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Parents demand increased school security

READ MORE: Parents demand increased school security
WILMINGTON -- It's been a week that would give any parent reason to worry. Six schools in downtown Wilmington were put on lock-down Thursday after reports of a gunman near New Hanover High School. Two days earlier a young man was murdered a block away from New Hanover High School, minutes after school let out. Some parents are not convinced that their kids are safe in school. They're demanding the school increase security in and around campus. More deputies than usual patrolled the hallways of New Hanover High School Friday after the school was locked down twice in four days. But parents like Joseph Cenname don't think that's enough. Cenname said, "Anyone can just walk right on there and do whatever they want." Cenamme has two children enrolled in New Hanover High. He says he's also concerned about their safety when they leave campus. "I don't want my kids walking out of that school and getting shot by a stray bullet," Cenamme said. Friday the school was on modified lock-down, which means increased security and tighter supervision of students. Dr. Rick Holiday is the assistant superintendent for New Hanover county schools. He says officials are keeping campus safe but they need to keep the situation in perspective. "We're doing what we need to do, but at the same time we need to have normal high school activity as well," Holiday said. New Hanover County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Edward McMahon said, "We'd love to put a big fence around them and unfortunately we cannot do that. So we feel that we are doing everything possible to make it the safest environment we can for school children." Sheriff's office officials say they still aren't sure if in fact there was an armed man approaching the school Thursday as the 911 caller claimed. They are still investigating all possibilities and invite anyone with information about the case to call 798-4200.

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our children being safe

The first step is to have the dogs patrol the building and not just the parking lot and lockers, they're smart. I'v been told they hide the drugs or whatever in the classrooms from period to period because they know that they can not go into the room. WHY MOT???? Would you rather upset a child with a dog or have them exposed to the other? Where is my childs rights not to be exposed?




we used to pull the fire alarm. That was then. Now,it's "man with a gun". And the helicopter mom's go nuts.

Trask middle school intruder

Im a student in the 8th grade at Trask middle school.My fellow girl students were doing our daily gym class.Sudenlly girls say a man with a black ski mask on was looking at the thwm.Some said they saw him with a paint ball gun.Teachers saw it as well. I was not there that day but all of my friends were talking about him. Our pricipal says it could have been a prank.But what if it wasnt?What if it was the man who made that call to hanover high school?It could have even been a rapist.I really dont think it was a prank.The girls said the way he looked at them was frightning.its a REALLY scary thought that our schools are in danger


I am a mom of 2 children 8 & 11. If you see someone "strange" you make sure you tell EVERYBODY you can. If those sorry teachers did not respond to what they saw they don't belong in school. The world has some bad people in it and you have to watch out for yourself. Tell your parents and they should be smart enough to go check it out. Tell everyone like I said or even post it here and hopefully you'll get the right person. Parents and teachers, LISTEN TO THE CHILDREN! They are not stupid! If it was my child I would be sitting at that school until the problem was solved. LISTEN TO THE CHILDREN and TALK TO THEM DAILY!

Thats funny....I thought he

Thats funny....I thought he was wearing a mask. So how was his look scary?


I think we all know what the problem's the same all over the country

Could you explain what you

Could you explain what you mean?


Well Will, looks like not everybody knows what the problem is throughout our contry.

This country has alot of

This country has alot of problems. Im sure if you two have narrowed down the root of all evil, it will be easy enough to explain it.


AMEN to that brother or sister!!!!