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Parents, law enforcement meet to discuss after school program owner

Parents of children enrolled at a Wilmington after school program met Thursday night to learn about the charges filed against the program's owner. Investigators notified the families of 42 children about the closed-door meeting with law enforcement and the district attorney’s office. Sixty-one-year-old John Maisenhelder, who owns Creative After School Training, or CAST, faces three counts of taking indecent liberties with a child. After the meeting, one parent said they learned police have video of Maisenhelder inappropriately touching children. Some parents cannot believe the accusations. Parent Natsumi Ueki said, "I personally asked my boy, one of my boys, and he said he never did anything wrong to him. He just has been a wonderful, wonderful karate teacher for my boys." Maisenhelder is in the New Hanover County Jail under $500,000 secured bond, reduced from $1 million dollars. If parents have concerns about this investigation, they can call sheriff's detectives at 910-279-9973.

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Something fishy

This reminds me of the time the sheriff went after the preacher and stuck him on a 15 million dollar bond. Turned out the girl made up the charges. Or how the press jumped on the accusations against a man running against Julia Bosmean, no charges yet his name and face were plastered all over the news. A political effort to get him to drop out of the race. Sheriff's make mistake and lord knows this one has made a ton of them. A lot of people have come out in support of this man, sure somehting might have happened but this isnt so cut and dry, based on this man's prior history and his community service he should be entitled to some slack. It's not like it is a charge of theft or something, this charge is about as bad as it can be. I say wait and see. He ain't going no where.

Missing Answers here...

....After the meeting, one parent said they learned police have video of Maisenhelder inappropriately touching children..... How did police obtain video? Does the video show a one on one interaction? If so, who was filming? Are the three counts due to one child three incidents or three children each with an incident? Karate is a contact sport, is over exaggeration taking place here? Should he be found innocent, will the accusers be charged with ruination of reputation?


I have lived next to this man for over 10 years. When my father passed he was always there supporting us. I have always looked at him as a second father. He was always there for my family and I because that was the type of person he was. Always caring about others. When I was younger he would always have me and my brothers over for fourth of july. He would shoot off fireworks and make us all homemade ice cream. I don't think this man cares more about anything than teaching kids karate and discipline. He wasn't only a father, he was a mentor, a teacher, and a husband. Only a month ago he showed up to the hospital to make sure i was ok just for the fact he cared. He was never asked to come and he just surprised me. This is a great man and these accusations are terrible.


I agree, innocent until proven guilty. Anyone that will molest a child, is very good at hiding it. Of course, you would never know, they seem to be knd, hard working people, they donot molest EVERYONE.....I am curious about this video I am hearing about....I am sorry for his family, I am sure they are shocked at these charges. If, this is proven to be true, I will be more sorry for the children involved. Some people seem to just sweep somwthing like this under the rug....Parents....listen to your chidren, please.........JMO

things aren't always as they seem

Just because he was a great man & caring person to you & your family doesn't mean he didn't have a darker side to him. People have a preconceived notion that those who do these kinds of evil things are big bad ugly monsters when in fact most of the time they are upright citizens, normal everyday folk that you would never guess in a million years are child molesters.