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Pender County Board of Health looks to put a ban on smoking

Folks in Pender County could soon be breathing a little easier if the Board of Health gets its way. The board has asked the county commission to consider a smoking ban on all county-owned property. Already smoking is not allowed in county offices and within 50 feet of the health department and Department of Social Services. County health director Jack Griffith said it is part of a state-wide push to get people to quit smoking. "It's a bad habit frankly that causes lots of diseases, and I'm an epidemiologist, and I can tell you that you don't want to smoke if you can help it," said Griffith The proposed ban would include everything from county parks to county-owned vehicles. Griffith said the county attorney and manager are working with the Board of Health to come up with a plan he thinks would have a fair chance to pass the county commission.

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Wow. Smoking Nazis

"and I can tell you that you don't want to smoke if you can help it,"- Griffith

Well thank you for reading my mind and telling me what I want. What I truly want is for you to stop limiting my freedoms you nazi.

New Smoking Law

This is a wonderful way to protect the health of the citizens. Cigarette smoking and secondhand smoke account for an unbelievable amount of health problems and yes, even death. Just remember, the majority of people do not smoke and we rule by majority vote...

Then put it to a vote

Instead of passing an imperial edict, see how many voters truly think that second-hand smoke is a problem in an OUTDOOR PARK.


start with a simple plan to ban smoking in or on all county property. Have a couple of comments for and against that proposal. Stray into how to better work miscreants performing community service, neutering pets, cholera, and used diapers. Go further into employee compensation and the need for raises. About the only thing not touched was entitlements and Cash for Clunkers. Doctor Jack, we can always stock the Intracoastal with Gators and have passport/mood swing checks at the swing bridge. That may keep the wandering minds away. Who knows where they might wander next? Maybe Public Housing on Topsail -- there's a thought. Have the County or HUD buy some of the overpriced oceanfront property; knock down the existing homes; and build low income housing. Maybe there's some grant funding available from Congressman McIntyre which he can hand out. I better get a grip on myself before they re-open Dorothea Dix and transfer me there.

I thought we defeated the Nazis

Let me see if I understand this - the people who pay taxes to build those parks will not be allowed to smoke in the parks they built? Uberfuhrer Griffith, no one has a problem with banning smoking in buildings, vehicles, or even making sure that smoking areas are situated such that people entering or exiting a county building do not have to walk through a cloud of smoke. There's even justification for restricted certain areas in parks, such as bleachers or sheltered picnic areas. When you tell people they can't smoke out in the wide open spaces, however, it immediately becomes more about your personal likes and dislikes than about health concerns. Do I like cigarettes, even in the outdoors? Not at all. Am I so stupid as to think that if I can SMELL a cigarette that is thirty yards away, that cigarette is endangering me? No. So get off the power trip. That county has far more pressing problems than people smoking outdoors. I get to tour some of the more rural areas of that county on a regular basis, and always wonder if I should get cholera and typhus vaccinations before going back.

cigarette butts are litter

and maybe the county decided that volunteers have better ways to spend their time than cleaning up cigarette butts at the county park?


you mean petty criminals who spend their community service walking around the streets pretending to clean up? Im pretty sure the county could care less about how they feel.

So are you also banning....

...candy bars, soda cans and bottles, disposable diapers, tissues, and any other source of litter? Nice try, but this is all about, "I don't like you smoking."

I am not totally familiar

I am not totally familiar with the budget, but I do know that if some of the resources that were available could be used properly, the budget could be used for things that could be used for the citizens of Pender County, such as a wellness program. I have had neighbors that have had animals picked up from this county which did not include any fines. I can't believe that this county doesn't even charge for the negligence of it's citizens.Why can't citizens be held responsible for thier animals. Surrounding counties make sure there is a leash law, animals cannot reproduce( and their owners are responsible for getting that taken care of) and there are fines if Animal Control has to pick animals up wether it be a bite, stray animal or over population in one area. Make citizens responsible for the animals they choose to keep.More resources would be available to help citizens with other issues if the county had a clue of how to remedy some of the issues that exist.

How about you take the time

How about you take the time and effort you are putting into this whole smoking thing, and think of ways to pay your county employes more. They are the ones having to find second jobs to pay the bills.