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Parents are cutting corners to keep their children in private schools

READ MORE: Parents are cutting corners to keep their children in private schools
These days a private school education does not come cheap. Some area private schools are hoping parents going through tough times, won't cut back on their child's education. John Carne has three students in Wilmington Christian Academy. He said paying for three tuitions can be a struggle, but it's a priority. "If we needed to cut in other areas we would, but we weren't going to sacrifice what the kids were going to be getting while they were at school," he said. Wilmington Christian Academy administrator, Barren Nobles said the economy has not yet affected their enrollment. He said some parents are having to re-prioritize their finances. "Many of our parents here at Wilmington Christian Academy value the education they receive here so much that they will get a second job, they will rearrange some of their finances, they will take some of their savings to tied them over until the economic situation changes," he said. Nobles said enrollment has remained steady, but he is unsure of what the future will hold. He said more families are looking to payment plans to break down costs by semesters or even month-by month. Cape Fear Academy in Wilmington is seeing much of the same. Cape Fear Academy headmaster, John Meehl said, "We haven't had people come to us and say, ‘Gee I want to get out of here’. Mostly, they say is there anything we can do to possibly stay." Both schools tuition can run parents into the thousands. Wilmington Christian is a little over $4,000 a year; Cape Fear Academy is $14,000 a year. Cape Fear Academy parent, Allison Klein said, "It's difficult all the way around, you have to cut corners in a lot of other areas in your life to pay the tuition but it's a decision we decided that would be worth it." Many said cutting back is the only way to ensure their child is getting the best. One thing the economy appears to have affected is the school waiting list. In the past, many potential students have had to wait for years to get into Cape Fear Academy. The school said they still have a waiting list for some grades, but the number of people on the waiting list has dwindled somewhat.

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It is worth every penny ! The idea of mixing all the children as if they were all equal is bunk. They are not equal nor are their parents. The public school system thought if we mix them all then the disadvantaged ones would rise to the same level, well NOPE. Kids should be separated by IQ and intelligence levels, not age or street address. Parents who are involved in their child's education and care should be commended. Mine was in private till 5th grade. When he started public school (in the ghetto) he was reading on a 12th grade level and doing math on a 9th. He was tutoring his classmates, is that pathetic or what???

Two good schools....

...but do they offer "principal tackling" as part of their curriculum? Rest assured that you parents who are eating PB&J to pay the tuition and keep your child out of the public schools are making an investment that will definitely benefit your child. There are many naive, idealistic people who believe that the experience of going to school with people of all creeds, races, and income levels is of some supposed benefit, but rest assured that your child will be in a broad, diverse workplace soon enough. It truly IS survival of the fittest in corporate America, and a traditional, solid, quality education that is not "dumbed down" for the masses is worth far more than being exposed to a diverse group of people. They get exposed to enough diversity watching TV.

my children go to public

my children go to public schools and they do just fine.Im sure that when they graduate and go to collage they will be just as better off than the ones that went to private schools. we have wonderful teachers in our schools that teach our children well. Sure we have some that need to be weeded out, but im sure there's also a few in our private schools also.Some people are not able to send there children to private schools, it's all they can do to make ends meet. Later on in life Im sure the children will learn that MOM and DAD awont be able to give them the world. They will have to make it themselves. That is what make a person suceed.

Your support of the PS system shows in your writing

You write in defense of the Public system yet fail to use capitalization on your post and what's worse, YOU CANNOT EVEN SPELL COLLEGE right! It is COLLEGE not COLLAGE. Get a dicitionary for crying out loud...!! There are many other grammatical errors in your post. Case in point for support of the PS system.

former student/graduate

First, let me say, yes I am a graduate of Wilmington Christian Academy and am very pleased with the academic education I received there. I loved my years there and will always have fond memories! HOWEVER, while the quality of the education was excellent, the school did not prepare us for the outside world. We lived sheltered lives. We were led to believe it would be one way and many faced a harsh wake up call following graduation. Some of you will say 'well, that is your experience'. I can assure you, I have spoken to many of my former classmates who feel the same way I do. I love WCA and always will. But it is not the same school I attended. Yes my parents worked hard and sacrificed a lot for my education and the education of my siblings; however, the school is not the same. It does not have the same focus as it did when I was a student there. I know this because I had my children there at one point. I was happy with the education my children received but always felt the school was more interested in the financial aspect of things. I know it costs money to run a school but, especially, a private one. But the monetary requirements were outrageous. We could only purchase uniforms from ONE store and all clothing had to have a logo. By the time I was done shopping for 2 children I had spent over $250 and that was enough for them to have a full weeks worth of uniforms and did not include winter clothing. We did not have the option public school students did of purchasing the uniforms from a variety of places. This year, I spent under $200 for the same type of clothing and this time it was for 3 children! It saddens to me to know that the school is not the same. It has lost focus somewhere along the way. Children and families are no longer the focus or priority. The bottom line is. And yes I can afford to send my children there, I just choose not to any longer! Private school is great, I have no problem with it but don't put it on a pedestal, because it will get knocked down eventually.

My intent is not to praise WCA

Rather, it is to stress that the public school systems in this nation are severely misguided in their goal, and are more concerned with political correctness and trying to "level the playing field" than in educating the engineers and scientists of tomorrow. When you cut back on history, civics, music, phys ed, and even rudimentary economics, you have to wonder exactly where their priorities are. We are raising a nation of obese young people who can't run around the block and think that Obama "kicked George Bush out of office." We are led by politicians who can't pass basic tests on civics and economics. So let me be blunt: I WANT the best, the brightest, the richest, the snobbiest leading us. I want Milburn Drysdale running the bank, not Jethro Bodine. Competence is far more important tha trying to impose some nebulous idea of fairness that we will never attain.


Do you have any children commonsense?

In response

to your questions to commonsense...I have read many of his or hers statements and I don't believe "they" (will call him/her that for now) have any kids and I don't believe they were let out of the house. Why you ask, Your against socialization and all "they" do is sit on the computer.

I may post often...

...but rest assured that I can whip out a typical post in just a couple of minutes. My life is quite full, thank you. BTW, the last sentence in your post is truly stellar. Which public school did you attend?

Guest, you obviously are not

Guest, you obviously are not a frequent visitor. Common has several children and I can bet you they are all well educated and respected adults. We all could use more "commonsense" in this day and age.....


Both grown and on their own, in successful careers.

Public Schools

Don't bash the public schools, it is not the teachers fault that the "ABC's" of education was inacted. Fortunately I went through the New Hanover County Public Schools, yes, a rarity, a native. My children have almost completed their secondary education, oh my, all from Pender County Schools and they too are intellegent, well behaved YOUNG adults.