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Passengers with Pierce get charged

Anthony Pierce was driving the car police were chasing when Officer Matthews was responding as back up. There were two male passengers in the car with him. They are not facing murder charges. Eric Smith and Matthew Hendy have been charged with intent to sell and deliver marijuana and as felons in possession of a firearm. Smith, who is from Winston-Salem, has previous offenses for marijuana and paraphernalia possession. Hendy, who is from Hampstead, has also been on probation as well as convicted of trafficking cocaine.                  

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It is really disturbing to

It is really disturbing to look at some of the cases of felony murder that have resulted in convictions and life sentences. There are movements in the states that have this law to get the law repealed or to restructure the sentencing. One young man is spending life in prison because as a teenager, he lent his car to a friend. That friend and others used the car to hold up a restaurant where someone was murdered. Even though all involved acknowledged that this young man had no idea what they really intended to use the car for, he is spending life in prison for felony murder. You can spin this case any way you want to. Despite the fact that Matthews was responding to a call, that did not make the suspect liable if Matthews was speeding to the point that he lost control of his vehicle. He still had a responsibility to himself and any other drivers on the road to keep his vehicle under control. The felony murder law is a law that is open to way too much interpretation. It is clear from reading the cases of people who have been convicted using this law, some of whom have no idea that crimes were even being committed, that this is a law that seriously needs to be reviewed and amended. It is not a case of wanting to let people go free of punishment. It is a matter of charging and convicting on the appropriate offenses.

Not a Laughing Matter

I am all for the guys who were running from the police being prosecuted to the fullest extent for the drug possession and running from the police, and what ever other laws they broke; But being charged with the death of the police officer is ridiculous. I'm sure that all police officers know what their job entails. If chasing bad guys and putting your life on the line is not something you are willing to doing, then you should definitely find a different profession. I mean seriously, a fireman dying in a fire that someone purposely set wouldn't entitle them to indict the person who set the fire. Really people let's use a little logic and common sense.

Check the law. Yes it

Check the law. Yes it would.


Those of you who think it is unfair for these people to be charged in the officer's death are morons. The law is clear in that if there is a death during the commission of a felony, the felon may be charged with that death. What is this about the "police knowing what the job entails...", and that they should "find a different profession"? What are you even talking about? Your logic is off and riddled with fallacies. "I mean seriously".

What if....

What if Pierce commits a crime and flees the scene with cops in tow. However this time he pulls his car over. The officer is cautious and draws his weapon as he approaches the stopped vehicle. The officer than trips over a water bottle tossed away by an uncaring tourist. The officer's gun discharges striking the officer, killing him. Is Pierce still charged with murder?

Actually, if someone set a

Actually, if someone set a fire and a fireman died trying to put it out, they are guilty of murder just like the driver of the car, its like this; for the fireman, he never would have been in the building if the guy hadn't set the fire in the first place, so it is his fault the fireman died. same goes for Pierce. If he had not been running from the police, Officer Matthews never would have been driving so fast down Shipyard, and he wouldn't have had his accident, cause and effect. If Pierce had simply pulled over Officer Matthews never would have crashed, simple.

So by your logic

If you are pulled over by a police officer, and as he is standing by your car, he gets hit by a car and dies, you are guilty of murder. If you had not broken a law, the police officer would not have been standing there. Is that the precedent you want to set with this case?

Wrong...see, that person

Wrong...see, that person pulled over and did what he was suppose to do afterward. Now, if that same driver pulled over and decided to get out of his vehicle and run...and in doing so caused the officer to get hit by a passing car, then I say go for the murder charge on the driver that ran

They all need to be charged

All three of these dirt bags need to be charged with Felony Murder and spend the rest of their miserable life in prison. It's not like these punks didn't get a break or two from earlier run ins with the law.

What kind of people would

What kind of people would say they wish someone would rot in prison? I do not know none of these men but if it was someone that was in your family dad, son, brother, cousin, or friend, would you feel the same way? The people that put them away also have to answer to a higher power when they cross over. Matter of fact I think the good book says they will be the first to be judged. I know what they done was wrong but being charged with murder is ludicrousness, their foot was not on his gas petal. We all just need to get down on our knees and stop being so hateful or this world is never gonna change! shikj

Yeah, if any of these THUGS

Yeah, if any of these THUGS were my family I would want them to spend the rest of their life in prison. That is what they deserve


Maybe they can be bus drivers for WAVE. Bleeding heart.


Don't you know they were on their way to Church when those bad ole officers started chasing them for no reason. They had to get rid of all the weed they were going to put in the collection plate. OH MY GOD!!! They were all FELONS may they rot in JAIL FOREVER!!!

I'm just waiting for the

I'm just waiting for the posts about these two guys being great people and were just in the wrong place at the wrong time


I'm sure they were "turning their lives around" too and we should just "shut our mouths" because we don't know anything about them...

don't forget

Don't forget about "unless you are perfect, don't judge them" or "they didn't mean any harm."

LOL again!

Or what about "everybody makes mistakes!" That one has to be one of my favorites.

um um um

Birds of a feather.

Great Catches!

Just wondering if these wonderful guys are single? I've been looking so long and hard for a worthless good for nothing and all 3 are the perfect match! I hope they rot in jail for a long time. What a waste of life!