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Patients with existing condition can get insurance help from state

If you have trouble getting health insurance because of a pre-existing condition, a new state program may be able to help. Inclusive Health is holding an enrollment event today to help you apply to the plan. It's at the Betty H. Cameron Women's & Children's Hospital at New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington from 2-5 p.m. Inclusive Health also covers North Carolinians who have exhausted COBRA and trade displaced workers. For more information and a list of items you need to apply, check out

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I'm pretty sure that

I'm pretty sure that there is NO ACTUAL HEALTH CARE BILL OR PLAN. It's just in discussion right now. And no it isn't designed to replace anything or dictate anything to anyone, it's just another option out there to help cover the uninsured. That's it, an OPTION, not a mandate... paid for itself primarily by premiums and run like a business just like the other insurance companies.... I am 31, non-smoker, and have NO PRE-EXISTING CONDITION, but my mother had cancer and my father ALS which put me as a high-risk individual. BCBS of NC quoted me $1600 a month premium with a $5000 deductable... how am i supposed to afford that and why? My Inclusive Health premium is $230 with a $1000 deductable... if it weren't for IH ( a state run program by the way) I would've most likely lost my truck, my house, and the shirt off my back when i had to go into emergency surgury earlier this year.

I don't understand this

As Obamacare Health Deform moves forward, I have to ask: Why should we even expect insurance companies to cover people with pre-existing conditions? You can't collect damages on your car if it was wrecked before you signed up for insurance, can you? If you want to truly understand why health insurance is so expensive, look at the amount of state meddling that takes place.. Pregnancy coverage is mandated in many states, even though you may be sterile. Mental health care is mandated in several states, even though you may never need it. Some states even prohibit purchasing health insurance from out-of-state companies, to insure you get the coverage THEY say you need. The best solution to drop health insurance costs would be to allow consumers to shop for the coverage they need or want, and keep the state out of it. If YOU could design your coverage instead of government bureaucrats, your coverage would be far cheaper. You would even find companies willing to insure people with serious pre-existing conditions, as long as treatment was limited to problems not associated with that condition.

"You can't collect damages

"You can't collect damages on your car if it was wrecked before you signed up for insurance, can you?" It's not the same thing. If you lose your job, you lose your insurance. You are only covered under COBRA for a finite time (and don't even get me started on the COBRA scam - that's a different story!). If you still haven't found a job by the time that runs out, what are you supposed to do? Buying a plan directly from an insurance company is your only choice. And how are you supposed to pay for that without a job? So, you don't have insurance, can't afford your medicine, don't take care of yourself and wind up in the hospital. Who pays then? I do agree that we should be able to have some say in our coverage, but the insurance companies should not be able to penalize the people for having a pre-existing condition. Healthcare should be a right, not a priviledge.

No, healthcare should not be

No, healthcare should not be a right, no more than having a house, a car or a cellphone. And yes, I have been without it. But That was my problem, not yours.

But it SHOULD be the same thing

Your health insurance should cover you for serious illness, not routine visits for colds and minor bugs. If we paid the "routine maintenance charges" on our bodies as we do on our vehicles and homes, health insurance would be completely affordable for nearly everyone. If we make healthcare a "right," who pays for it....and where does that money come from? Right now the House is entertaining a bill that places a surcharge on millionaires to pay for universal healthcare. Are you ready to say that wealth redistribution is justified, and that property rights are trumped by imaginary healthcare rights?

Is This

such a good deal? A non-smoker my age will pay between $550 and $1100 depending on benefits and deductible. That's for one person; have a spouse, you will pay more for him or her. Why can'nt a hard working business owner qualify for the free Medicaid or other entitlement programs available for those who do not work? I get it now. Hard working -- you pay. Not working -- you're entitled. Seriously, this may not be such a good plan.