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Pedestrian killed in accident

WILMINGTON -- One man is dead after an early morning accident in Wilmington. The man was struck and killed around 10 a.m. when between South College and Holly Tree Roads. Police say he was standing in the center median, then walked into the path of a white van heading north on College Road. Oncoming traffic had the right-of-way at the time. When police arrived the victim was already dead. WPD Traffic Officer Randall Harris said, "This is probably not the safest area, this maybe was just a complete accident, freak accident where someone just changed their mind and walked back out into traffic that they just got pass." Police will not release the victim's name until his family is notified. The driver of the van will not face charges.

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"....where someone just changed their mind and walked back out into traffic that they just got pass." What in the world does that mean????

I thought that sounded weird

I thought that sounded weird too. I don't know an adult who would begin to cross the street and then change their mind and get hit by a car. It seems that the man would have been aware that oncoming traffic was coming. It just sounds too wierd to actually have been what happened.

The Asian man that was

The Asian man that was killed this AM on College and Holly Tree Rd. may have been likely on his way to work, perhaps at a Chinese Restaurant. I have frequently seen Asian men walking on Holly Tree Road, some of which may have worked at the China Buffet King next to Cinema Grill- which I believe may have closed down. Perhaps the man was on his way to work to a nearby Chinese restaurant (maybe Main Moon on Shipyard) and that's the reason why he was not carrying his wallet. (Knowing that he walks to and from work,he may not want to carry his wallet in case he got robbed on his way home at night). I don't know- just a thought. I also know that some Asian families live on Wallington Road near Holly Tree.

Asian man

I know exactly what you are talking about. I see them myself allll the time. I called the police department yest night to imform them of the location of the house that he may reside at. They live right across the street from long leaf mall. I see them often. Just a few days ago, I saw a young boy, maybe 11 yrs old riding that same intersection on a bike. My daughter and I just looked at eachother, thinking, why the hec is this young child allowed to ride his bike on such a dangerous street ALONE. I can understand the older men, but he was just too young. And to drive by yesterday morning, and to see that poor soul laid out touched me. I had to pull over and collect myself. Turns out that the person who hit him is known to me. They are absolutely devastated, and not handling this tradegy very well AT ALL, and how could they. It is so hard on all involved. My heart and prayers go out to the families. Ally

Do you know if the man was

Do you know if the man was walking to work?

Pedestrian Hit

I happened to ride by that this am and saw a white sheet covering the road. I am so sorry to the family of this person and the driver.

Pedestrian struck and killed

I passed by the scene shortly after at about 10:30am. How tragic for the family. Our roads are NOT pedestrian or bicyclist safe and something needs to be done to improve this in Wilmington or this tragic loss will unfortunately not be the last.