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Partnership between DA and law enforcement is keeping offenders in jail

A new partnership between the district attorney's office and law enforcement is helping keep suspected offenders in jail before trial. In October, the DA's office designated one prosecutor to be at each suspect's first appearance. That prosecutor works in direct contact with detectives. The need for this program was brought on by an overcrowded system. Too often small details of a case slip through the cracks, the DA's office does not know about them and a suspected criminal can bond out only to repeat offend. Ben David, New Hanover County District Attorney said, “Cases like drug offenses or breaking and entering, that don't typically get the higher bonds as violent crimes, if they pose a real risk to the community, we're going after them.” David said it's one of the most effective programs and partnerships that have been created in the past several years.

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DA and Law Enforcement Partnership

One more step towards the complete deterioration of the U.S. and N.C. Constituion. "Innocent unitl PROVEN guilty". Further, somebody please read the N.C.G.S. that SHOULD govern Judges decisions on Bond Setting. Not a SINGLE Judge gets it right. See N.C.G.S. 15A-534

While I aree with you to

While I aree with you to some extent....what we really need to do is make the punishment a lot harsher. Obviously most of these people could care less about themselves or those around them seeing how they conitinue to commit the same crimes over and over again.

making prisoners wait a long time before trial

This might be fair to the guilty, but to the innocent who get falsey accused,then there judge becomes the DA who tries to keep him in jail waiting for a trial to happen for a long time. Doesnt this violate our right to a speedy trial. Where did that law go and why don't people get it?

think before you speak!!!

just like you said " right to a speedy trial" its a right not a law, therefore there is no violation to this right if the inmates do not exercise this right. also bond settings are guided in the n.c.g.s. but its a guide the judges can set the bond to how they see fit with other factors other than just the crime, for example if the inmate is a flight risk, and there are more factors to follow besides that. The reason why it takes so long for trials to start is for the fact that not only the prosecution to find examine evidence and build a case its also so the defense has a chance to cross-examine evidence as well as build a defence, also the point of it all is to make sure the accused is guilty and to avoid appeals if possible. And yes pre-trial inmates are not stuck in jail until trial they can get out on bond at anytime with bail bondsmens, cash, or even property bond. Just cause someone is in jail dosent mean there guilty yet, just means they are accused with evidence against them, and they just have not bonded out.

They can pay their bond and

They can pay their bond and get out....besides, with technology today and the use of DNA, how often does someone get falsely accused?