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Parents concerned about school redistricting in Brunswick County

READ MORE: Parents concerned about school redistricting in Brunswick County
Two new schools are set to open next year, Town Creek Elementary and Cedar Grove Middle. Redistricting lines have been drawn for four different scenarios by the Brunswick School Board and not all parents are pleased. Many Brunswick County parents are concerned about keeping their children close to home. So far, the school board has held a planning meeting and two public forums to hear from parents. Still, parents say they haven't received any information until this week on any possible changes. Executive Director of Operations, Stephen Miley said even though options are on the table, nothing is final. “We will be considering the additional comments as they are coming in and perhaps even developing a fifth, or even a sixth scenario.” Miley said district lines will be drawn that make the most sense for transportation reasons as well as not intentionally dividing communities. “It's a matter of finding the one that is the best for the most people." But when most of the students are concentrated in the northeastern part of the county and a school needs to be filled in the middle of the county, someone will have to move. Once redistricting is complete, 1200 students will have to be shifted in some way, a shift these parents say has to make sense. Parents can give school officials their concerns through email on their website and by phone. So far, more than 60 emails have been received from concerned parents.

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New School

I live approximately 5 miles from belville, it does not seem reasonable that my child needs to be bused over to town creek school.

Sungate area

i live near sungate, how on earth do they expect me to put a 5 year old on a bus and send them that far! it would have to be like 6:15 in the morning! the buses already come at 6:50 and the school is only 5 miles away!!

New Brunswick Co. School Re-Districting Plan

Children need to attend schools in the communities in which they reside. A Southport student shouldn't have to attend school with children from Supply and Holden Beach when they will have no contact with them outside of the school day. Nor should they have to sit on a school bus for 1 1/2 hours to and from school, which is what would happen if the latest proposal is approved. I know that this has been a very arduous process for those school board members having to come up with a plan acceptable to all, but the children shouldn't have to pay the price for these decisions.

re districting

I totally agree!!!! "A Southport student shouldn't have to attend school with children from Supply and Holden Beach when they will have no contact with them outside of the school day. Nor should they have to sit on a school bus for 1 1/2 hours to and from school, which is what would happen if the latest proposal is approved."

Brunswick schools redistricting

I completely agree with these parents, why would they put a school in the middle of nowhere when all the students live 20 or more miles away!! State law says a child can only be on a school bus for a hour so how long will these kids bus ride be?? And sending elementary kids that far from home is not reasonable.


First of all, the school is NOT being built in the middle of nowhere; it is being built in the Winnabow/Town Creek community. I guess that you've never been here. When the county started approving all the permits for Magnolia Greens, Waterford, Brunswick Forest they should've thought about the need for a new elementary school farther north on us 17 rather in the Winnabow/Town Creek area. It is my understanding that some of the land was donated so with the economy like it is the school board builds where the land is cheaper. Oh by the way, right by the new school is going to yet another subdivison, so Winnabow is not in the middle of nowhere.


Winnabow IS nowhere!

Winnabow (nowhere)

Haha you take that so personal, I live IN WINNABOW! What i am saying is we have a school in Bolivia why build one that is so far from the students that will need to attend it?? Not that winnabow doesn't exist. Geeze people always want to pick a fight!!!


I guess I do take it personally. My family has lived in the Winnabow/Town Creek communities since the 1920's...Winnabow is home. My grandmother graduated from Town Creek Consolidated school over 60 years ago. Town Creek Cons became Bolivia School. From my parents all the way down to my own child, we've attended Bolivia School. Winnabow is a pretty big community, bigger than some realize. Right now Bolivia school is appox 8 miles from home and the new school will only be 3 miles. The only ones who are going to have the long commutes are those who live in the northern most part of the new district. Everyone complains about the long bus rides. From what I came remember, the bus ride from home to school was about an hour forty-five minute ride. In the winter time you froze and the summer time you burned up. Now the new buses have better heat, and AC. Our children ride in luxury compared to us. I don't think we turned out so bad. The school board really should've built the new school farther north on 17 if that is where they want to pull the majority of the students. The planners with the new subdivions should've came up with a plan within those subdivisons for the new schools. All these subdivison want to be self contained and self sufficent, build schools to go with all those banks, grocery stores, hotels, gas stations and medical facilities.


I love it here too, I hate that the growth is starting here too. However even from my house near Daws creek rd its 18 miles to the school, and our childs bus has no air conditioning, just because we suffered doesn't mean I want my child to. My school day was an hour shorter than theirs too.

Winnabow school

Parents if you don't agree with the plans you are not alone for one. For another go the the website and tell them. The more voices the better.