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Patients First rallies at Monkey Junction Friday

A group of fired up voters gathered Friday morning in Wilmington, for what they called the Patients First Bus Tour. The event was organized by the conservative group Americans for Prosperity. While there wasn't the melee seen at other rallies around the country, there was some hostility in the crowd toward our reporter, who arrived toward the end of the event; a clear sign folks are passionate about their stance on healthcare reform. “I do not believe in socialized medicine, no way is this anything other than socialized medicine, and I feel like we are giving up something," said protester Vicki Williams. The folks at this rally are against government run healthcare.

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socialization of loss

If healthcare is a right (and the jury is still out on that idea), then we all should be provided healthcare AT NO COST, subsidized by taxpayers. Assuming everyone pays their fair share of taxes, then it should be achievable to fund preventative care, acute care, and end of life care. We need to stop trying to make healthcare a capitalistic enterprise, and make all healthcare non-profit - all over the world. All hospitals and heathcare facilities would be goverment owned, and all workers, nurses, and doctors would be salaried (look up Basset Healthcare in Cooperstown, NY, they operate in this manner, and have %90 cheaper healthcare than anywhere else in the country - with a happy community being served). Eliminate insurance companies, eliminate expensive drugs that no-one can afford (yet are sold for pennies in other countries), eliminate $400-$900,000 yearly incomes of physicians based on how many unnecessary tests can be ordered and performed, and enact tort reform to limit frivolous lawsuits against healthcare workers. Interestingly, if you really research healthcare in socialized countries, most people are satisfied with their healthcare. Most countries have implemented policies that fasttrack people who are waiting for surgeries or specialized care. Has anyone ever heard of someone waiting weeks for surgery due to backlog in this county (I have, and BTW I work in healthcare). The current incarnation of HR 3200 (please TRY to read at least some of it!!!) is too bulky, beaurocratic, and will financially cripple taxpayers, small business, and healthcare facilities. All to insure 50 million people who are currently not insured - only 11 million of which are US citizens. wake up America

insurance companys

Who is paying for the bus, the health insurance lobbyists? That's the problem with the system, they spend more money preventing change than actually paying the doctors and nurses. Paper work, more paperwork, we need to send out multiple bills to 3 or 4 locations for one operation...can anyone see that a single payer plan would eliminate a LOT OF NEEDLESS PAPERWORK, which has nothing to do with actual healthcare? The pharmeceutical companys are paying more for TV ads than they are on research, I can garuntee you that.

health care reform

Americans for prosperity is a corporate front group that opposes any legislation that could impinge on big business' profits. They opposed the indoor clean air laws that banned smoking in restaurants - does that sound like they put "patients first"? I am an MD and strongly support health care reform with a strong public option. Most Americans desire universal coverage, and a public program is the best way to cover the most people at the lowest cost. Inform yourself and make the best choice for a stronger America - a HEALTHY America!


So exactly what was the hostility shown towards the reporter? Description of the incident please?