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Partnership for a Drug-Free America

WWAY and our surrounding Law Enforcement Agencies are joining forces with Partnership for Drug Free America to raise awareness about underage drinking and drug abuse in southeastern NC. On these pages you will find information about how to talk to your kids, what signs to look for if they are using drugs and alcohol and how to get help. Where to start? Monitor Your Child Four Core Rules

  • Know where your child or teen is at all times. Make sure he/she knows you're asking out of love, not because of a lack of trust.
  • Get to know all of your teen's friends personally. Know their facesand their voices. Interact with them whenever possible -- without actually forcing them to "hang out" with you.
  • Find out how your teen plans to spend her day. Looking for something to discuss during dinner? This is a great one. "So what're you up to tomorrow?" Easy. Right?
  • Limit the time your child spends without adult supervision. The after-school hours of 3 to 6 are the most dangerous time for tweens or teens to be on their own. Greater peer pressure or boredom can lead to an after-school alcohol or drug use. If you or another adult you trust can't be home for your teen, find out about after-school programs she can get involved with.

Talk to Your Kids

How to Spot Drug and Alcohol Abuse

How to Help if they are using

Life After Drug Abuse