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Peeping Tom behind bars again in New Hanover County

Johnny Wayne Alford of Pender County was arrested Sunday evening for secretly spying on college-aged girls in Wrightsville Beach. Police say a witness spotted Alford naked in a carport on North Lumina Ave. and called police. When investigators arrived, the suspect was already gone, but left his car keys, clothes and a video camera. Police located the car a couple of blocks away, and tracked down Alford on a stolen bicycle. He was also arrested for peeping in 2003. "Females in the Wrightsville Beach area who feel they may have been victimized - again keeping in mind, college-aged, Wrightsville Beach area, probably a first floor apartment. If you've heard suspicious sounds outside of your apartment and you're not really sure, you can contact me at the Wrightsville Beach Police Department, and I'll see if you're one of the victims," said Wrightsville Beach investigator Shaun Appler. The number to call is 256-7911. Alford faces a variety of charges, including three counts of secret peeping. He is in the New Hanover County jail under a $1.25 million bond.

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Peeping Tom

I have known this guy for over 20 years. I had no idea that he had this kind of problem until he got busted around 2003. He appeared to have been rehabilitated. I know that his father died when he was young-which excuses absolutely none of this-but has a very loving and supportive mother (whom is obviously another victim in all of this). She did not raise her boy to be like this. I pray for the victims and the family. What an embarrassment!

Too bad we can't make the punishment fit the crime...

Were it not for the Eighth Amendment, I'd say that we blind him, since he won't stop. What a sick, twisted, little weirdo.

Now now

Oh now Common, I'm "sure" it was temporary insanity or he has some long sad story of how daddy used to make him play the piano naked and beat his hands when he made a mistake and therefore he has to look at others naked through windows. Hmmm...maybe I should think about becoming a defense attorney. haha

Would be nice

It would be nice to go to eye for an eye punishment in this country. You rape, you get raped. You kill, you are killed. I'm just noticing how none of his family members are coming on here defending this criminal (unlike the stolen car thugs on MLK last week) telling everybody what a good guy he is.

So, since I was raped as a

So, since I was raped as a kid, does that mean I GET to rape? I mean, that sounds like a fair conclusion based on your logic.


The one who raped will be raped, either in this life or the next; that's the law. It's called: "reap what you sew".


No, you get the satisfaction that your rapist is having done to him what he did to you.