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Parents take son out of school over controversial book

READ MORE: Parents take son out of school over controversial book
WILMINGTON -- A book on a local ninth grade reading list has some parents so upset, they took their son out of school. The book, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, was an option for students to read in a freshman English class at Ashley High School. It was among the American library association's most challenged books of 2006. Now the book is being challenged here in New Hanover County. "this book is the most graphic book i've seen as a student book." As Chuck and Wendy Strafford read through The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky they couldn't believe it was being taught in their son's high school freshman English class. Chuck said, "There's millions and millions of good books out there, literature books, that are cleaner." The coming-of-age tale told from the perspective of a high school boy has sparked controversy nationwide. The book goes into detail about drugs, alcohol, gay sex, date rape and other topics the Straffords say would be better off in more advanced classes -- not for 15-year-old students like their son Elijah. "We're trying to keep him protected and sheltered in a healthy, clean environment and keeping him so he's innocent," Wendy said. Elijah's teacher, Christy McCoy, gave students the option of reading a different book, but the Strafford's say he was absent the day she made that announcement and was under the impression he had to read this book. New Hanover County Schools Spokesperson Valita Quattlebaum said, "The book will go through the school's media advisory committee and it will be reviewed there. Then the book will go on further to the district's media advisory committee to be reviewed at that time. And after that takes place a decision will be made whether or not the book will be allowed to remain on the school's shelves." The Straffords say they've had to sign permission slips so their kids could take sex-ed courses, and even watch certain movies. They say they would have liked to be notified in the same manner about this book. Wendy said, "We should, with literature, especially with that graphic of a nature, be told as parents, not let the kids have that choice since they are minors." The Straffords, along with another concerned parent, met with the principal and their son's English teacher and say they couldn't reach any sort of agreement. They took Elijah out of Ashley for the time being and say they hope this eventually blows over. They say they aren't trying to get the book banned; they simply would have liked to have gotten a heads up about its graphic nature.

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to guest EAHS student & other slammers

I certainly hope that the way you responded, as did many other students and, I assume adults, with calling the parents stupid etc, is not an inclination of how you handle other adversities in your life. This is a forum to express your opinion, share facts you may know, and ask questions. It is not a place to ignorantly resort to name calling and making assumptions about people. Every parent has the right to make decisions about what their children read or watch. This should be a discussion between the parents, their child and the teacher. If the teacher originally gave an optional book to read, she must have known that some parents or students would find reading that book objectional to them. Why, in the meeting between the parents, teacher and principal, was the student not handed the other book and told to read it and do his assignments?

The teacher did offer an

The teacher did offer an alternate assignment. The teacher also sent a consent form HOME to the parents to inform them of the content of the book BEFORE she used it in the classroom. The alternate assigment, with the consent form, has been posted on the teacher's website since January. Parents, stop.

No consent form

Parents out there beware. The person giving all this information has to be very close to what is going on with this situation because they would not have that much personal information about what happened in the private meeting with the principal, teacher, students and the parents. It was suppose to remain anonymous, but that has not been happening in the classroom. The parents were never given consent forms on this book, and she was never given any parents consent. We took our son out of the school because of the battle we know now we are up against. If there are parents out there who want to get in contact with us e-mail . If there was a permission slip we would not be going through this.


The permission slip has been on her web page since she started teaching the book and that is a fact. Maybe your son didn't bring you the slip because he wanted to read the book and knew you wouldn't let him.

Oh, Mom...

How can you say that it was supposed to remain anonymous when you went on the news to talk about it? If one takes one's dirty laundry and splashes it all over TV, I don't think one can whine about anonymity.

ha! you went on the news and

ha! you went on the news and made it not anonymous. maybe the people talking about it are the people that have actually read the book. you wanted it to go away quietly then maybe you shouldn't have gone on tv and said this book was about stuff it wasn't. We all knew about the book and that there were others we could read. read the other comments!

Whats the problem the book

Whats the problem the book is about everyday life that is in wilmington the problem is clear they even said it they are sheltering the kid, which is not good because i have seen that when sheltered kids get around new things like drugs,sex, alcohol and many more they go full blast into the wrong direction because that are being so call "rebels" to the way their parnets have taught them to be. What is his education or your beleifs on one book let him be mature enough to put the book down or see that the way in the book is not a healthy life style.


"drugs, alcohol, gay sex, date rape" I think if the kid is 15 he already knows of these things unless you keep him under a rock. "was an option for students to read in a freshman English class" OPTION... meaning you don't have to read it. Taking him out of school is stupid.


Das you are correct I am sure a clean sweep of the kids room will produce far more provocative literature. What 15 year old boy doesn't have some adult reading material.

So they've taken their kid

So they've taken their kid out of school because of a book that he doesn't even have to read? Way to parent.

The Perks of being a Wallflower

More parents should take an interest in what their kids are learning in school. We are able and encouraged to put parental blocks on our computers and we have ratings for movies to protect them from obsenities, pornography, violence, etc. How can we justify allowing such graphic literature to be introduced to our children in school? Statisticly, high school boys that are involved in pornography are more likely to become sex affenders and serial killers. It doesn't take much exposure to pornography (even in writen form that produces a mental picture) to fall into the trap of addiction to pornography. Is that what we want for our kids? It is my understanding that this book also presents thoughts and commissions of suicide, pedifilia, and beastiality as being "normal" for most high school students. As long as a child is under the age of 18 he must have parental guidence as to what books, movies, games, and education he is allowed to experience. I applaud these parents that have taken a stand for what is right not only for their son but to protect other children from unlawful exposure to obsenity.

teenage boys

So........ Most teenage boys will become sex offenders and serial killers? Come on,what teenage boy doesn't or didn't have the Playboys hidden under the bed?

In the meeting with the

In the meeting with the principal and teacher, did the teacher go back on his/her word about letting the student choose a different book to read? The teacher initially gave a choice. The family's beliefs must be very strong about this. Taking a child out of school over a book is pretty extreme. Good luck, and don't let the student suffer from being out of school.

Ashley High

I just wondered when these parents of a 15 year are planning to explain alchol and sex to him?

Perks of Being a Wallflower Permission Slips

I have read excerpts of this book and cannot believe that it was being used in a high school classroom without a parental notification permission slip. There is a permission slip posted on the teacher's website. Why was it not sent home? Clearly she felt a permission slip was needed. Did she assume that posting it on her website was sufficient? Not all families have access to the internet at home.

Did you notice this teacher

Did you notice this teacher is also a lawyer? And a Campbell Lawyer, isn't that a big Christian School? Maybe this isn't what it seems at first glance?

It was sent home. It is on

It was sent home. It is on the website to download in case students lose it before it gets home. When does the responsibility go to the student??

Keep that 15 year old boy

Keep that 15 year old boy sheltered and innocent. Oh please.

Words of MIcheal Jackson aka

Words of MIcheal Jackson aka preaditor keep this peson away from your kids


Have any of you turned on the news or opened a newspaper lately??? We're at a 'war' where thousands of our soldiers are dying. Our elected officials are philandering and paying for sex. Rape and homosexuality exist, and they aren't going anywhere. At 15 years old, it is acceptable for a child to know what is going on in the world, not the suburban bubble you've surrounded him in, and is guaranteed to pop. This book is the most reflective of modern times, just as On the Road and Catcher in the Rye were reflective of the generations that came before. Why stop with this one? Why not continue to ban everything that offends a few people, until all you have left in your library and your schools is The Pokey Little Puppy? And that will be removed too, because you're going to anger all the cat lovers.

hahahahaha i love this person

this person is great its funny hahahahaha i agree 100% with this one.