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Parents reactions mixed to middle school redistricting plan

READ MORE: Parents reactions mixed to middle school redistricting plan

New Hanover County parents are not hesitating to speak their opinions about the new middle school redistricting plans. Many parents are thrilled about the county's neighborhood school plan adopted last night. Other parents feel their children should have the option of choosing where to go to school, even if it means a long bus ride. They say it's worth splitting up neighborhoods to balance socio-economics across the district.

The New Hanover County School Board approved neighborhood-based option 2C last night. Parent's are split about the board's decision.

"I think if the kids have the grades to accommodate it they should be able to go where they'd like to," parent Thomas Head said. "It would help them more with education. I don't think a few minutes extra on the bus would've hurt anything at all."

"It actually doesn't make too much of a difference as long as the funds are distributed equally," parent Vincent Burgess said, "the literature, the teachers excitement or enthusiasm to teach is basically the same, then to me I don't see too much of a concern."

The school board was forced to redistrict because Holly Shelter Middle School is scheduled to open in August. We asked the school district for the final version of the redistricting map today.

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Students should not be required to attend schools outside their area, which usually requires longer bus rides, just to fulfill social agenda and personal beliefs of others.
Education and safety should come first. Busing is not a part of learning, and it does not improve a student's education. It certainly is not the safer alternative.

So what if a child has to

So what if a child has to take a long bus ride. That doesn't mean they are unsafe because they are being taken out of their neighborhood, it just means it's a parental inconvenience. An accident can happen right in front of your door when your child is on a bike, or in your car taking the "short ride to school". So please don't use safety as an issue here, because your child is no safer in your car, than he is on a long bus ride..let's be real. Even if you walk to school, there is always chance of a pedestrian being hit. The real issue is CONVENIENCE, and your safety issue is that you don't won't your child in an inner-city neighborhood school, so that would make it your own SOCIAL AGENDA and PERSONAL BELIEF. Once your kids leave your site each day the only thing you can do is PRAY that they remain safe until the day is over. THere are no guarantees no matter what school they attend, accidents can happen and no one is obsolete.

When you take vacation's in a car they can be long rides, if you had to take a long ride to get to a store that wasn't on your side of time, is safety your concern then? Do you think because you child is in your car that you can't have an accident on that long ride? It's your right to your opinion and what you want for your child, but at least be real about it. You are right busing is not a part of learning, but equal diversity population does affect learning. And if you don't think it does matter, than you should be fine with wherever your child goes to school inner-city or neighborhood as long as he is getting an education. So please don't use long bus rides and safety as your EXCUSE, there are no STATS to back that up, once again that would be your personal belief and social agenda.

Just be real

The inconvenience of the long bus ride is to the student not the parent. These students must wake up early in order to be ready for their 6:30am pickup and then not arrive home until 4:30 or later. By the time you factor in homework, dinner and bathing, these students loose - they loose well needed time for sleeping, they loose time with their family and they loose time to just be a kid. Where do I get my 'stats'? From my kids, they went through this and after I witnessed the negative effect it was having on them I choose to rearrange their transportation to and from school.

I agree that the safety

I agree that the safety concerns of a long bus ride is not that big of an issue. The length of time is though. I would rather have my son home and starting homework, after school activities or family time at 4pm rather that 5:30. As for making it a social agenda or personal belief, well it is and we all use it everyday. If you had a choice to walk down a street where you know drug dealers are working or walk down another street where there is a police officer parked, which one will you choose? I choose the one with the officer. Does it guarantee that I will be safe? No, but I like my chances. This is the same reason I would choose not to put my son in a school where I know there is more crime right outside. It will be up to me and his mom to teach him to make good choices, but it doesn't hurt to provide the safest environment you can as well. I believe that all children should have that opportunity, so lets look at our own communities and start to make changes so that all school are in a good areas.

Diversity affects learning?

"...but equal diversity population does affect learning."

Nope. Not a single study in the world shows that. There isn't any evidence that busing helps grades.

I personally think that the entire goal of busing is to bring rich suburban kids downtown to get mugged and send emissaries from the hood out to scope out potential burglary locations in richer neighborhoods.


LOL! Suburban kids are not rich; rich kids don't attend public schools that get rezoned. And don't worry there are enough drug addicted children in your "richer" suburban neighborhoods to steal from you and your family members.

Just so you know, burglars generally don't ride the yellow bus to school.

Fear and Ignorance, what a dangerous combination!!!

Along with

Isn't it New Hanover County that is forcing employees to take unpaid days? But there is money to spend on the extra fuel it will take to drive these cheese wagons all over the county? Not a smart move.