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ONLY ON 3: Parents upset after daughter, friend kicked off school bus

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Parents upset after daughter, friend kicked off school bus

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Yesterday we told you about an 11-year-old Brunswick County girl who's been getting in trouble for reading on the school bus. Today we have another bus story. This one is in New Hanover County, and this time two girls were kicked off the school bus in what some people would say is not the safest part of town and left to walk home.

The bus monitor kicked 13-year-old Alex Watson and her friend off the school bus at 8th and Wooster Streets Friday because they were making fun of her. Alex had to walk a mile and a half home. Her parents are furious.

"I would have been upset anywhere she was dropped off a mile and a half from home, but let's face it, when it's around 8th, Dawson and Wooster, there's been several shootings in just the past week or two," Alex's mother Angel Watson said. "Yeah, I was extremely upset."

The school district told WWAY it has suspended the bus driver and monitor without pay and is investigating what happened.

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As an educator I deal with

As an educator I deal with students all the time whether they are behaving or not. I am held to a higher standard and required to make sure all children within my care are safe. Whether or not we agree with the decision of the school system regarding the bus drivers, procedures were not followed by the accused. Thank goodness nothing bad happen to those young ladies.

These two 13y/o's probably

These two 13y/o's probably spend most of their weekends around this location so I'm sure it was nothing knew for them.

Should the bus driver be suspended, sure. Do these two girls deserve to be removed from the bus for the rest of the year, without a doubt. How many chances should we be giving these kids? A lot less than what they are getting. Let's hold the kids and their parents accountable. Make the parents pick the kids up from school until they can behave. If the parents can't do that, then suspend the kids until things change


There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for what happened. The decision made by the two adults on the bus are totally without argument. They should be disciplined to the full extent of the policy held by the school. Firing them would be the best option. It doesn't matter what the girls did, it did not warrant such a decision. If the driver and monitor felt that it was that bad of a situation, pick up the cell phone and call the police to meet them. Period!!!!!!!!

Response to Outrageous

You are 100% right on with your comments.

Kids kicked off School Bus Outrageous

For those of you commenting about the child not getting in trouble for misbehaving ---how do you know her parents have not disciplined her? So don't judge UNLESS YOU HAVE THE FACTS.

THE FACTS ARE: 2 thirteen year old girls were kicked off the bus! We all should be outraged regardless of their behavior. Call the police, the principal, the parents. Discipline them,absolutely. But putting their lives in danger. What if the outcome of this story was they that they were abducted, murdered,assaulted,hit by a car. Did they even know how to get home from where they were?

What is an appropriate age to kick a kid off of a bus? What if they were 12,11, 10???? I know my 12 year old grandson would have no idea how to get home if he were dropped off 1.5 miles from home. He doesn't pay attention to things like that.

We should absolutely, 100% be advocating for the children in this situation.

How about this story....

Im with this family too and it is sad what happened .... Our daughter was dropped off at our house one afternoon and NOONE WAS HOME !!! You wanna know what else-- a registered SEX-OFFENDER lived around the block AND she was ONLY in KINDERGARTEN !!! That's right....She walked towrds our neighbors house and thank Goodness, a wilmington Sherrif's deputy appeared moments after she was dropped off and took our daughter to my wife's place of work...The driver was suspended for a couple of days...Woop dee doo...I dont care what those 11 year old girls did on that bus !! God forbid if something waould happened to them on their long walk home....The "common-sense approach" was ignored by the 2 ADULTS on that bus.

Was your child's regular

Was your child's regular stop your home? Did they ride the bus everyday? How was the bus driver to know that you weren't home? In fact why wasn't someone home at the time the child was supposed to be dropped off?


I didnt realize that bus drivers walked kids to the doors these days, must take forever to get all the kids home that way. SO not sure why the bus driver would be held irresponsible for letting the child off at her correct destination- it's not their fault you were not at home. I dont agree that these teenagers should have been kicked off only 1.5 miles from their destination but I wasnt under the impression that bus drivers become baby sitters when the parent isnt home, besides how would they have known unless they walked the child to the door.

Common Sense

Common sense should have applied here. We have children being children. Granted they were misbehaving and being unruly. BUT. We also have not one, but two adults on the bus. There were alot of options they could have chosen. First, take the kids back to school. Second, pull over and call for a school resource officer. Third, ignore the children for the mile and one half that they had left to go and, drop them off at home and have them disciplined the next day at school. It is unlawful to drop a child off the bus in North Carolina at a point that is not a designated stop for that child. You must have written documentation to deviate from their normal stop. Both the monitor and bus driver lost their composure and their ability to think rationally. Lots of counties have cameras on the bus that should provide ample evidence to show the parents what the kids were doing. The logic here should be to at the very least give the bus driver and monitor a long suspension or terminate them both and revoke the kids "Privilidge" to ride the bus. I bet when mom and dad have make arrangements to transport these kids back and forth to school, they may be inclined to make sure they behave better if they get to ride the bus again.

Well said!

Common sense, you are right on! That would have been the logical choices!

I don't agree

I don't agree with just kicking them off the bus, The driver should have return back to school or called 911. Not drop those kids off at the wrong stop. We have to sign a letter every year for school. that US as parents have to understand that the kids get off at their stop, they can't ride another bus and go home with a friend. etc.. So why was this ok because they are miss behaving drop them off a 1 1/2 away from their house in the middle of crack down. Give me a break this is wrong. And shouldn't have happen. The driver is suppose to be the adult on the bus. Sure wasn't thinking like one. The next story in the media will report is how the school is out of money next year.. I wonder why?????

Well I don't know to what

Well I don't know to what extent they were "making fun" of the bus driver. But that is hardly a reason to 1-kick a child off the bus and make them walk in ANY instance. And 2-disrupt the schedule to discipline them at that moment. Steps could have been taken to not allow the child back on the bus for a time period for disruptive behavior. The safety of the child is priority one people. Then sort out the punishments for the child later.

If the girls were being

If the girls were being disrespectful to the driver or the monitor, both should be banned from riding the bus for the rest of the school year. Let the parents, who I suppose think what the girls did was cute, take them to school and pick them up. There should be procedures for misbehaving students that have consequences severe enough to curb such behavior.


Maybe next time she will behave on the bus. The bus driver has several students on the bus to deal with, without one or two misbehaving. I doubt that was the first warning for that child.


You must not have any children.

I'm a bus driver aswell, and

I'm a bus driver aswell, and bus drivers go to proper training to handel these problems. And we all know that was not the answer, If that was my child.......

I am a bus driver

Thanks for being honest. I want my grandkids on your bus.

It cuts both ways parents...

While the Bus Driver and monitor should have used the proper channels to discipline this child, the child and her friend need to be disciplined also. Not once in the video OR in the news story did I ever hear the parents say their child was in the wrong for disrespecting authority?

I sincerely hope that point was made to this young girl and her friend. Had they not been misbehaving they would never have been put in position to be kicked off the bus in the first place.

Again, the driver and monitor are wrong but let's not absolve these misbehaving children of all culpability in this.

Have to agree

with the parents on this one. From what I have seen when working in that area, you can acquire about anything you want on 8th Street especially as you get closer to Castle.

Let's hope the School Board sends a sufficiently severe message which allows the Parents to move on without the assistance of an attorney.

In turn, if the students were guilty of severe embarrassing remarks directed at the Monitor, an apology would be in order.

not only should the driver and the monitor be fired

But they should also be charged with child endangerment. Years ago this would have been no big deal to have these kids walk and mile and a half. But in this area, at their age, with all the mess that happens in that neighborhood? Really, where was the common sense, sense of decency? Why are they not being trained properly to deal with unruly kids. Why is a bus monitor even required? The parents have a role to educate kids on how to behave. The kids have a role in taking responsibility for that poor behavior; but I know if a bus driver put my kid out in that area I would consider a lawsuit as well.

Tom, I think you are

Tom, I think you are misrepresenting the area, as is the news report. Castle and 8th begins the antique district with shops and restaurants where you can find little old ladies having lunch and shopping all the time, including when school is out. I'm hurt by this report living in the area and loving my little bungalow and my neighborhood. Sure drugs can be found here, they can be found all over in any of your neighborhoods. There's a park in the area and you can find folks playing softball and tennis all the time after school. I can't find any source of gun shots in this area, I live here and I haven't heard about anything. Great job WWAY perpetuating the myth of the scary bogaboo downtown.

I also live in this area

I also live in this area and agree that it has its good and bad points but it was big bright daytime and my own child walks from our home to school often andshe attends a school farther then these children had to walk.I know what can happen but anything can happen anywhere i have a friend who was assualted in the parking lot of walmart.Dont blame the area.I agree the bus drivers response to the situation was wrong but so was the childrens behavior.

Not Tom

go back and re-read my post. No where; no how did I mention gunfire. I did mention it is possible to acquire about anything; all depends on the time of day and the day of the week.

girl kicked off bus

Okay maybe the right thing to do would be to have taken the girls back to school and let them deal with it, but how does the parents response help let their daughter know that making fun of people for whatever reason is not ok,and in some instances is considered bullying.I would have been a little upset since i have a daughter the same age but i honestly feel these parents dont think their child actually did anything wrong.


I can't believe this stupid story. Who in their right mind would do something like this. It is called stop the bus and call the school or whom ever they needed to but, To drop off kids that far from their house and drive off. Then they wonder what is wrong with the school system.... Hiring people like this.

What school were they

What school were they driving for?

shouldn't have been done

OK. So if this is true, the driver shouldn't have done that, hands down. However, shouldn't you be upset that your daughter acted in such a way in the first place?

Girls kicked off bus

Funny that we should be talking about kids getting kicked off the school bus. I remember many moons ago we had a blast on our bus going to and coming home from school. Although we were full of energy being kids, we don't remember 1 time that our bus driver had to yell at us for anything or for that matter, stop the bus at kick someone off. And I'm sure we were a handful. But our bus driver was also a great person that enjoyed his job and us. We respected him and he respected us as kids.

I have read every comment in regards to this post and have not once read the word respect.
Respect FOR the bus driver from the girls on the bus? Respect FROM the bus driver to the girls parents?

Also the word Communicate? Reasoning? Caring?