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Parking spots few and far between near CFCC

READ MORE: Parking spots few and far between near CFCC
For students at Cape Fear Community College in downtown Wilmington, parking is headache. "Parking is so chaotic out here now. You can't even find a parking space within a couple blocks,” said David Gardner, a CFCC student. Brian Kirkman is in agreement. "There is just not enough parking for everybody." School officials say limited parking downtown has always been an issue for students, especially since there's about a thousand more students enrolled now as opposed to this time last year. Some students say they've had to 'pay' just to get to class on time. "I’ve had to park on the grass, I’ve had to park in teachers spots and get tickets and they have already started enforcing the parking rules so people are already starting to get booted so it's not fun,” said Chris Tschwind. Construction on a new 450 space parking deck will be a welcomed change to student. It's scheduled to be complete early next year. A larger parking deck with 12-hundred spaces is expected to be ready by 2011. "People are just having to work a little harder to find a parking spot this year. It's inconvenient but the situation will be getting better as soon as we get these new decks up and operational,” said CFCC spokesman David Hardin. For CFCC students, the day the deck opens can't come soon enough. CFCC officials want to remind students they can park in the parking garage next to the library free of charge until the parking decks are complete.

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Maybe they should park at

Maybe they should park at the site for the Convention Center Hotel. Nothing seems to be happening there.

Well seeing as us current

Well seeing as us current students have to pay money for parking tickets and other things, you would think the community college would put a cap on the amount of student they accept according to the amount of parking places they can provide. And if they dont want to do that, because its a community college and everyone whose anyone can get in...why not provide your students with "Designated" parking spots???? This problems is getting completely out of hand and Im glad the problem will be resolved in 2011...because most of us that are currently enrolled have graduated by then...patience is running thin...

CFCC parking

Maybe if CFCC charged hundreds of dollars a year to park like UNCW and other schools not so many students would want to drive- they would park off campus and take the bus or carpool. Frankly, I'd rather have a seat in the classroom than a space to park if I had to choose. Also I wonder how many of the students complaining about parking got out and voted for the first bond referendum a few years ago? If it had passed the new parking decks would already be finished.

Parking at Cape Fear

Perhaps the community college should distribute bus vouchers to encourage students to utilize WAVE buses for their commute to and from the downtown campus.