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Pay-to-park season starts at Wrightsville Beach; bring more quarters

READ MORE: Pay-to-park season starts at Wrightsville Beach; bring more quarters

It's going to cost a bit more to park your car at Wrightsville Beach this year. Starting today until the end of October beach visitors must pay to park.

This year the parking rate is up from $1.50 to $2 per hour. The Board of Aldermen approved the 50 cent rate increase.

"I think that's a steep increase, especially for families right now with the economy," Sherry Kooyman said while visiting the beach Monday. "We still love to come to the beach, and I think it's a little bit of a huge hike."

Under the new rules day passes will jump from $10 to $12 and fines will also increase by $5. The extra money will help pay for town services like recycling and ocean rescue.

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Just park at the church

Just park at the church right before the bridge that goes over to will NEVER get a ticket there because the parking police will never check there seeing as it's church property.

Similiar to ABC's

Similiar to ABC's mis-management, we should all have a full understanding of where the money is going.

Show us where the money goes.

I thought at least one person would comment and tell us where our money is going.

It's a shame that WB keeps

It's a shame that WB keeps increasing their parking rates. Many areas in the north have lots for out of town visitors and other lots for locals who pay for a seasonal sticker. Too bad WB wanted to develop so much property instead of having the forethought to allow for parking. Also, if they allowed the city buses to drop off there, more of the public could use the beach.

payed to park at beach

come to ocean isle beach. you will be glad you did. and you dont have to pay to park.

I agree with Radar. We found

I agree with Radar. We found out where the ABC money was going, now we need to find out where the parking fee money is going. What gives them the right to charge for us to visit the beach that should be free to everyone. I started going to Topsail last summer and will this year as well. Everyone is super nice and not stuck up. They welcome the visitors. Not only is Wrightsville raising fees but they are adding more meters all over. Pass the word and make them feel the pinch. In this economy, more families need to watch what they spend and it should not go it the pockets of people who choose to live at the beach.


Why don't all of the people who actually live on Wrightsville Beach spend a few more thousand dollars to buy a home in Landfall? Seeing as they don't want anyone to actually visit Wrightsville Beach. That way, they wouldn't actually have anything to complain about and they could live out the rest of their life in complete silence.

See ya !

See ya Wrightsville beach , hello Topsail! I'm tired of paying the man.



Yes, Topsail is definitely

Yes, Topsail is definitely the alternative. Wrightsville Beach is getting annoying with its price increase every summer. Half the time the stupid pay stations don't even work. And forget going after 10 a.m. on a weekend. I'll give Surf City my business from now on.

Greed. The only reason that

Greed. The only reason that WB needs to charge for parking is because they don't want to raise the taxes on their residents. They have the lowest tax rate of any incorporated township on the entire east coast. State law requires that money from parking meters go directly towards the maintaince of the beach in a special fund. In WB the money goes into the general fund. They some how are granted permission by the state to do this. WB doesnt pay for the life guards so whats left, the trash service at the beach that is almost never picked up, water service at their 3 bath locations. Doesn't seem that the numbers add up to me. I will continue to visit WB and use the beach, but at no time will I be paying. I will visit before 9am and after 6pm or I will be parking where it is still free to park and bike to the beach. I am so fed up with their attitudes down there. I will be leaving this area soon enough. Moving to a historic beach town that it is free to visit the beach. Wrightsville was the reason I moved here and now it is the reason I am leaving.

It is apparent that

It is apparent that Wrightsville is not really interested in having visitors...and if they come, they must pay.

No thanks

I'll stick with Carolina Beach or Kure Beach. It takes too long to get the funk from the sand off my feet when I go to wrightsville beach.

Go to Topsail and Surf City

As a New Hanover County resident , I have found Topsail Island to be a hidden treasure that is worth the extra drive. The south end of Topsail is awesome for family fun. I visit the beach on a frequent basis and I stay on average of four hours when I do visit. I will take my 8 dollars and fill up the gas tank and go north. No stressing about feeding dollar bills in a parking station and riding around burning gas looking for a space.

Agree w/ you!

I agree. The same is true for Oak Island for us Lelanders. Free parking, clean beaches, no crowds and a soothing drive! It can't be beat!