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Parents at Echo Farms and Rivers Edge upset over redistricting options

As New Hanover County plans to redistrict its middle schools, some parents are unhappy about plans for their kids. Parents in the Echo Farms and Rivers Edge communities are upset that their kids are tentatively scheduled to be moved from Myrtle Grove to Williston Middle School. John Hirchak and other parents will meet Tuesday night to discuss their battle against the school board. County middle schools must be redistricted for the 2010-2011 school year, because a new school is being built in the northern part of the county. The plans are still in the early stages and the board is considering a few options, but Hirchak and others demand that a new map be drawn that doesn't move their kids from the closest, to one of the furthest middle schools from their neighborhood. "They have asked over and over again from Echo Farms and Rivers Edge to give, give, give and we just want our children to be in our neighborhood schools," Hirchak said. The parents will hold their meeting at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday at the Echo Farms Club House.

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Get over it people ,this is

Get over it people ,this is mandated by your Federal Government. You don't like it,you know where the voting polls are. SF ROGER FLEMING

All kids deserve the best education...

Is it not a sad reality that schools were not created equally in terms of fundings, quality of teachers, parent involvement, etc? No matter what schools our children happen to attend, the level of quality in education should be no different then any other schools in the county. But we all know that's not the reality that we face. I was born/raised in the heart of downtown Wilmington. I received my education from Williston and New Hanover High School (Go class of 93'!!). I went on to graduate from UNCW, Cameron School of business. My husband and I have imprinted in the minds/hearts of our children the importance of education. I can understand where the parents of Echo Farms are coming from. We currently live in the Cary, NC area. Our 11th grader is a straight A/B honor roll student with an interest in the medical field. Our 10th grader is an A/B Honors student, plays in the marching band with an interest in architect. Our 6th grader is an aspiring writer with an interest in Ministry. The very thought of my children being bused to a school like "Hillside" would be a NO NO!! It's running rampant with gangs, drugs, fights, poor performance, you name it. The principal had to resign because his efforts were diminished by parents who tolerated the disruptive behavior of their children. I place the blame on the parents, for the lack of GOOD parenting. I am not prejudiced.. since I am a proud African-American woman. I just want what every other parent would want for their children, a good start in life. That start ends and begins with my children receiving the best education there is in a safe/nurturing environment. It's not about color/race/gender/class.. I believe that ALL children should have access to high quality education.. But as stated earlier, it starts at home with the parents. This pollutant behavior spills over into the schools making the jobs of our teachers that much harder. Resulting in good teachers leaving the schools/children that really need them the most. I say to all parents, never give up in the fight for your children's education. Let your voice be heard. Cassie

Why? Why?

Why should the county and the media take up the issue of the middle schools when the recent redistricting of the elementary schools has so many more parents like myself up in arms?? My child is going to be in second grade and in her short life, she already has to switch schools! She is now moved from an adequate (I didn't say great) school that has at least met it's AYP goals to a school that has NOT met it's AYP goals!! The educational system in NC leaves a lot to be desired and we could certainly take a hint from other states and start treating our teachers to the salary that they deserve in hopes of having quality education here. I've tried twice now since the decision was made to redistrict my area to appeal the decision to send my daughter to a crappy school and twice have been turned down. Please understand...I'm not worried about the kids there or how much farther it is from my house but I am worried that she will get less of an education that she deserves. I have a wonderful school that is only one block over from my house but my child will have to endure a 30 minute bus ride to get to her school. I don't care about the time spent, I care about her education. Lots of people have said that private education is the way to go but as a single parent, I don't have that option unless it comes free. Why aren't others outraged at the elementary school redistricting? This is the foundation of future learning and we are screwing around with it!! Let's talk about that New Hanover County!!

Not to mention the

Not to mention the envioroment...Not that it should matter, but it does. I wouldn't doubt that the parents of the childeren in question are more involved in the school and lives of their childeren. If they put the effort in, they should have a say in where their kids go to school.


Almost the same distance as the crow flies... The headline should change... We want our kids to go to somewhere that is not only more convenient, but we don't want our white upper class children to go to a historically black school!" Ironically.. If the truth be known in our wonderful city.... Across Dawson Street they are most likely saying "Thank goodness! We didn't want a bunch of stuck up white snobby kids that refuse to socialize with our children because we are black and the world owes us something over here!" Truth..... Grow up people.. The argument is the same on both sides and both sides dismissing their true thoughts for excuses relates to racism on both sides of the fence. Grow up.. I am so sick of the race card being thrown.. Isn't that correct Professor Gates.. Racist of the week... Next week.. The parents of Echo Farm Kids take the trophy from Gates.. YOU ARE ALL WRONG. No one owes anyone anything, no one's kids are better than anyone else's and all you are doing is teaching your children improper values, teaching them on one side how to more deeply hate a race, falsely teaching them on the other that your race is superior... I am so sick of it.. grow up and get over it.... The chance for little white johnny to go to a historic school should be looked at as an educational opportunity to learn diversity in a fine school. Opposite.. Little taekwon going to a white school with more money when maybe not by his choice, he didn't have access to a more economically diverse raising, gets to have a better opportunity for an improved education in a different learning environment. And by mixing you all together.... The colors blend and there is no color.. There are innocent children learning and playing together.. Like it should be.. Learning how to live in a society without color.. without hate…So both sides.. get over the color of your friggin skin.. I'm sick of it.. and so is almost everyone else with any common sense! (Don't worry.. your politically sensitive election coming up school board will still side with you.. Votes are always more important than doing what is right and responsible..._)

What a loud of Cr_p!

It's never been about color, but lifestyle, yes. The only thing historic about inner-city schools is high crime and low scores. My kids will not be attending any of those schools! In fact it's depressing just to ride thru those areas!


You call it an "historically black" school. Your darn right I don't want my children going there then, if i had any. Sorry, but the facts of the matter are, I don't want my kids going to a school in the middle of downtown next door to the projects, where oh yea the police are investigating gang crimes and drive-bys constantly. I couldn't care less if my kids school was diverse as long as it's safe and they get an education. Downtown schools should be shut down and bus those kids out to safe areas!

OMG people, get over it. It

OMG people, get over it. It makes no difference where they go as long as they get a good education, unless it's because you live where you live.