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Parents want adult warehouse shut down

READ MORE: Parents want adult warehouse shut down
A Wilmington adult warehouse is open for business. Just four days after it's opened its doors, some folks want it shut down. Guilty Pleasures is located right across the road from a daycare facility and parents who leave their children there, say the store, and the clientele it will attract, puts their children's safety in danger. The sign says "now open", but not for long if parent's whose kids go to the daycare center across the street have their say. "It needs to be shut down immediately," Ashley Council, whose three-year-old daughter goes to the AAI learning center across the street, says. Council says Guilty Pleasures has no business, being in business so close to her child. "My concerns are numerous, not least of which the type of clientele, this type of store, retail, wholesale necessarily attracts," Council says. Council says she's contacted the city Zoning department about the store and was told the store was permitted as a wholesale stationary store. A wholesale stationary store across the street from a daycare center would be in compliance with city codes. A so-called "adult establishment" would not be. The code says: "An adult establishment shall be located one thousand feet or more for the lot line of any school, child daycare center or home." "My child plays within feet of that. They're out playing on the playground any time of the day," Council said. A spokesperson for Guilty Pleasures declined an on-camera interview but said the store was permitted as a wholesale lingerie and novelty store. She says wholesale stores are allowed limited retail activity. The spokesperson also says the store does not pose a threat to the kids at the daycare.

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Too Funny

Ok so I am reading these posts and there are some valid arguments to be heard. This business did not follow the rules, and should be reprimanded and made to comply. As for the parents of the children in this daycare, making comments which allude to adult store patrons being pedophiles is not going to help your cause, nor is that valid in my opinion. Pedophiles don't frequent adult novelty stores, they frequent daycare facilities. Focus on the legal issues and stop making everything a personal or ethical issue.

"Guilty Pleasures was

"Guilty Pleasures was permitted as a wholesale lingerie and novelty store". Have any of the people on this website wanting this place shut down ever been to a Victoria's Secret or a Spencer's. Yeah, those are really "massagers" that they sell there. Give me a break, we have both of them right here in the mall in Jacksonville. Adult establishments here in our area are strip clubs, topless joints, adult entertainment spots, and retail shops that advertise that they sell x rated videos. I really doubt that this business is full of perverts and pedophiles, and if your children are left at this daycare, I assume they have care givers who are supposed to be taking care of them while they are outside the building, and I certainly wouldn't leave my children anywhere that strangers could enter unidentified. In order to get them shut down, these parents are going to have to prove that unsavory activity is going on in the business or that they are selling something not deemed a novelty. It sounds by the way the spokesperson states they are allowed limited retail sales that there would not be much going on there. It's going to be a stretch for these parents to prove that an operation that sells wholesale to other retailers is going to put their children at risk.

adult warehouse to close by parents

I believe that people should be able to have what they want too ,but i kinda agree with the parents ,a place like that needs to be some where else ,thats like training the mind ,has long it is there ,can make kids courious what it is about and plus build a santuary for prevert to hornest children to their den and that is a good reason it should not be there,anywhere else will be alright,but we need to learn to accept these places ,but make sure we put them in a place of their own area,churches and people who is not into porn needs to stay the hell out of other people affair ,because they cannot change people ,people is going to have to change on their own ,i on other half ,i love porn and i believe the freedom of liberty, we have to educate children about these things or stuff ,because later in life ,they will want to and it nothing you or i or anyone can do anything about it, remember the word , the factor of surviving this world.i don't mean you have to graduate high school to have common scence to know what iam talking about,if that would be the case ,there would be alot of people going back to high school.lets just educate our children do right in life and how to maintain a respectable behavior.