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Pender County Humane Society out of a home

READ MORE: Pender County Humane Society needs a home
They are already in the market to find a good home, but now the animals at the Pender County Humane Society will soon lose their temporary home. By the end of the year, the Pender County Humane Society is being forced to vacate its shelter. Placing animals in good homes is the mission behind the humane society. Humane Society President, Gloria Johnson, said that mission has been disrupted ever since she found an eviction notice on the shelter's doors. The problem is the humane society sits on property owned by the Burnett Veterinary Hospital. Hospital owner, Cynthia Burnett, said she has been asking for years for the humane society to relocate. Johnson said she would have liked for a little more time before moving. "We had to agreed with that, but we would have liked to have Dr. Burnett let us stay until the March date for the finishing of the building. Now we don't have a choice we have to go." Burnett said, "We all agreed that their facility would be built by the end of the year and they agreed to be out. They agreed that by the end of the year that would be more than enough time. It wasn't an eviction, it was a court order." The humane society has basically been Burnett's tenant since 1999. Burnett said she has not only donated her land but has also been paying for certain utilities for the facility. "I want to take care of the animals, but there comes a time where you have to cut your losses and especially in the economy that we are in." Johnson said they have paid for everything they have been asked for and the only thing they want is more time for construction on their new facility to be complete. The humane society has already raised $100,000 to construct the new facility, but they still have an additional $50,000 to raise before they can move the animals in. The Pender County Humane Society hopes to have the new facility complete by March. They blame weather delays for pushing back the opening date. The animals will be housed in an undisclosed site until the new facility is complete.

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Wanting to adopt

Maybe someone on here can help me, My husband and I have both been looking at a few of the puppies on the pender county humane site and are wondering how to get in contact about meeting up to adopt one of them, we are from Jacksonville and went to the site the web told me to, which turned out to be the vet hospital, when we asked where the humane society was the lady was very rude, said they weren't there and that she didn't care where they had relocated to. We are trying to get a puppy for our daughter and found several there. If anyone can please get me a phone number or anything I would greatly appreciate it. We have on but it just goes to a voicemail and I haven't been able to get a response yet :(

hey i work at pchs and im

hey i work at pchs and im sorry about the vet thing, and sorry about nobody answering our phone was not working for about a week but if you already havent got in touch with us our number is 910-259-7022.

Pender County Humane Society is a wonderful organization

I was once a client of Dr. Burnetts. I found her to be cold and heartless towards me and my cat. When I saw she was kicking the Pender County Humane Society out in the cold before they had a place to go, it just proved my own observation of her. She claims to love animals which is hard to believe because if she truly cared about animals, she would have waited just a few more months and given PCHS time to get their building finished and moved in. Instead, animals have died needlessly that might have been saved by PCHS if they still had a facility to house them in. As for Dr. Burnett's employee who is making the false allegations regarding the temperament of PCHS's dogs...maybe you should try volunteering there. If you did, you'd see just how wrong you are about the organization and the animals they rescue.

pender county humane society

I would just like to add a comment about the humane society and the comment that the dogs are "ruthless" and noone should adopt from there.I recently adopted a wonderful dog from this shelter.I met with the shelter manager Deb at the shelter first to meet the dog we were interested in.It was love at first sight,however we were concerned about how our dogs would react so Deb brought the dog to our home and to make a long story short its been 5 months now and we cant imagine our life without him.I dont know Dr Burnett personally and will not ever use her as I am blessed to use 2 wonderful vets in Rocky Point.We must remember that it is about the ANIMALS and this situation did nothing to help them so I ask the residents of this county to step up,donate your money,time or look to them to find your new companion. They are fine people who do a wonderful job that is not about profit.Help them in any way you can so that they can move into the new shelter and put all this behind them and continue to do all they can for the four legged residents of this county.ADOPT FROM A SHELTER AND SAVE A LIFE.

Dr. Burnett Has Done More Humane Work than Anyone Else

As someone who has been close to this situation for a long time, I have to comment. Dr. Burnett was rescuing abandoned animals long before she started the current chapter of the PCHS. I adopted animals from her hospital in 1996, and there were many others that she treated at her own expense and sent to other new homes. She has donated countless hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical care and facilities use to humane work. She was president of the PCHS for six years. She and her staff rescued over 600 animals during hurricane Floyd. Dr. Burnett hosts low-cost rabies vaccination clinics, helps Pender County Animal Control with abuse and neglect cases, and donates services to various humane groups. She has hosted the PCHS over ten years, rent-free. No one in this region has done more for humane work than Dr. Burnett. I think it's a sad comment that people are willing to forget all that the minute a conflict arises. I've rescued many animals myself. Does that make me a saint, or mean I can treat people any way I want?


Senator Soles and Representative Justice could stop in and persuade the good Doctor to grant a stay. Or perhaps the Pender County Commissioners could stop in and discuss a short term stay.

As far as patronizing this

As far as patronizing this vet, I would prefer to at least think that the doctor caring for my best four legged friend cares more about him than financial gain, even though I am paying him to do the job. I don't understand the problem here. If this shelter has been located here since 1999, what is four more months? It's evident that they are trying to get out, it doesn't look like a never ending situation. I hope this lady finds some compassion in her heart and reconsiders. Forget the people involved and think of the animals. This is the holiday season and we should give a little extra where we can.

Burnett Vet Hospital

I am a pender resident and I will make sure everyone I know stays away from Burnetts Veteranary Hospital. It is not like you can not write it of on your taxes.Do you care about the animals or your pocket book!

bad first impression

I have many coworkers who are animal lovers and happen to live in Pender County...guess which vet I am recommending they NOT patronize? You guessed it, Burnett Veterinary Hospital. I suggest all animal lovers in Pender County do the same, maybe a significant drop in business will show Ms. Burnett that it is good for business to allow the Humane Society the few extra months until their facility is ready.