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Pedestrian safety a concern in New Hanover County

READ MORE: Pedestrian safety a concern in New Hanover County
For eight consecutive years, AAA has rated New Hanover County as the state's most dangerous county for drivers. Statistics also show the county has become more dangerous for pedestrians. Between 2007 and 2008 the number of pedestrian fatalities on New Hanover County roads doubled. Last month, Neil Harrison's wife Nicole was struck and killed in the 7400 block of Market Street in Ogden. “Since I’ve moved here in September, my friend has been hit by a car and now my wife. Obviously it's a real concern and a real problem,” Harrison said. Harrison said his wife was wearing light colored clothing and walking against traffic, two tips highway patrol recommends for pedestrians. Pedestrian fatalities doubled from '07 to '08. These numbers do not include roads within Wilmington city limits. In 2007 there were two deaths, however last year, four people were killed in New Hanover County. AAA reports New Hanover County has more accidents per miles driven than any of the state's 100 counties. “It's just a heavily populated area, very congested, a small county,” said Trooper Benjamin Brewington of the NC Highway Patrol. According to the DOT, walkways and crossings are only added at intersections where more than 25 pedestrians cross in a four-hour time span. While one pedestrian fatality is one too many, the DOT reminds that in order to evaluate the statistics its important to note that the number of pedestrians also may have increased.

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Walkway lights and markings are not the answer. The safest place in this town to cross the street is in the middle of the block. Wait until the surge from red light to red light subsides and then sprint. I feel sorry for my friends in wheelchairs and with walkers. Maybe the chief of traffic control will show up for their funeral!

Pedestrian safety.

I pushed a wrong button, but wanted to finish my thought. I am an old man, but still can sprint for 50 feet. That is the only thing that has kept me alive in this town!

Pedestrian safety.

Cell phones and speed. Those are the two factors that make this town a nightmare for walkers. My dog and I walk 5 miles downtown every day. Without doubt, crossing Third Street at Princess or Chestnut is the most dangerous part of our day. Speed limit? Forget it! If anyone drove down Third Street at 35 MPH he would promptly be rear ended. Traffic lights? Forget them! If I had a dollar for every time someone has blasted through a red light while yaking on a cell phone I could spend a lot more at my favorite coffee shop. Maybe I should look at the good side. I a

Sidewalks and Crosswalks

BUILD SIDEWALKS! If there were sidewalks, people wouldn't be walking in the street. Also, put crosswalks with pedestrian-controlled signals at several locations across major roads (Market, College, Oleander, etc.) near the university and anywhere people often travel by foot or there are shopping centers or grocery stores.


You folks down at TV-3 used to have a young reporter who would go out with a radar gun and then get in the face of speeders. I am sure that she was one of those people cut in the changeover to new ownership a couple of years ago, but I bet the radar gun is around somewhere. Dust that thing off and go down to Third and Chestnut some weekday morning during drive time. Take Ch. Evangelous with you, dressed in civilian clothes. Cross at that intersection a few times and see how safe you feel.