweet time if someone needs an insurance adjuster like the person might do if they were fined for wearing a thong.You like to punish people for something they had nothing to do with.I'm not sure of your way of thinking.You would rather spend all that money for gas to save $.25.Too bad WWAY doesn't tax people from posting then we wouldn't have to hear from you at all. Also about the salea tax thing,at least everybody got to contribute,not just property owners.

Fraid Not

as I own property in New Hanover County, I am there rather often.

You clearly miss the entire point on the tax issue. Government, not just New Hanover, but throughout this Country needs to look at its spending habits and programs supported to seek reasonable cost controls before jumping on the tax increase or new tax bandwagon.

As to my adjusting practices, my adjusters will go where they have claims to adjust and do so in a manner consistent with the state statute and policy provisions.

You, on the other hand, don't even have the conviction of spiirt to be identifiable.

Kure Beach thong ban.

Kure Beach is more of a family beach. Keep the bare bottoms off. I don't want my grandchildren exposed to naked rumps. They see enough on on TV and at the movies. No there isn't anything wrong with the human body. But, tell the pedophiles, rapists and child molesters to stay the he** off the beach if the thong ban is lifted. If you want nude or semi nude go somewhere else.


2 points you make.

1. Apparently, televison viewing for your grandchildren is not monitored --"... my grandchildren exposed to naked rumps. They see enough on on TV and at the movies..." You and their parents can control what they view.

2. Apparently, in your world, there is a correlation between thong bathing suits and -- "...the pedophiles, rapists and child molesters..." Not certain where you live; please stay there.