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Parents signing petition to remove Gilbert

READ MORE: Parents signing petition to remove Gilbert
Brunswick County School Board member Ray Gilbert has come under plenty of fire in recent weeks. He is banned from all county schools after allegedly threatening a woman with whom he'd had an affair. Now parents are signing a petition aiming to remove him from his school board position. The parent who started the petition says more than 100 people have signed it so far. She plans to send it to the attorney general this week. Tracey Danka says she hopes sending the petition to Attorney General Roy Cooper will back the resolution the school board is planning to send to his office, asking for his input on Gilbert's situation. Danka has two children at Monroe Elementary, where Gilbert's children attend, his wife works and he is PTA president. Gilbert's attorney Ed West says this has gone too far. He says Gilbert is under a lot of stress, is saddened by the situation and is mostly concerned about his family. West said, "He doesn't have a problem with people expressing their views, even if he doesn't want to hear them. He knows he has to take his licks 'cause he's out there in the public. But what is not ok is for someone to create a hostile environment for his children." Danka said, "He's been banned from our schools. He cannot effectively do his job, so how can we pay him a salary to do a job he cannot effectively do." Gilbert is banned from all Brunswick County school property except to pick up his children and to attend meetings at the central office. Gilbert did attend a school board meeting last night where he received an award for hundreds of hours of school board training. His attorney says he doesn't plan to step down, and that he does plan to run for re-election.

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UNCW bus

I don't see what is wrong with this idea. I graduated from UNCW in 2004 and would have used this service. We typically would have one friend each night that would stay sober for the group and drive. That worked out fine. But with this service, it could bring business downtown, even if you aren't there to get wasted. Now there are the few idiots that would get sick on the bus or start fights, that is the only problem I would see with the service. I paid thousands of dollars in tuition and the only service I got when I was there...was the gym. The rest of it went to columns and other BS, we actually had a paper shortage when I was there. They could put up million dollar columns, but we couldn't print anything in the computer labs. I say it is time they put their current students' interest at heart, in addition to attracting new ones...with coulmns.





I knew that once Ray Gilbert

I knew that once Ray Gilbert took a public stand against the school board following the resignation of WBHS’s principal last year, that a way would be found to degrade him. The folks of Brunswick County are full of it. And I mean that from every aspect possible. Ray Gilbert serves on the school board, true, but he is still a human subjected to making mistakes. I’m sorry that he has given the “high moral” citizens such as Ms. Danka the ammunition to showcase their energy and receive public attention. This man stands accused of misconduct, and the school board has taken it upon themselves to play the role of judge and jury in convicting and sentencing him. If he can be removed by the attorney general, and I seriously doubt that he can as an elected official, then what happens if the courts find that he is innocent of the charges? Will his removal still be justified because he had an affair? If that is the case, then I think the parents and school board need to implement a plan of action to remove all school officials that have ever committed an immoral infraction. I’m sure there is a teacher somewhere in the county that has had and/or is having an affair. Well, let’s get rid of them. Besides isn’t it the teachers that have the most contact with our children. And we certainly don’t want them teaching our children during the day and committing immoral actions as an adult at night. What type of signals would that send to our kids? Let’s be realistic folks. The mere fact that the school board is working overtime to remove Ray Gilbert before the courts can decide his innocence or guilt is far beyond him having an affair. Ray is very vocal and doesn’t always agree with the actions of the board. He’s the good ole boy that speaks his mind and they simply can’t have that. Bill Clinton had an affair, but his responsibility of running the country didn’t lack because of it. The country’s economy was in good standing, although Bill was creeping at night. The citizens of this country kept Bush in office, because they didn’t agree with John Kerry’s stance on gay marriages and abortion. His views were different from Bush and considered to be immoral. Bush is still in office, the economy is the worst ever, and gay marriages are still taking place as well as abortions. I get so sick of parents looking to other folks to instill morals for their children and act as role models. How your child performs in school and how they excel in school will be a result of your parenting, not what Ray Gilbert decides to do in his personal life. If Ray was convicted of indecent liberties with a student, then the board’s actions would be justified; but that is not the case. I believe Ray does have the best concerns for the children of Brunswick County, simply because he has children in the county’s school system. Again, I think the citizens of Brunswick County are full of it. And yes, that goes double for Ms. Danka. More importantly, I believe the school board is using this opportunity to be rid of the voice that brings their shortcomings to light.

I would want him removed

I would want him removed because of what he said to his "mistress". I mean does that sound like someone who can think clearly? Please! This isn't the first time he's seemed a little off!

Amen to that!

Amen to that!


HELLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOO people are we ignoring the facts here are are you just a family member trying to defend your own?????

No relations to Gilbert, but

No relations to Gilbert, but I've seen him in action at board meetings and unlike the others, he actually raises questions to issues that flank our system in negative ways. And yes, I understand the issue. He has been accused of threatening the life of his mistress. However, the moral standing of Gilbert is just as much an issue. The basis of her story and accusation has led to the actions of having him banned from schools; therefore, that was the issue I chose to address. Ray - a board member in Brunswick County of all counties - what was he thinking. Its Brunswick County so he was bound to be a target from the start. He never had a chance in dear old Brunswick County. All of the other board members are flawless of course.

How sad that it always

How sad that it always becomes an issue of race as you so delicately indicate. I have never seen such racism in my life as I have the past 25 years - against the white people in Brunswick County, yet it is the white folks that are accused. How very sad. And by the way, the other board members are not flawless, Katie McGee has no business being in office either. As it has been said before, Ray Gilbert has made his own bed, and it doesn't at all have a thing to do with the color of his skin.

RE: How sad that it always

Of course, that is never the issue in your eyes. That is what makes it sad. The other members aren't flawless; however, there would never be as much effort put forth to oust any of the other members as it has with Gilbert.

As a tax payer in Brunswick

As a tax payer in Brunswick County, I think that we all have the right to vote on whether or not to allow Mr. Gilbert to serve on this board, therefore, Ms. Dankin should be allowed to go anywhere she wants collecting signatures, after all, isn't it still a free country where we have freedom of speech? He didn't seem to have any consideration for his wife and children when he strayed from his wife and began an affair that would directly impact his home life. He is certainly not an individual I want my children around, he has no business whatsoever being on any school board. Besides, haven't I seen his face on the front page of the Beacon a few times before? Wake up, and do what is right for our children for a change!

1st Amendment not a shield

Freedom of Speech is all well and good. But when someone uses it to violate another individual's Rights to Due Process as well as other Civil Rights for the purpose of what is clearly a political issue, not an issue of "morality" (as she would be demanding the removal of the accuser as well since SHE had an affair as well), then one has to question where one individual's Right end and where another individual's Rights begin. The Attorney General has no business in this case as no crime had been committed (as proven by the lack of criminal arrest, trail, conviction, etc). This whole issue is nothing more than political subterfuge. Falsely accuse someone, get restraining order, sensationalize it, then force them out by spreading misinformation. If that's your Freedom of Speech, I'll start printing up warning poster about child molestors with the names, addresses, and faces of every citizen in Brunswick County and I'll defend it with the same argument used in this case: Accusation is all that is required to make guilt, and Freedom of Speech protects that Right. Andrew

You obviously have not done

You obviously have not done your homework on Ray Gilbert and his very questionable past before you chose to defend him and yes, that is exactly what your comments indicate.You say he was falsely accused and misinformation is being spread, and what facts do you have to back this up? As a parent of BC students, I have witnessed first hand his dishonesty and deceit, not to mention his temper. In the end, the truth shall be told.

Lie to someone else, you're wasting them here.

It's called "innocent until PROVEN guilty". If there was evidence of the claims of threats, then criminal charges could have been filed. Clearly, there were NONE as criminal charges HAVEN'T been filed. Restraining Orders require even less evidence than civil trials. I also note that your "morally superior" attitude doesn't include the woman who had the affair also. If he is wrong in having the affair, so is she. If he is to be fired based on "immoral acts", so should she. This has nothing to do with supporting him or not. This has to do with Justice. This has to do with The Truth, The WHOLE Truth, And Nothing But The Truth. This has to do with FACTS. This has to do with Human and Civil Rights. This is clearly a case of political intrigue misusing the legal system through false accusations. This is one reason the legal system is so fouled up. People are actually encouraged to make false accusations just to manipulate a political issue. I've already contacted the Attorney General giving my views on this issue. How it is clear that Gilbert committed no criminal act, as shown by the lack of evidence as shown by the lack of criminal charges. And I've stated to him how this issue has also raised false claims of "immorality", as proven by the claims of "immorality" against Gilbert but not against the "immoral" woman who had the affair WITH him. And I've indicated that, based on those facts, this petition, in conjunction with these claims against him, are clearly based on attempted political manipulation and actually has NOTHING to do with the false claims of threats or the hypocritical claims of "immorality" made against him alone. Keep lying to yourself and others. Do you raise your children with such immorality as lying and deceiving others to manipulate the world around you? If you do, you should have those kids removed from your custody immediately as it is mental abuse against them and training them to dishonorable and unethical. Andrew

Whatever you say, Ray

Whatever you say, Ray

And he shouldn't have to step down.

Everyone knows that these restraining orders are not based on FACTS but based solely on accusations. After all, if there HAD been FACTS to back up any claims made against him, then he could have been arrested, charged, convicted, and sentenced. He hasn't been. The FACT is that this appears to be completely political in nature. First, accusations made to create a restraining order to prevent him from performing his job. Then, a petition to remove him from his job. All based on nothing more than an accusation. Under the law, an individual is innocent until PROVEN guilty. Restraining orders violate that by allowing mere accusations to determine guilt. I wonder if anyone who supports such ideals would feel the same if they were Publically accused of various crimes and those accusations were backed up by a restraining order, but no trial having ever been held. Does this mean I believe he didn't do what was claimed? No. It means I believe in the Rights of ALL participants, both the accused and the accuser. I believe in the ideal of innocent until prove guilty, not "accusation makes guilt". I also believe in The Truth, The WHOLE Truth, and Nothing But The Truth. I don't see that here. Andrew

What about the accusser?

She knew Mr. Gilbert was married but she had an affair with him anyway. She should be removed from her job as well. These are the people that are role models for our children.

ray gilbert

whether the accuser is his mistress or not which i definetly belive she was. I wish i had her she is a fine young black women and mr gilbert should feel honored looks as though that is going to be the best for him but he really messed up. First he should have ended his marriage when he knew that his feelings were getting strong with this woman and moved to another state. Also the accuser does not hold an elected seat in office so what about her? Mr Gilbert you did well when you picked up this sweet thing she is a fox but now you have to pay the price of the good times that you have had i know you wish that you could re-capture this fox.

yes..i agree she should step

yes..i agree she should step down also..


The only problem Gilbert has is that he got caught.He is responsible for what he and his family are going through. Yes, there are enough facts that are setting a terrible example for our students.Students are taught to take responsibility for their behavior and should Mr. Gilbert.

Absolutely, if only the

Absolutely, if only the Attourney General would agree.... time will tell

Setting an example?

If this were an issue of "setting an example", then it should have been handled within the employment setting. The issue of "setting an example" has to do with the accusation of an affair. And if this affair occured, then SHE is as guilty as he is and therefore should face the exact same threat of employment termination. The restraining order stems from an accusation of threats against her. But if there was evidence of threats against her, then he could have been criminally charged with harrassment at the least, if not terrorism. But because there was insufficient evidence, no criminal charges can be filed. Therefore, they chose to obtain a restraining order, which clearly only required an accusation (since there wasn't evidence for a criminal charge) to impliment. What kind of an example does that set for students where the legal system dumps the idea of "innocent until proven guilty" and goes with "accusation makes guilt"? Andrew


It would appear that the leadership that has managed to give us every reason to doubt them has confirmed the keepers of our system have lost the ability to balance objectives. The world will balance all things, such as nature finds a way, and in this case we now have determined that the core of our school is dismantled because the architects of its policy design are less applicable to morality than they are to policy. This leaves us with poor leadership which in turns leaves us with a poor system which leaves us with poor educational choices for our kids. What we need is a hard charging general someone who has risen from disparity, knocked back critics taken hard punches, who is dedicated and can lead and build a strong team, but first we need help if the attorney general will remove RG the message will be clear and we can start the process of cleaning up their act one by one