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Parents worried about toy safety this holiday season

READ MORE: Parents worried about toy safety this holiday season
It's hard to think about Christmas without thinking of toys. But these days you can't think of toys without thinking of danger. That means holiday worries for parents who want to keep their kids happy and safe. Navigating the toy aisle this holiday season has become a tricky proposition for parents: Six million toys have been recalled because of high levels of lead or choking hazards. But consumer groups warn that some of them are still making it to store shelves: Ed Mierzwinski with the US Public Interest Research Group said, "The best gift Congress could give children is to pass a toy safety law that would protect them from dangerous toys." Mierzwinski says the CPSC simply doesn't have the resources to adequately police the toy industry. But the CPSC says progress is being made -- citing agreements signed by the Chinese government to prevent lead-painted toys from coming to the US. CPSC Office of Information and Public Affairs Director Julie Vallese said, "The CPSC is enforcing on this side of the ocean to make sure the products that are on the store shelves are not defective and meet all US safety standards." California wants the toy companies and retailers held accountable. The state is suing 20 of them including Mattel and Toys-R-Us, claiming they failed to warn consumers about dangerous lead levels: The uncertainty over what toys are actually safe may be reflected in sales figures. A recent Harris poll finds that -- because of the recalls – one third of Americans say they will be buying fewer toys this holiday season.

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As a rule

As a rule I do not buy anything from "ChinaMart" and certainly wouldn't give my kids something to play with that comes from the sweat factories from China and elsewhere. Supporting such trade practices are far worse than wearing a fur coat or something because it's cruel to animals. But these same animal rights people I bet by slave market China goods and think nothing of it. Not only are the workers being treated inhumanly the objects themselves are toxic.

Chinese toys

The rule to follow is extremely simple: If you don't trust it, don't buy it!